True Blood Recap: The Vampire Diary

True Blood Recap

Has Sookie found herself embroiled in (yet) another love triangle? A peek into a fellow fangbanger’s diary on Sunday’s True Blood triggered old feelings for one Mr. Compton — and that wolf-man she’s shacking up with seemed none too pleased.

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But first thing’s first…

DREAM LOVERS | Eric Northman and Jason Stackhouse made love on Sunday night. It may have only been one of Jason’s dreams, but there was kissing and there were strings and the whole thing was truly elegant. It came completely out of left field, yet it felt like fans have been waiting for these four minutes of unadulterated eye candy since Season 1. (“Dear fans: Thanks for sticking with us through that Smoke Monster nonsense a few years back. Sincerely, True Blood“). No, True Blood, thank you!

‘I AM HIS’ | Following that unforgettable moment, Sookie and the gang took a road trip to St. Elise, where they witnessed the true carnage of the Hep-V vamps. Everyone had either been killed or kidnapped, and the government turned a blind eye to the small town’s plights — so, naturally, Sookie went to the house of the dead girl she found last week and read her diary. The girl’s story mirrored Sookie and Bill’s romance so eerily that it triggered delightful Season 1 memories which Alcide desperately attempted to squash. Could Sookie be returning to her Compton roots? The fact that she snuck out to Bill’s house while Alcide was in the shower certainly isn’t helping her case.

REAPER MADNESS | Over at Fangtasia, Arlene hatched a hair-brained scheme to save herself, Holly and the ever-relevant Nicole from the Hep-V vampires. The craziest part: It actually worked! (Though not the way Arlene intended, necessarily.) Recognizing the vamps’ designated “reaper” as an old acquaintance from Bon Temps, Arlene convinced poor, confused Ms. Harris — a nod to author Charlaine Harris, perhaps? — to help them escape using what little time she has left. She eventually agreed, but when she went in for a pre-rescue feeding around Arlene’s lady parts, she melted all over the screaming restauranteur. (Does Arlene have some sort of antidote coursing through her lower half? Can we get an actual doctor to weigh in on this please?)

CROSS TO BEAR | Lettie Mae took a swan dive off the deep end of the crazy pool this week, purposely burning her hands on the stove in order to get a taste of the good stuff from Willa. No scenery was left un-chewed as Lettie erupted into one of her classic fits, complete with a twisted appearance by Tara — whom Lettie Mae claimed needed her and Lafayette’s help to enter heaven — chillin’ on a cross, cavorting with snakes. She mumbled some crazy nonsense, which made about as much sense as anything else has this season, while her lunatic mother stood there screaming about wanting answers.

PEASANTS REVOLT | After outing Sam as a dog, Vince rallied the madcap hillbillies of Bon Temps to take matters into their own hands and arm themselves at the police station. Nothing could stop the mob of monkey brains from declaring martial law; not even a magical blast from Adilyn, which probably wasn’t great for her whole closeted fairy shtick. (Speaking of Adilyn, let’s reflect on how Maxine had the best throwaway line of the night when she finally addressed how quickly Andy’s daughter has grown.)

BITTERSWEET REUNION | Lastly, Pam’s hunt for Eric brought her to France, where she finally met her maker — and he’s definitely seen better days. Sure, he looked just as smolder-y and wonderful as we remember him… except he’s fallen prey to the dreaded Hep-V virus. Surely, they’ve got to come up with a way to save him over the next eight episodes; we can’t lose him again.

Did you enjoy Jason and Eric’s moment of tenderness? Do you think Sookie will go back to Bill? And how worried are you about infected Eric? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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