Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Once, Supernatural, 24, White Collar, Arrow, The Flash, Outlander and More

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Hook New ClothesIs Once Upon a Time conjuring an extreme makeover? Just how bad a boy is Supernatural‘s Dean? Will Outlander tilt your kilt? What adversaries await Arrow and his fast friend The Flash? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

I’m loving the Hook/Swan thing on Once Upon a Time, but something is bothering me: How long will Emma put up with his choice of clothing? Come on, they’re not in FTL anymore and no one else is dressed as such.  A shower and some nice clothes just might move Emma in the right direction. —Linda
Aye, we may just find out if (new) clothes indeed make the man. I can exclusively report that there are plans to get Hook out of his pirate gear and into clothes befitting our world — and that his new look will be debuted in the early part of Season 4. Fun fact: After Colin O’Donoghue and I took this pic during my last set visit, I tried on Killian’s coat, and that slab o’leather weighs 50 lbs. if it weighs an ounce!

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Hi, Matt! I’m curious to know about the Demon Dean personality through the first half of Supernatural Season 10. —Levana
Indeed, Dean has a bit of the devil in him — as will be evidenced by an intense fling he has in the second episode back, with a tough but sympathetic roadhouse cocktail waitress named Ann Marie.

Can you tell us who wrote the Season 10 opening episode for Bones? –Lois
Showrunner Stephen Nathan penned the premiere, “The Conspiracy in the Corpse.”

Can’t wait for the new season of Looking! Got any scoop yet? –Renata
Season 2 of the HBO drama will add three recurring characters: Malik, an African-American staffer in the mayor’s office; Sammie, a female-to-male transgender who lives at the shelter where Agustín gets a job; and Brady, Richie’s new redheaded, slightly punk beau.

What is going on with Arrow? Anything new? By the way, is Sara Lance coming back? —Alamin
The Sara sitch was addressed in this recent Ask Ausiello. Elsewhere on the Arrow front, Season 3’s second episode will find Oliver hunting down a vicious killer and mercenary who is wanted for murder in seven countries and now is targeting victims who are associated with a specific company.

What can you tell me about Stephen Amell’s cameo in the pilot for The Flash? —Kat
I can tell you that it’s a nice enough, if obvious, moment, where Barry seeks out the nudge he needs to be the hero he now can be. Now, if I can interest you in some Episode 2 scoop, I am hearing that the second metahuman The Flash will face off against might make us all feel a bit… well, Mist-y.

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Any scoop on Outlander? —Cristina
I shall turn this one over to TVLine’s Kim Roots, who has seen the pilot and reports that the Starz series “stays very true to the novel in that most of the first episode details protagonist Claire’s 1940s-era marriage to Frank and her involvement in World War II. For nonreaders this part may prove a little slow, but it’s worth sticking out; things pick up when Claire goes back in time and we finally meet Highlander Jamie Fraser. The series nailed the casting — Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan are perfect as the “sassenach” Claire and her redheaded love interest — and it’s gorgeously filmed. Very much looking forward to upcoming eps.”

Is there anything good for Teen Wolf’s Sterek fans to look forward to? Are they ever going to have interactions again? —Suaine
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you’re asking about Sterek’s romantic relationship, that’s a no-go. Stiles and Malia’s budding romance will continue to heat up, while Derek will find himself… well, let’s just say ol’ golden eyes won’t be lonely forever. On a platonic note, the looming threats of Season 4 — including Kate Argent and the supernatural deadpool — will force everyone in Scott’s pack to unite in new, exciting ways. (So,long story short, yes, there will be interactions.)

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Any word on White Collar Season 6? —Linda

Series boss Jeff Eastin told me that while he was at first a “little disappointed” by the six-episode order, “What we ultimately realized was we had just enough time to do one really good story, so this year there’s really no ‘Case of the Week.’ This year it’s really going to focus on character, and the relationships, and moving that forward in a real nice sort of ‘limited series.’”

Please tell me Hilarie Burton will come back for final season of White Collar. One episode is all I need. – Simona
I’m sticking by my previous reportage — that Sara is not set to resurface during the USA series’ farewell run. That said, Matt Bomer teases that within the last six episodes, “There is a little [time for romance], but I’m not going to tell you too much about it!” P.S. Thanks for the Jack Wagner /”All I Need”earworm, Simona!

What are the chances we will see another season of 24? —Ron
I for a moment feared they were nonexistent, after hearing third-hand about some interview where Kiefer Sutherland allegedly said he’s getting too old for this… stuff. But once I found his actual quotes, I see that he never went nearly that far. EP Manny Coto, meanwhile, said in a Reddit AMA this week, “As of now, there are no plans to continue the show next year but we remain open to the possibility. We had a great time doing it this year and would love to take another crack at it.” So, I’d say the chances are better than 50-50. UPDATE: I screened the finale on Thursday afternoon, and it is no less than fantastic. Your heart will race, your eyes will well up, your fists will pump, you will wish it lasted longer. (And yes, it accounts for the 12 “missing” hours.) All told, a gripping, emotional finish to one of the TV season’s great comeback stories.

I hope you can find time to squeeze in more info on Graceland. It’s such a great show. —Chris
If you suspect that Jessica taking control of Mike’s op could have an ill effect on his rekindled romance with Paige, you’d be right. As glimpsed in the promo for next Wednesday’s episode, “Jessica comes to the house,” series creator Jeff Eastin told me, “and the triangle starts crashing and burning.”

How many Major Crimes episodes will Ever Carradine be in? I am hoping not many. I wanted to punch out Rusty’s mom for her “I forgive you for being gay” speech. —Marijke
Carradine will resurface, at the very least, in the TNT hit’s summer finale (airing Aug. 11).

Thanks for last week’s Last Ship scoop. Anything else to share? —Greg
We may be rid of the Russians (for now), but the next threat to the James’ mission will be of a more home-grown variety. In this Sunday’s episode, “There is some dissension among the ranks,” series star Eric Dane previews. “People want to get off the ship!”

This NCIS: Los Angeles hiatus is killing me. I’m dying for an scoop on the Densi front. Help a girl out? —Mahnoor
A little birdie tells me that if you thought the season finale’s “three-way” encounter between Deeks, Kensi and DEA Agent Talia was tense, just you wait until Season 6 opens!

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  1. I have a follow up Hook question. Any chance of Hook ever falling victim to the curse like Belle did a season and a half or so ago to reveal what his Storybrooke persona would have been like had he been cursed with everyone else the first and second times?

    • Jaymi says:

      Great question, would love to see that also!

    • Mary says:

      This is a different curse, so he wouldn’t have that. No one was given new fake memories with it, so why would they suddenly throw that in considering he didn’t even come along with either curse. It would be stupid and pointless. Much like the character already is.

    • Leny1 says:

      He wasnt ever cursed so he wont know. Best thing is to imagine how he would be.
      Hook would rock anything! I think he’d be working around the docks and boats.

  2. Leny1 says:

    Woohoo Hook in new clothes, as much i love the leather – i cant wait to see the man without it, and aint being kinky… by meaning naked, i mean in another set of normal clothes, plaid shirts is fine by me, i know Colin can ROCK them. Maybe Emma taked his clothes shopping?
    Also gotta love the Swan/Hook thing #CaptainSwan <3

    Wow Matt, you tried it on, what about the actual hook?

  3. me says:

    Lol I guess now that the ratings are dropping by the Episode Sterek is a good enough reason to watch, right? LOLOLOL

    • Sorry to point it to you but the ratings are the same as last week…1,5 millions and 0,7

      • Krysylyn86 says:

        Yeah, 4×02 was 1.558 and 4×03 was 1.554, it’s slowly dropping but I’ve seen even more people than before stating they aren’t going to watch it.

      • And can I point out to you that, both weeks are a huge drop from the season premier.

      • How to use your fandom - A story by MTV says:

        Sorry not sorry to point out that what “me” was talking about is probably the little problem about losing 32% of the audience since season 3 finale, when people started saying they would have stopped watching. Guess what? They did.
        3.24 – 2.255
        4.01 – 2.184
        4.02 – 1.558
        4.03 – 1.554
        And now – coincidence! – Sterek is a good enough reason to watch! Everybody look! They are allowed to breath in the same room again! There will be interaction! Come back and be grateful for the way we have used a part of the fandom just for votes and ratings!

        That’s the point, I believe.

        • Misleading statistics. Season 3B ran January to March, when the show normally goes July to September. Ratings for 4 so far are comparable with those for 1, 2 and 3A – slightly down perhaps but not by very much.

          • TR says:

            While you are correct that Season 4 isn’t competing in the same seasonal viewing lineup as Season 3B, “not by very much” is a subjective term. To a show with a significantly higher budget and supposedly more fans and more buzz than it had in Seasons 1 and 2, it should be concerning to MTV that it’s still only pulling in the similar or “slightly down” ratings from Seasons 1 and 2. Even season 3A, which ran from June to August, never fell to 1.5 mil. There’s still plenty of time to do PR to get the ratings back up, but I wouldn’t put it past MTV to do whatever they think is necessary to get people to watch, especially when they have a history of baiting the Sterek fandom for publicity.

        • Niko says:

          Lol fandom is not the cause of these ratings but I can see why constant pandering would make you feel that way. Also why is it the ratings drop is always attributed to sterek/sterek shippers? It couldn’t possibly be that the show lost a major character last season no, its all sterek shippers even though the majority of the people who watch this show have no idea wtf a sterek is.

  4. Ana says:

    Wow!!! Matt, you just put the ouat fandom in an uproar over the Hook wardrobe change news :)) I honestly can’t believe it…I figured that Killian leaving his pirate life behind for Emma – by sacrificing the Jolly Roger – would result in a very symbolic wardrobe change for him. As long admits handled with care and detail, I’m in happy anticipation. I trust Adam and Eddy will have put a LOT of thought into this.
    Thanks so much for sharing this :))

    • Leny1 says:

      I always felt that his wardrobe change would come when him and Emma reach a certain point in their relationship and his home is Emma, and where Emma is!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Ha, don’t put him in a lavender Lacoste polo yet. I’m picturing a black (duh) button-down, black pants….

      • Ana says:

        Haha :)) I’m actually thinking that the nominated costume department will do a kick ass job in maintaining the pirate element in an outfit that will also symbolically show his journey and status as reluctant but redeemed hero. No lavender Lacoste polo…please :)

      • Leny1 says:

        Thats basically the same as its just not being leather lol. Black pants/jeans and some added color shirts. Bring out those baby blues :D
        Will we still have the famous guyliner on him? lol

        • Lily says:

          Wardrobe and makeup better let Hook keep his guyliner. Colin rocks that guyliner, like no one’s business…. it brings out his baby blues.

      • Sid says:

        Matt my man… you tried it on? wow first it was Charming’s poofing shirts and now Hook’s great black coat… your on a roll lol
        Seriously, its gonna be awesome to see Hook or shall i say Killian step out in new clothes, hopefully surprises them all mainly Emma, she needs to see her man all dashing lol

      • BrianR says:

        Since the Pirates of today are lawyers how about a slick lawyer suit.

      • Nicole says:

        I think including some Ichabod Crane-eque moments of trying to adapt to a new wardrobe would be funny. Clearly, Hook isn’t opposed to skinny jeans as I think he wore tight leather pants up to this point, but ditching a plaid button-down and a puffy vest (ala Charming and the Grumpy) and settling on a black button-down and leather jacket could have some humor in it.

  5. Fred says:

    Yay, more of the Teen Wolf ship that no one likes. :(

    • Can Sterek fans PLEASE stop thinking that everyone watching the show want Sterek to happen on a romantic level!

      • Krysylyn86 says:

        I don’t ship Sterek but or Stydia, if Malia and Stiles had a slow build-up like Scira I’d like it and Derek needs to focus on Kate not taking someone to bed, also it’s nice to see that every-time Derek gets a new love interest he becomes ooc, his trust-issues go right out the window, after Kate, then Jennifer, and Kate again, does he really need to worry about having a relationship/hook-up with anyone he doesn’t completely know and trust?

    • No one? Wow you know 1,5 million people?

      • Krysylyn86 says:

        Considering most polls have people not liking Stalia and Draeden. Also would like to point out that the question asked about interactions and then it was answered with no romantic relationship, which wasn’t what was asked.

        • And how many people exactly answer these polls? And how many of those people are from abroad so their viewership does not count towards the ratings in any way? Ratings = local. Polls = global. Apples vs. oranges.

          • Krysylyn86 says:

            Many people take part in the polls, since a lot of people overseas watch it on Livestream or from the website, if they watch it from the website they are included in the ratings and if they tweet about it an hour before it starts and a hour after it’s over, it’s included in the ratings, which means just because someone is overseas doesn’t mean they aren’t included in ratings.

        • Lena says:

          Don’t you just love polls? The same polls Sterek fans place on tumblr and urge everyone to answer with a resounding “no” to anything that doesn’t involve Stiles and Derek together. Either people like the show, or they don’t. I hope the writers NEVER allow Sterek to happen.

          • K says:

            You sound a bit like an upset toddler, dear. Wanting Sterek to happen does not mean not liking anything non-Sterek related. The reasons people have against the relationships for Derek and Stiles this season are shared by many, including those who do not ship Sterek at all. I’m not going to get into the unhealthy aspect of Stalia or the issues with Derek entering any relationship with someone he doesn’t know,given his past. But the attitude towards this part of the show now is really easy to understand and does not have to involve Sterek. This question asking about Sterek was looking for interactions between the two because they are such a delight to watch. I am a Sterek shipper but for this season, I only want to see scenes with them together like they used to have. Both Hoechlin and Dylan have discussed how much they enjoy those scenes. And people can enjoy the show for whatever reasons they wish. So theres really no need to be so cruel.

          • Krysylyn86 says:

            Are we forgetting that they use Sterek for ratings, viewers or to win things like for the Teen Choice Awards. Don’t forget MTV’S Fandom Awards where Sterek is nominated for ship of the year and the Sterek Campaign is up for feat of the year, because it’s nice to know they don’t like Sterek.

    • Mark says:

      That’s a pretty big blanket statement. I love Stiles and Malia together and can’t wait to see what happens with them in the future. So I can promise you there are people that like them.

    • Same as Mark here, I also very much enjoy Stalia and their new relationship. I definitely can’t wait to see more of them.

  6. Jenny says:

    Pfft of course they’re gonna give Hook the Twilight treatment, that’s the only crowd that watches anymore. Captain Hook is supposed to be a pirate, or at least he used to be before OUAT ruined him. Give me Dustin Hoffman any day. And I thought this show was about Emma not her 300+ year old boyfriend, again Twilight Upon a Time, I tell ya…

    • Joey says:

      Thank you, just….thank you. Even though I complain about Hook all the time, when he first showed up, he was actually a likable character. Now I literally cringe whenever I see him. Thanks, OUaT.

      • Frey says:

        That’s because you had an idea that Hook will be like Hoffman or whoever else played Hook. This is OUAT’s own version and I think he’s pretty awesome. And thank you for judging the fans, really. And for the record, I bloody hate Twilight

  7. Linda says:

    Matt, thanks for answering my question. Seeing Hook all cleaned up will give me something to look at until the whole Frozen thing is over.

  8. Jill says:

    Yay, a forced hetero relationship. Am I talking about Supernatural or Teen Wolf, no one knows.

    • dan says:

      It’s amazing how the shippers in both fandom are pretty much going through the exact same thing right now. Both ships had enormous potential, but the show runners and crew simply didn’t have the guts to go there. Straight is safe, I guess. What a waste.

      • They are playing safe to capture the mainstream market, but I am not certain that is going to work in the long run, at least for Teen Wolf. The ratings are dropping, now that could be for any reasons, but alienating fans of any kind, never helps.

    • Radha says:

      I’m actually getting tired of seeing all these negative comments about “hetero” relationships. You want equality, but you’re putting down heterosexuals at the same time? Not cool.

      • Kayla says:

        Yes people want equality but unless you watch a show like ‘Queer as Folk’ or ‘The L-word’ that are specifically LGBT, you really don’t get it in everyday tv, you get side characters that are in non-heterosexual relationships, the only one that isn’t like that is ‘Pretty Little Liars’. People want representation not to see 95% (or more) of lead character relationships on tv be heterosexual, I can see why people are putting them down.

        • tia says:

          Well being that LGBT are only 1% of the population I think you get your fair share and more on TV. Also Dean has NEVER been shown to be gay , bi or anything other than hetero. The gay ect. was Collins feeding and queerbating as were some of the writers. Frankly if Collins wants Cas to be gay so bad there is nothing stopping him from having those writers write him as such. But Dean is definitely hetero. Always was always will be.

          • Kayla says:

            I think you need to raise the 1% a lot, in recent surveys and studies in the US it’s closer 20%, and that’s only people who are comfortable in saying they were. Also fair share, really? That’s so awfully kind of you, it’s not like I need representation or anything.

          • Kayla says:

            Tia- the statistics at the moment is 1 out of 10 people are gay, that doesn’t include a lot of other sexualities and people who aren’t out. Also I’m not in the SPN fandom, I’m in the TW, where there is a side-character that is gay but is barely in it, one lesbian who was later changed to bi, also I haven’t come out because of people that talk like you, validated? Really? Also I would like to see a main that isn’t straight so, sorry that I feel that way but when you grow up and are bi and all you see is heterosexual relationships it makes you feel like you are wrong, so maybe if there were more representation on tv I may actually be okay with myself, at the moment I’m not, so thanks.

          • Lily says:

            Misha Collins is a notorious prankster. He loves messing with people. You are not supposed to take what he says seriously, as he is just joking.

          • I doubt that the point is that Misha WANTS Cas to be gay or about feeding and queerbaiting. Interesting when your point of view is different from some of your colleagues and you are not afraid to talk about it and people called it ‘feeding and queerbaiting’ . I just think that he has nothing against the whole idea that his character might be that way. So he doesn’t treat it like some shameful or wrong thing. Because it is not, actually. And also doesn’t treat those fans (shippers) like delusional people.
            And about who is gay and who ‘was always straight’. Like yeah, from the moment Castiel came to the screen everyone knew that he is gay. What? It’s not about who always was who. Because you can’t say that 100% sure. Especially if you saw the whole show. It is not like some black or white thing. And should not be treat that way. it is a spectrum. Or even the deep connection between the characters. The connection between a man and a supernatural creature so it has no boundaries that human world sometimes has.

          • Arthur says:

            Wow, Tia. Wrong. Not 1% – closer to 20% of the population, and there is so much wrong with your comment that I don’t even know where to begin. Misha doesn’t queerbait, though – you really ought to look up the term and educate yourself before trying to accuse him of anything like that. There is a difference between misleading fans (and yes, there have been several subtextual hints that Dean is at least bi-curious, of which I am not listing all of them here, but Dean’s siren was a man and he blatantly checked out a soldier in the 1940s flashback episode in a shot that was very deliberate) and having conversations with fans about fandom and the possibility of different storylines (like Misha does). I frankly admire Misha for being willing to discuss stuff like that with his fans – he isn’t promising anyone anything or dangling stuff to bait and switch viewers – he’s just candid and funny and awesome.

        • Angela says:

          Representation is great and I’m all for it. I think some people just have a problem with some fans taking shipper bait and spinning it to be so sure that certain pairings are canon, and throwing accusations at the creators if their ship doesn’t show up on the show (and to be fair to the shippers out there, this happens with straight pairings just as often as it does gay ones, so it’s not like it’s just slash fans alone who go through this). I love slash pairings, whether they actually play out on the show or not. I like reading fanfic about them and talking about them, and if the non-canon ones do happen to become canon on a show, great! But I won’t get upset with a show if they don’t put certain characters together, either. Unfortunately, some people do and they’re the ones who can’t seem to understand that they’re not the ones writing the show, nor do they seem to get that not putting two men or two women together does not automatically equal being homophobic or giving in to a “heteronormative” base or whatever.
          There’s also the fact that people automatically make assumptions about certain characters’ sexuality that others would disagree with them on. I don’t watch “Supernatural” or “Teen Wolf”, but from what I do know about them, aren’t there already characters on there who ARE actually gay? Why not support seeing them in more relationships, and having more focused storylines, if you want representation?
          (Now, having said all of that, do I think it’s annoying when show creators and writers purposefully rile up fans of pairings knowing full well they’ll never follow through on the stuff they tease the fans with? Yes. In that case, those people need to either put up or shut up, because all the teasing does is cause more fan drama that really isn’t necessary or wanted.)

          • tia says:

            kayla-i was talking world wide-and your 20% is Bs -sorry but it is. SPN does have a lesbian character who is terrific why not support her? Or why not push Collins/Cas to be gay instead of trying to change a character Jensen has played for 10 years and knows the character inside and out? He said Dean is not gay. But since Collins wants to play with the LGBT group then go after him. And by the way -you said representation first . I personally think its sad you need representation to feel validated. Why not be happy with who you are instead of trying to make a fictional character into something he is not to complete you?

          • Ruthie says:

            Wow well written / said…..am a fan of stereo fan fiction but I like what they are on the show too.

      • Tracy says:

        It’s really hard for me to feel sorry that someone’s shading something that will always be accepted and be given privilege and will never ever experience the kind of hate and discrimination that LGBT relationships will. The criticism is valid. Hetero relationships will always be acceptable no matter how undeveloped or forced they are. But I’m sure all the straight people in the world will appreciate your support of their non-existent struggle.

      • TR says:

        Call me a tinhatter if you want, but that Sterek question looks like a transparent PR attempt by MTV to pander to a historically vocal part of the fan base just because their ratings are down. Which is what they ALWAYS do. Haven’t most Sterek fans already rage-quit the show? Hasn’t the ship already been sunk by both O’Brien and Hoechlin? Fans who still think that ship will ever happen in canon are naive, sorry to say. But it’s funny how people who once said that fans should leave if they’re dissatisfied with TW are now accusing those same fans of not being “true” fans because they quit the show. No true Scotsman fallacy, anyone?
        Seriously, guys, that Sterek thing is a blatant PR move with no substance behind it. The past 2 episodes of TW’s new season have seen the ratings plummet to Season 1/Season 2 lows. And now there’s a Sterek question magically published after the show runners and actors have made it clear (literally THIS PAST WEEKEND) that they are tired of it and want it to go away. Seriously, you don’t think that’s suspect? I’ve worked in marketing long enough to know a stunt when I see one. Watch the show if you like it, and don’t watch it if you don’t. But don’t let yourself get jerked around by people who don’t care about anything other than your eyeballs and your wallet.

        • TR says:

          Whoops, sorry about the double-post. I have no idea why this got posted here. This wasn’t a response directed at you, Radha. It was meant to be a response to the general article, but apparently that’s what I get for trying to reply on my phone. :(

    • trey says:

      Well considerig that fact that Dean is straight, I’m sure you are talking about TW where they have hinted at Stiles being bisexual, but have yet to follow through on.

  9. MK says:

    Why are people still asking about Sterek? NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN

    • HT says:

      Most people have come to terms with the fact it isn’t going to happen we just want to know if they’re ever going to be in the same room again.

      • K says:

        Exactly. I am so very confused about this person getting upset when the question was asking if the two main characters who are fan favorites would be interacting, because their dynamic is such a joy to watch. And they have had such a great development brewing- its been made clear that they care about each other now- why wouldn’t fans of the show want to see that play out with actual scenes between the two?

        Just hop off.

  10. JC says:

    Matt, are you sure the SPN spoiler is for the 2nd episode to AIR, or the 2nd episode to FILM, which is the premiere? They are filming out of order

  11. daveedtjr says:

    Will Michael J Fox and Carrie Preston be regulars on The Good Wife, this season?

  12. Kay says:

    From what we’ve seen of Paige on Graceland, Mike should be very afraid of everything with Jess coming to light.

  13. Samantha says:

    Can’t wait to watch hoe demon Dean will be!!!
    Looking forward for Hook’s new look and for Olicity!!! I mean, arrow… no i really meant olicity.

  14. Ashton Lee says:

    If I want to see meaningless sex, I’ll watch GoT, not SPN.

  15. christine says:

    I can’t wait for Outlander!

  16. Krysylyn86 says:

    It’s nice to finally know that Sterek will never happen, but considering that the questions was about any interactions between the two not about them getting together, doesn’t bode well for ratings. I love how there is no chemistry between Derek and Braeden but yet they’ll get together, because Derek doesn’t need to heal from what Kate did, or even be 100% focused on finding her, right? I’ve accepted the fact that Stalia is happening, but really Draeden, a girl who would kill you if the money was good enough and a guy who dates psychopaths and trusts them too easily when he barely trusted Scott and Stiles, or even his own pack, yeah the pairing makes so much sense. Also let’s take a bad-ass female character and basically reduce her to a love interest, classy.

    • Lena says:

      I think the opinion about whether or not Derek and Braeden have chemistry is subjective. You think they don’t, but I could go on tumblr right now and find thousands who think they do. See how that works? Also, the evolution of a character actually requires that something significantly changes, especially if the writers want real development. Why would Braeden feel loyalty towards the group right now? She doesn’t know them that well. That situation can change, but I think that Sterek fans just need an excuse to hate. It’s weak at best. Another point: Why can’t a woman be “badass” but still have a relationship with a guy? This is another lame ass excuse fans are using to justify why they don’t want to see Braeden near their “beloved” Derek.

      • Krysylyn86 says:

        True it’s subjective, I really don’t see, some non-Sterek shippers don’t see it, many Derek stans don’t see it. Why? Because most would rather have Derek get better, find Kate, stop her and then maybe have a nice relationship, I may ship Sterek but I ship Derek with other people too, Morrell for one. My point is why give him one at all? I liked him in 3b and he didn’t have one. My problem is, Derek and Peter hired her for a job, she’s getting paid, even if Derek was a-okay I would be against it, not only because he should get to know someone before bedding them but also it’s a conflict of interest, they should be focusing on the supernatural problems at hand, not who they are going to sleep with. The show really doesn’t romance after romance, it would flow better without it but that’s my opinion and you are entitled to your own.

  17. Allison says:

    Re: Teen Wolf. At last, some kind of confirmation about Sterek. I love the ship but I would fall off my chair if it happens ever. The actors are thrown under the bus by having to give their opinion about Sterek in front of a live audience of fans (like Tyler Hoechlin last week) and getting hate for it and yet, the showrunners/network, the ones who actualy decide what the actors will be doing, don’t have the balls to come clean about it.
    Ratings: The show has a huge drop of ratings (about 25%) compared to last season, but I think there are several reasons for that.

    • Krysylyn86 says:

      I’ve actually not seen much hate towards Hoechlin, some of those that do don’t ship Sterek and use it to throw it in Sterek shippers faces that it’ll never happen and that Hoechlin is disgusted by it, and things like that.

  18. tickelace says:

    Cannot wait to see Outlander. Loved the books and if it’s as good as reports have said it’s going to be excellent tv.

  19. Kris says:

    It’s actually “Sassanach” in Scots Gaelic :) I’m quite glad about the casting for Outlander, too.

    • Kris says:

      Oh wait, never mind. Sassenach being the really old version, it is actually quite fitting to use it in context of Outlander :D

  20. Tyler says:

    I want Sara back as the Black Canary. She’s awesome and Caity Lotz is so amazingly skilled. I don’t buy Laurel for a second never will.

    Bring back Sara Lance the Black Canary!

  21. Bwhit says:

    Why are Graceland writers turning Mike into a grade-A douche? Not only is he letting this assignment go to his head and treating everyone like crap, he is just going to hop in bed with DC lady and to hell with Paige? Please return him to the Mike I loved in season 1!!!!

  22. mspenn1013 says:

    Thanks for answering my 2nd Major Crimes question! So far this season has been really strong!

    • Estée says:

      I just want to agree with you about Rusty’s mom. That scene hurt to watch. I wanted to strangle her!

    • AB says:

      Thanks for asking the Major Crimes question. I love the show and share your sentiments about Rusty’s mom. What a piece of work. I want her to appear in at least one more episode so someone can tell her, in no uncertain terms, where she can go with her hateful and hurtful opinion.

  23. Joey says:

    Heh, funny that people still ask Sterek questions as if it ever had any possibility of happening.

  24. Terry says:

    Well if they’re trying to turn a pirate into a hero, of course he needs new clothes.
    We need to forget all he did when he was a pirate as hitting women, lying, killing, leaving Emma to die in a cell, selling Belfire to Peter pan….a pair of jeans ad all is forgotten!

    • Gilly says:

      Seems like someone forget the whole of season 3 and something called redemption, get over it!!! If you cant then dont bother commenting. Wow lets list all the bad things, but lets forget the good thing he did in season 3, and why he was ever a villian, a crappy villian which failed alot.
      I love Hook, but he was not some EVIL villiian, hell he wasnt even that much of a villian.

      • Lily says:

        Exactly…. OUaT’s Hook was never a villain, he was always an anti-hero. The only person he truly targeted, was Rumplestiltskin – a man who admits, that he is a villain. If Hook had not struck a deal with Cora, most of Storybrooke would have probably been fine with him killing Mr. Gold.

  25. Pat says:

    I’d say the chances of 24 season 10 are very good more like 75% good. As they just announced a Tony Almeida catch up for the dvd. And from like season 3 to season 6 dvd they always did little extras with Jack between seasons for the set, that were basically car commercials, so that is a good sign.

  26. Lea says:

    At this point I don’t even want sterek to happen on the show… I just want some real interaction between Stiles and Derek!! I really don’t know what their doing with Derek. After everything he’s been through… How about we put him in another relationship.. Makes no sense. Those scenes with Braeden felt so forced like I didn’t see any chemistry at all

    • Alan says:

      Yeah, I know what you mean. You know it’s bad when Peter and Braeden had more chemistry than Derek and Braeden.

  27. Ian says:

    Can I be happy Richie’s getting a hot new boyfriend to f*ck? Does anyone want to talk about Looking? Or is this a Sterek article?

  28. Jillian says:

    Nooooo, I love Mike and Paige!!

  29. Kirsten Cardwell says:

    So not looking forward to Jessica coming to Graceland, don’t like her or Mike with her, much prefer him with Paige.

  30. 1mars says:

    Have to admit, looking forward to Outlander above all other new shows.

  31. July Lark says:

    Wait, whut! So we dont meet Jamie from Outlander until ep 2? Boo, a hero for all times.

  32. Frances says:

    That is some super disappointing news about NCISLA. I was really hoping season 6 would reverse the trend of s5’s bad and getting worse writing. But we’re getting more adult professionals acting like they are teenaged idiots who can’t actually do their job.

  33. Beth Kaplan says:

    Cannot wait for OUTLANDER to begin…it’s going to be AMAZING !!!

  34. Mici says:

    Sterek never going to happen?Stile and Derek aren’t going to be in the same room making comedy? Derek getting another love interest and goes ooc? Nope. Sorry Jeff, but I’m stopping with Teen Wolf. I’m on the last two episodes of season 3b, whitch is very boring and full of drools compared to 3a. I didn’t like how Alison and Scott fell in love in the very first episode, but I got over it and now doing it AGAIN with Malia and Stiles.

  35. Liza says:

    I can hardly contain my anxiety to see Dean Demon ….feel it will be special season 10 with demon Dean and Sam as Sam we know. :-)

  36. Moment says:

    Hook seems most suited to normal clothes, he wore them before becoming a pirate and can do the same again. He likely only wears his current outfit because it feels comfortable to him, basically an emotional attachment. It’ll be interesting to see what rids him of that. Also assuming he leaves Storybrooke in the future, he could easily get a prosthetic hand.

  37. unicornwasp says:

    matt, just a note that i hope you’ll appreciate. you describe the new character on Looking as ‘a female-to-male transgender’. Transgender is not a noun, it’s an adjective. So like you would describe someone who is gay as a “gay person” not “a gay” you could say “transgender person” or, from the description it sounds like the character is a transgender man.

  38. Dani says:

    I gave up on TEEN WOLF. Finally. I finally get that Sterek will never happen and since the third season was kind of a disappointment I’m done. Not only because of non-Sterek but mainly I think that so much promise that the show had in it’s first two seasons were completely wasted. Checking out…

  39. TR says:

    Call me a tinhatter if you want, but that Sterek question looks like a transparent PR attempt by MTV to pander to a historically vocal part of the fan base just because their ratings are down. Which is what they ALWAYS do. Haven’t most Sterek fans already rage-quit the show? Hasn’t the ship already been sunk by both O’Brien and Hoechlin? Fans who still think that ship will ever happen in canon are naive, sorry to say. But it’s funny how people who once said that fans should leave if they’re dissatisfied with TW are now accusing those same fans of not being “true” fans because they quit the show. No true Scotsman fallacy, anyone?
    Seriously, guys, that Sterek thing is a blatant PR move with no substance behind it. The past 2 episodes of TW’s new season have seen the ratings plummet to Season 1/Season 2 lows. And now there’s a Sterek question magically published after the show runners and actors have made it clear (literally THIS PAST WEEKEND) that they are tired of it and want it to go away. Seriously, you don’t think that’s suspect? I’ve worked in marketing long enough to know a stunt when I see one. Watch the show if you like it, and don’t watch it if you don’t. But don’t let yourself get jerked around by people who don’t care about anything other than your eyeballs and your wallet.

    • Fiona Smith says:

      Wait what? How is saying its not gonna happen and basically talking about everything but sterek until the very end, pandering? If they wanted to pander they wouldn’t have started off by saying its not going to happen, they would tease using vague spoilers describing their interaction(s). If they wanted the ratings up they would be promoting the show like they did during 3B (going on tv shows and doing multiple interviews).

      • TR says:

        It’s pandering because they’re trying to get Sterek fans who’ve rage quit the show to come back because, “Hey, look, they interact and/or are in the same room together.” As evidenced by several Sterek fans on this very article, that’s really all they can hope for at this point. And for the ones still naive enough to believe there’s still a chance of it happening in canon, this is just more fodder for them to believe it’s a sign of some secret “slow build.”
        Teasing “using vague spoilers describing their interaction(s)” would imply that the author of this article has seen the entire season and actually COULD describe them, which while not impossible, seems unlikely considering they just finished filming the final episodes of the season a week or so ago. I think production, editing, etc. takes a bit more time than that. But hey, I could be wrong about that.
        If they didn’t want to pander, they wouldn’t have bothered talking about something that 1) doesn’t exist on the show at all, 2) has actively been banned at most fan conventions, and 3) the show runners and actors have made vocal that they don’t like/understand it. Of course the author is going to say there’s a no-go for a Sterek romance this season. After all the build-up this very website has done regarding the Stiles/Malia relationship, it would be pretty insulting to ANYONE’S intelligence to claim otherwise. But if you think some Sterek fans aren’t desperate for any sort of interaction between the two characters, then you clearly don’t have full awareness of the state of the fandom at the moment.
        All I’m saying is that MTV’s PR has had a history of baiting the Sterek fandom into supporting the show in droves whenever they need some positive buzz, and this REEKS of that same old schtick. Like I said, call me a tinhatter if you want, but tigers don’t change their stripes.

      • TR says:

        Also, if you don’t think they want the ratings to go up, then I’m not sure how to respond to that? Because that defies the logic of TV production. Just by observing the progression of the seasons alone, it’s easy to see that Teen Wolf’s budget has increased significantly from what it was in Season 1. So for Season 4 to be puling in similar ratings to Season 1, especially when it’s just been announced that Season 5 will (hypothetically) be getting an $11 million budgetary tax credit? That’s not good. Of course they want their ratings to go up, and they’ll do it however they can. They’ve got 9 episodes left in the season. Plenty of time to do more PR pushes. But if this can get ratings to go up? Of course they’ll think it’s worth a shot.

        • Fiona Smith says:

          Yeah I’m gonna have to disagree with you. I’ve seen the way the show has pandered to sterek shippers before just mentioning or answering a question about the ship isn’t a good enough example of baiting especially with the way the question was answered

          And no I didn’t mean they don’t want the ratings up, of course they do, every show wants that. What I’m saying is if they wanted to improve the ratings they would be focussing on the casual viewers who have turned off this season because while fandoms are very important to a show in general we don’t impact TV ratings as much as we think we do. Otherwise tons of shows with huge fandoms would’ve never gotten cancelled. Posting a random non spoiler about sterek is not going to appeal to the majority of the viewership they would need/want.

          • TR says:

            You seem to assume that “casual viewers” and “fandom” don’t intersect, but they do. The question is how much. Fandom doesn’t exist in some vacuum outside the TV viewing sphere. The only TV views that matter are views that come from the Nielsen sample. Unless you work for Nielsen, you cannot prove what part of fandom does or does not participate in the Nielsen survey sample. Therefore you cannot prove what part of fandom does or does not influence the ratings. You can only speculate based on past experience. For someone in MTV’s PR to just assume that fandom does not equal “real views”… well, that would fly in the face of logic.
            Like I said, there are 9 weeks left in S4’s run. The show has plenty of time to pander to “casual viewers” in other ways as well, if the ratings next week do indeed imply that they are somehow different than “fandom viewers.” Posting what you seem to think is a “random non-spoiler” is to me a transparent push from PR to whatever audience views it, “fandom” or “casual” or otherwise. That’s how PR works, because MTV doesn’t know who does and does not participate in the Nielsen survey. It would be unethical if they did. It’s a shot in the dark based on previous experience in trends. If it works and the ratings go up next week, then you’ll know one possibly explanation why.
            And again I ask, why would something that 1) doesn’t even exist on the show and that 2) the show has actively tried to downplay VERY recently be mentioned at all anymore in the public space if the supposed “majority of the viewership” doesn’t know/care about it? A logical assumption based on MTV’s past history is PR baiting.

        • Fiona Smith says:

          Can’t reply to your other comment so I’m posting here. I did not say fandom =/= real views I said we do not IMPACT TV ratings AS MUCH as we think we do. So what you’re saying barely applies to anything I’ve said. This is actually making people more angry than happy so even if I believed that Sterek shippers were the majority of the shows viewers which I don’t, I have a very hard time believing this alone will help boost ratings. And lol if the ratings are up next week it won’t be because of this non spoiler (and yes it is a non spoiler) on a site that not every single person who watches the show knows about and its truly astonishing to me that you think so.
          “And again I ask, why would something that 1) doesn’t even exist on the show and that 2) the show has actively tried to downplay VERY recently be mentioned at all anymore in the public space if the supposed “majority of the viewership” doesn’t know/care about it? A logical assumption based on MTV’s past history is PR baiting.”

          Why would TVline ignore Sterek questions when they haven’t ignored them before? And I don’t know why you’re talking about the show actively downplaying Sterek, as if the answer to the “Sterek question” isn’t actually downplaying the ship as well. Hell, its shutting it down harder than I’ve ever seen the cast do.
          MTV and TW using Sterek shippers to vote for polls that help them get magazine covers, which in turn helps get the exposure they need to help boost ratings =/= Sterek shippers being the majority of the shows ratings and everyone knowing what Sterek is because they really don’t. Its easy to think that way when you are in fandom and you’re surrounded by people who think the same way you do about certain things but again Sterek is not something everyone knows. Yes, I am aware everyone uses the internet so they are capable of seeing Sterek or things about it but you forget that there are viewers of this show who do not actively seek out spoilers or fandom discussed things about teen wolf.
          There were so many people who had no idea Malia and Kira would be in the opening credits. I’m talking several tweets per second of people wondering why both of them were in the opening credits. Now if fandom is the majority, as you’re implying shouldn’t pretty much everyone who watches know this already? It was talked about a month before the show aired and the video of the new credits was released a couple weeks before the show came back. It was even talked about on various websites/TV news sites and yet a large amount of people still didn’t know. And that was just on twitter.
          Also I think you are forgetting that fandom does not solely consist of Americans there are a lot of people in this fandom who ship Sterek that I have interacted with that aren’t even from America so how they effect general TV ratings is beyond me.
          If you believe just barely discussing Sterek is enough to “boost” ratings then you either A. have a very low opinion of Sterek shippers and their intelligence or B. you have no idea about the huge desire people have to see it canon and how much both the ships this answer talked about (or alluded to) are making shippers very angry and is one of the main reasons a lot of them have quit this show.

          • TR says:

            You seem to be hung up on some misconception that I think “Sterek fans are a majority of the viewers” or “fandom is a majority of the viewers” or something, and I guess that’s why we seem to be talking past each other. But I have NOT stated that. I’m approaching this from a marketing perspective, not from a fandom perspective. As I just explained to you in my last comment, the Nielsen survey is the ONLY thing that determines the ratings. Neither you nor anyone else has any idea who is or is not participating in the Nielsen survey. You don’t know. I don’t know. MTV doesn’t know. The only thing we DO know is that they live un the USA. This means you can’t say whether or not people in the American part of the fandom are or are not part of the Nielsen ratings sample. You can’t even speculate which Amercian “casual viewers” are part of the Nielsen ratings sample. You can’t tell which Americans on Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr or whatever media outlet you prefer are part of the Nielsen ratings sample because that information CAN’T be made public knowledge. People who participate CAN’T make that public knowledge either. It would defeat the whole purpose of the study. Separating viewers into “fandom” or “casual” or whatever is completely arbitrary, because it’s meaningless in respect to the method in which ratings are actually calculated. The only categories are “eligible for participation in the Nielsen study” and “not eligible to participate.” So you can continue to think that people in fandom don’t actually impact the ratings, but if they’re in America, they do. The question is, as it always has been, how much? Nobody knows.

            It’s fine if you disagree about TV Line’s answer. If you perceive it to be “shutting Sterek down,” then that’s your prerogative. But it really isn’t hard to find other people who disagree with you and will take this answer as assurance that the show still cares about them because they’re promising “Sterek interaction” or “secret canon slow build” or something. That response is real. If the show actually wanted to use this TV Line question to “shut down” the Sterek fandom completely and make them go away, they wouldn’t have answered the question at all and would have kept talking about Stiles/Malia or some other angle that they think they could use as a viewer draw. But the ratings seem to indicate that talking about Stiles/Malia or Kate Argent or the Benefactor mystery or young Derek isn’t working well enough. The showrunners and actors, as I have stated multiple times already, have made it very clear in other media outlets that Sterek as a romantic notion has nothing to do with the show and that they don’t want it or understand it. It WON’T be happening in the show. But they keep talking about it anyway in the media.

            Why? Because from a marketing perspective, it would be an egregious error to alienate ANY part of the market base, Sterek fans included. And from a PR perspective, buzz is buzz, whether positive or negative. There’s really no “right” or “wrong” way to do it so long as it works. Granted, it puts a network’s reputation at stake sometimes, but I don’t think MTV has to worry much about that. So whether Sterek fans are angry or happy or whatever, as long as the show gets them to keep being vocal about it in the public space, it gets people interested in watching. It doesn’t have to be STEREK fans who watch. It just has to be SOMEONE who gets interested in watching because of all the buzz that’s created. Who knows? Maybe it’s people who will be happy about the lack of romantic Sterek, or people who have no idea what this Sterek thing is and want to investigate what all the hype is about. It doesn’t matter. The more “someones” who get interested in the show because of the buzz, the higher the chances are that a viewer who actually DOES impact the Nielsen ratings will tune in. Do you get what I’m trying to say?

            The worst thing the PR team could do is ignore Sterek fans until they go away. Once Sterek fans stop being publicly vocal, that’s a publicity outlet that’s no longer available. It would be like cutting off your own nose to spite your face.

            Because no one in TV knows who in America has the power to influence ratings, part of the PR team’s job is to speculate viewer trends based on viewer response and past PR campaign results, and then implement a new attempt to generate buzz. And as I have said several times already, MTV’s PR is INFAMOUS for baiting Sterek fans for popularity. It’s an old trick, and fans are tired of it. But from a PR perspective, if ain’t broke, then don’t fix it. They’ll keep using it until it no longer produces results. And as I have also said repeatedly, I am merely speculating that this is one method they have chosen to try and positively impact viewer ratings. I said IF the ratings go up next week because of this, then you would have a POSSIBLE explanation for why that might have happened. I never said it would or that it wouldn’t. I never even estimated how much the increase would be. There’s no way to know. You don’t talk in absolutes. You can only speculate. Something else I have stated multiple times already.

            And again, you can call me a tinhatter if you want. I’m just calling things like I see them.

          • TR says:

            I guess I should clarify that “buzz is buzz,” whether positive or negative, isn’t always true. And no “right” or “wrong” isn’t always true across the board, either. It’s just more true in entertainment and less true in commerce. What I meant to imply in saying that was that perceptions are subjective. Negative buzz about Sterek or bad writing or crappy production or a character dying isn’t the same as negative buzz about the way a show handles some subject matter or content or ethical dilemma or what have you. There are things you want to avoid doing, even in entertainment. It’s just that pissing the Sterek fans off isn’t something this show cares about so long as they generate a media buzz about it. Historically, it’s worked for them in the past, so why should they care? The only thing it does is jerk fans who love Sterek around. But that’s clearly not something Teen Wolf cares about.

          • TR says:

            And this goes without saying, but as long as TW/MTV retains a positive public image, hurt fandom feelings are not their concern. As long as they can pass the buck off on someone else and say “no one from MTV wrote this article” or “we don’t run those conventions” or “we respect all fans,” they’re golden. This is another reason why it would be a mistake for MTV PR to shut out the Sterek fandom completely. They don’t want to get accused of discrimination. But again, so long as they continue to throw a bone to the Sterek fandom every once and a while, it’s not their concern who gets mad and who feels used.
            OK, I’ll take off my tin hat and shut up now.

  40. Casey says:

    Ooh, thank you for the Hook update! It’s the right time for it, I think, now that we know he gave up the Jolly Roger, doesn’t want to be a pirate anymore and is starting a relationship with Emma (yay!). I’m excited to see what outfit they come up with him. It’s probably going to be as jarring for us as for the other characters when he first appears in the new outfit.

  41. Tv diva says:

    Can you please tell me if Turn has been renewed yet? Thanks!!

  42. KJK says:

    Best season of 24 since
    Nina Myers died. I need more 24. At least 1 send off FINAL 24 episode season.

  43. Zoe says:

    lol ok well thanks Teen Wolf for making it abundantly clear that my viewership doesn’t matter to you. Good luck with your show this season but I will definitely not be watching, since Sterek is officially dead.

  44. Barry says:

    What can you tell me about Stephen Amell’s cameo in the pilot for The Flash? —Kat

    Based on the leaked pilot—it sucked!

    • Delirious says:

      At least, we can deduce they’re going for full-on superpowered characters here – unless Mist is just some guy (or girl if it’s Nash) who just uses gasses for stuff…

  45. Amy says:

    I HAVE NO INTEREST IN WATCHING A VERSION OF TEEN WOLF IN WHICH BOTH DEREK AND STILES ARE IN HETEROSEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS FOR ENTIRE SEASONS AND THEN SOME. I used to be proud of the fact that I had convinced about thirty different people to become fans of this show, but now?? I am now trying to make sure that everyone I come across avoids this show at all costs.

  46. martyarmany says:

    Hi Matt, I have a question concerning Supernatural will Dean be partly human like Cain or will he be all demon like meg, Crowley etc…. Thank you and i hioe you respond

  47. Ella says:

    This Inside Line broke my Destiel and Sterek loving heart, though I actually really love Stiles and Malia together <3 Feeling rather glum that there are no reports of Hilarie returning to White Collar's last run though :( Still hoping they'll surprise us.

  48. Captain swan lover says:

    I don’t mind a wardrobe change as long as the chest hair are not compromised (internally screaming – I will love that) #CAPTAINSWAN

  49. simy says:

    sad about the news about Hilarie notreturning to White Collar’s last season. I loved her character

  50. Fisher says:

    Yay to new clothes for hook!!!
    Yes please have Sarah come back to team Arrow. Laurel does not compare.