Under the Dome Recap: Murder, He Wrote

Under the Dome Season 2

On Monday’s installment of Under the Dome, the CBS drama revisited a question that’s not addressed nearly as often as it should be: When will Chester’s Mill run out of resources?

The town has suffered a water shortage and an energy crisis in the past two weeks — because, yes, the dome has only been down for two weeks — and this time around, the big worry was a shrinking food supply.

Cue the town’s butterfly population laying countless eggs, producing caterpillars that chow down on every crop they can find. And, of course, Angie’s murderer is still roaming Chester’s Mill, while Big Jim continues to believe he is The Chosen One, as is Big Jim’s way.

With so many questions (still) unanswered, here are three things made clear during “Infestation”:

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Naturally, once news of Angie’s death begins to spread, a few key suspects emerge — Big Jim, Junior and Melanie (aka The Girl From the Lake) among them. And although Melanie’s presence at the crime scene makes her Public Enemy No. 1 in Chester’s Mill, she assures Julia that something beyond her control lured her into the school, and she saw a man there who must be responsible for Angie’s death. Later, Julia — who apparently learned how to perform an autopsy during her reporter days — works with Sam to examine Angie’s body, and they find fingerprints also indicating it was a male that committed the crime. So put down that gun, revenge-seeking Joe! Melanie is presumably innocent — creepy and wide-eyed though she may be.

Since we’re only two episodes into the season, I’m not so convinced that Junior is to blame for Angie’s death. But throughout Monday’s hour, Junior confesses that he got drunk and blacked out around the time Angie was killed — and he also has her bracelet under his bed, which was conspicuously missing from her wrist when her body was found. Utterly distraught, Junior visits his Uncle Sam (heh) and confesses what he may have done. (Personally, my money’s on Sam himself. A character who suddenly emerges after two weeks, has a connection to the dome and seems willing to investigate a murder that he could have committed? I’m going all in on this theory!)

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When the town’s resident (and seemingly only?) teacher realizes the crop damage that caterpillars can cause, she takes it upon herself to burn an entire field in an attempt to spare the food supply. And although she seems like one of the good guys, her blind allegiance to Big Jim and zeal for population control indicates otherwise.

Oh, and here’s a bonus takeaway: Big Jim is getting more insufferable by the minute. When he’s not singing the dome’s praises for saving his life, he’s blathering on about being chosen to protect the entire town, and every moment of adversity is seen as a test from the dome. By episode’s end, the entire congregation at Angie’s funeral is shouting “Amen!” after his every sentence, and his head has gotten so big, it practically gets lodged in the church doors.

Of course, there are plenty of other questions still looming about life in Chester’s Mill. For example, when will Julia’s “monarch” status be revisited for more than one scene? Will we see more of Junior’s mom painting in the city anytime soon? Why is Junior always so shocked when people accuse him of hurting Angie? And where is Norrie’s other mom now? We’re dying for some answers here, Dome.

What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. shaw says:

    A couple of more questions like have the whole town forgotten that Doty was murdered but they haven’t found a killer and the other two people that Barbie “supposely” killed. That no one is questioning why big Jim was saying Barbie shot Julia but they are still a couple.

  2. JJM says:

    The writing of The CW’s 90210 made more sense than this show. Still, I love me a guilty pleasure.

    • dan says:

      About half way through last night’s episode my wife says “I may be done with this show.” I/we agree that the writing is all over the place. Although last week’s episode was a good reset for season two, last night’s episode had a lot of “huh?” moments like: why would the science teacher purposely burn a field inside a dome and compromise the air supply? why was there a big church funeral for Angie but not for anybody else (although Big Jim did mention Sheriff Linda’s name)? how does Phil, the disc jockey, suddenly know all the state laws in making decisions about arresting the girl from the lake? why did Sam and Julia just assume that the “big” hand/finger prints on Angie’s body were from a man, couldn’t there be a woman with large hands? why is the woman-to-death ratio so tilted in favor of female characters dying (Angie, Linda, Doty, Norrie’s mom, the diner owner vs. the original Sheriff and the priest)? Despite these questions and the continuity issues with the show, I still enjoy watching it to find out what ridiculous events happen next!

      • dan says:

        “woman-to-man death ratio” (I should read my comments before posting)

      • Ugh says:

        I agree with everything. My final call for not watching this ridiculousness anymore was the preview for next week when it starts raining blood. Um, no thank you very much. I’m out.

      • reboot2099 says:

        Oops, that last comment was misplaced, it was for Dan but for another comment he made a few comments down. Ah well! It fits here too I guess lol

        • reboot2099 says:

          lmao damm, it was placed on the right comment, after all, the page just reloaded at the wrong comment and I didn’t read. I saw a long post, thought it was mine but wasn’t. Ah well, I suck :)

        • dan says:

          Two different “dan” posters!

  3. Chris says:

    I didn’t think this episode was that bad. 100% granted the book was 100x better than this show, but lets face it, theres nothing else on all summer so might as well try to get into it!

  4. Dan says:

    For the first time in a VERY long time, I just stopped halfway. I was more interested in a Vulture article on my phone than the show. Now, call my ADHD, but the writing is just so distracting.

    I may only be an amateur screenwriter, but it is so unrealistic and unbalanced. Joe, seconds after learning his sister is dead: “Whoever killed her is going to pay!” *runs away* No, I don’t think that’s how it works. A person collapses, a person doesn’t respond, a person runs inside. No one becomes Liam Nesson.

    It’s a shame.. I really wanted to like the show, but it became too much of a hustle to stay focused. Reading the TVLine recaps should be good enough!

  5. John Jacob says:

    Am I the only one that felt like this episode was 40 mins long without commercials just for someone to say “I think I did it” (No spoilers)…????????????? This seemed like a SERIOUS filler episode to me.

    • reboot2099 says:

      It wasn’t a filler. We see big Jim thinking more and more he is the chosen one, and the prof trying to take advantage of that to seemingly control him and the town. We see julia and Barbie disagreeing which will surely lead in a conflict between them and probably a triangle with Sam or a square with Sam and the prof :)
      We also see that the food reserve is getting thin and that might be a problem soon enough.
      That said, yeah, it was pretty boring. I swear I went in trying to not think about plotholes and the like. I feel like I should just stop and enjoy it for what it is: cheesy, impossible, not that well-written mystery kinda-fun show. I still found some plot holes, of course, but I stopped thinking about them.
      That said, they really should stop beginning the show with “Two weeks ago…”. That’s what make the task of suspending my disbelief really hard. The characters changed more in 2 weeks than any other show does in 10 years! I really like change, but come on :)

      • dan says:

        Seriously: in two weeks Julia has had a dome fall on her town, she has learned her husband is dead and he had bought high insurance policies for her, she suspected Barbie, she loved Barbie, she hated Barbie, and now she is sleeping with Barbie.

        • reboot2099 says:

          Exactly. That’s the main problem I have. I dumped my ex because it was over for me and it took me a few months to be ok again. SHE got dumped and she clearly still loved him, she discovered all these dark secrets, fell in love with her husband’s killer. If it had happened in a year, I’d think it was far-fetched. But in 2 weeks??

          And I am saying nothing about Junior and Big Jim hating each other. No, they work together. No, wait, they’re hating each other’s guts. No, they’re really a big happy family etc. And even Big Jim and Barbie working together/wanting to kill other changes every day. And a whole lot more of that kind of relationships, like Angie/Junior.
          Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if they stick to their guns. But the characters keep changing their minds over really big things that nobody in the world would forgive.
          Over two weeks time.

  6. Lin says:

    What is in the locker at school? Why did no one open it?

    • Sam Panther says:

      this was my biggest question, and not one other person has mentioned that I’ve seen until I read your comment. both Melanie and Angie saw something in there that fascinated/horrified?

      In so many ways, this show reminds me of Lost/a typical King story. I can hang in there for some of the plotholes and weirdness.

  7. lori says:

    I think I am done with this mess. It’s even worse than last year, and that’s not easy to do. It was just ridiculous last night. You can see that they are setting up to break up Barbie and Julia now, two weeks after they got together, two weeks after her husband died. The Big Jim thing is over the top and btw how many times can they say “Big Jim” in one episode? Sorry, even for summer fare, I can’t take it.

    • reboot2099 says:

      “and btw how many times can they say “Big Jim” in one episode? ”
      Hahaha I was thinking that exactly last night! At one point, I think they said it like 3 or 4 times in the span of 30 seconds. I normally don’t care if they say a name frequently but last night was awful for that :)

  8. amberewing says:

    I’m flabbergasted. I truly wanted to enjoy this show. This episode did help establish the growing crazy of Jim and majority of the town but failed to address the growing crazy of the plotholes. I’ll try a few more episodes but no guarantees of continued viewership.

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  10. Pat says:

    I was finally able to sit down and watch this on my DVR. Rebecca is most definitely not to be trusted in my eyes. For her to approach Big Jim who by the way is becoming Big Swollen Head Jim, and tell him that we have bigger problems and now put it in his swollen brain about population control, I thought then that was the point I knew not to trust this women. What is she going to do kill anyone over a certain age?? I cannot wait to see what the Dome will do about this. This episode did seem to be a little slower on action and answers. I hope that the pace starts to pick up, otherwise they will start losing viewership.

  11. DebLG says:

    I agree with all comments. ‘No one becomes Liam Neeson’ – classic! But I am still drawn to the show. Sometimes shows like this are so bad they’re good. I’m like that with the 80’s “Maximum Overdrive” movie – so bad it was good (another Stephen King story too!). I appreciate these recaps – I multitask when watching so I miss some things.

    • Lambsilencer says:

      And “Maximum Overdrive” was even directed by Stephen King. He said later about it that, yes it was a mistake (stepping behind the camera), but that he just had wanted to try it.

  12. Ugh says:

    A few things:
    1) I’m assuming Dean Norris is wondering when his contract for this insane show is up. Talk about being better than the material.

    2) I wish this show would pick a plot and stick with it. The dome protects us, the dome doesn’t protect us, Julia is the Monarch, but the Monarch obviously doesn’t mean anything since we haven’t heard anything about it at all. The 4 kids are important or connected to the Dome, but that obviously doesn’t mean anything anymore either since it hasn’t been mentioned either (and now one of them is dead).

    3) Barbie and Julia’s relationship, really? Strangers to killer of the other’s husband to lovers in 2 weeks. And now they’re all upset because they feel they can’t trust each other. Really, that’s a huge shocker.

    4) This show lost me as soon as they had a preview of it raining down blood on the town next week. No, thank you. I’m out.

  13. Clair says:

    I quit this show at the end of the last season. It seemed last season was nothing but a long commercial for this season — instead of being a story (beginning, middle, and end) in itself. I felt I was tricked. I’ve read this because I’m curious about how other people are reacting, and apparently I’m not alone. It was an interesting premise, Mr. King, but you failed us this time.

    • Angela says:

      Mr. King did not fail us on this; he wrote a rather excellent, thought-provoking novel. This show does not bear a great resemblance to that book, imho.

      • NayNay says:

        This show went in the complete opposite direction of the book, which was quite good in my opinion. I do not understand why Stephen King allows people to totally screw up his work.

  14. I think under the dome is gonna be great this season!!!! Lots shocking twists you don’t expect!!!!!

  15. ? says:

    I think this was my last episode. Anyone else realize (among a million other ridiculous things) Angie had a funeral the same day she died? They REALLY couldn’t have found some competent writers to hire once the show got a pickup for multiple seasons?

  16. Angie was the primary reason I was watching the show. Now I will be watching another channel (Longmire and Murder in the First) until Brit Robertson returns to the show. Is there any way to find out why Brit left the series after only one season.

  17. Mark Simms says:

    Sam killed Angie. That is painfully obvious and boring.

  18. Pam says:

    Angie was of interest and should not have been killed off…she was a story with Jr in itself…loosing my interest.

  19. Rae says:

    Still love it!!

  20. Ardie Steffen says:

    Shame they killed off Angie, who was one of the more compelling and interesting characters on the show. Not a worthy move just to create a murder mystery when you leave a bunch of lame characters behind.

    • Ace says:

      Actually, I feel like it is a series reboot – AFTER ONE SEASON! You only kill off main characters when you need to revive the show. WTF?! You can’t kill the just the “good” without taking some evil, y’konw, even the playing field. However, I’m more interested in what the dome means to do at this point than about the main characters. And what’s the significance of butterflies if “the butterfly” doesn’t do anything? And why don’t we see her husband come back or the second mom?

  21. Buck says:

    The writing has changed. It’s flat and now we are supposed to just buy Big Jim a “good guy”? I don’t like it. It’s lazy. Also, why are they killing off the cast that made season 1 so good? Leave it to CBS to screw up a genre show that people under the age of 60 might want to watch. It’s Jericho all over again.

  22. Jimmy says:

    There are never enough answers in one episode of Under the Dome to satisfy everyone, including myself. From what I’ve heard Aihsa Hinds has been dropped to recurring this season, so I don’t think we’ll be seeing much of her. And I don’t know if it’s just me, but this new Rebecca Pine lady seems shady and rubs me the wrong way – so does Sam. In fact, I feel like Sam might be Angie’s murderer. At this point, I doubt it was Big Jim, and I think the show is throwing out a red herring and trying to convince us it was Junior who did it in his drunken stupor. But I think it’s going to be someone totally unexpected, like Sam.

  23. JAO says:

    I’ll admit it’s a guilty pleasure and don’t know why I keep watching it. What about Barbie’s connection to the Military? Where did that story go?

  24. Eddy says:

    Killing off Linda and Angie? Thats enough for me, no talent left, clicking “Dome” off in my home.

  25. AngelBubbles says:

    I also think it is sam. I have this whole time since she died. When Junior said he thinks it might be his dad who would have done it, he gives this weird stare, like he’s found someone to blame it on and maybe he framed Junior by placing the bracelet under his bed, anyone could do it. Although that doesn’t completely rule out love crazy Junior who would do ANYTHING to be with his love, including lock her up in his house. Another one who is acting slightly suspicious is that science teacher who seems to know everything, then she goes to ‘oh holy’ big jim and talks to him about there not being enough food for everyone, in a suspicious fashion. Maybe she killed Angie so she wouldn’t have to ration the food out to more people? I’m still calling out Sam for the murder though. I can’t wait till we find out and i can be all like ‘I told ya so!’ ;D