Pretty Little Liars Recap: Fire and Pain

Pretty Little Liars Episode 100

The 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars took the show’s “explosive” reputation to new heights on Tuesday, dropping a barrage of game-changing bombs — including one actual bomb.

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The episode initially focused on Alison’s long-awaited return to the hallowed halls of Rosewood High, but it didn’t take long for Mona to blow the lid off Ali’s new, nice-girl routine; all it took was a secret video of Ali slapping her and admitting how she really feels about the “losers” at school. Pretty standard mean-girl propaganda.

Of course, Ali’s attack quickly became old news when the Rosewood Police Department announced the real identity of the girl whose body was found in Ali’s yard. Her name is Bethany Young, a 17-year-old patient at Radley who apparently escaped the night Ali disappeared. (Will this officially rule out the Alison-twin theory?)

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Then came the big, literal boom. Not only is “A” officially back in the girls’ lives, but he/she/it/they made his/her/their return known by blowing up Toby’s house. We’re not sure if anyone was inside, but as Caleb pointed out, “‘A’ never shoots to miss.”

Now, let’s back up a bit and discuss what each of the girls went through this week:

KEEGAN ALLEN, TROIAN BELLISARIOSPENCER | Mariska Hargitay — I mean, Mrs. Hastings — dropped the first bomb of the episode: She’s leaving Spencer’s father, and she wants Spencer to move away with her! Like the rest of us, she’s pretty convinced Spencer’s dad killed Mrs. D in an attempt to get her off his daughter’s case. Thankfully, Spencer has Toby’s plaid-covered shoulder to cry on (not to mention that surprisingly roomy front seat).

ARIA | News of Shana’s death spread pretty quickly this week, so Aria drowned her sorrows in the only two things any girl needs to cope with tragedy: key-lime pie and Ezra Fitz. “I don’t ever want you to say you’re sorry again,” he told her, before throwing her onto the counter and making sweet, statutory love to her. It’s official, humans: Ezria is back on.

HANNA | Tyler Blackburn wasn’t kidding when he told TVLine that “things might not happen exactly the way the audience wants” between Caleb and Hanna. Their reunion at the café was super awkward, and he wouldn’t even return her calls later that night. Travis tried to cheer her up, but let’s be real — there’s a Caleb-shaped hole in that girl’s heart, and unless Travis is secretly a shapeshifter, he’ll never be able to fill it.

SASHA PIETERSE, SHAY MITCHELLEMILY | Sydney — who I’m still convinced uses Emily’s yearbook photos as her bedroom wallpaper — invited Emily to a Frozen sing-along, but first, Emily had to deal with her own Ice Queen. “I always made you think your feelings for me were totally one-sided,” Alison told her. “That wasn’t true. Those kisses weren’t just for practice.” That would have been enough to appease any long-suffering Emison fan, but no, Pretty Little Liars took it to the next level by giving us a full-on Alison/Emily make-out sesh. (Best. Sleepover. Ever.) Of course, Emily probably isn’t eager to jump back into bed with her after seeing Mona’s little video. … Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

Additional RevelAtions:
* Jenna was living in New York when Shana attacked the girls.
* Jenna is also apparently close with Sydney. (Did they blow up Toby’s house together?)
* Lucas has a girlfriend, and they might be doin’ it.

OK, let’s hash this out: Who burned down Toby’s house? Which couple were you most excited to see reunite? And do you really think Mr. Hastings killed Mrs. D? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

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