Rookie Blue Post Mortem: Andy/Sam's Future, Nick's Next Step and More

Rookie Blue Season 5 Spoilers

Warning: If you have yet to watch Thursday’s Season 5 premiere of Rookie Blue, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

The cops of Rookie Blue returned to ABC on Thursday night, and so did the heartache.

Andy, essentially, broke things off with Nick to be with her ex Sam. But just when it looked like the pair was finally ready to give it a real go, Andy told Sam she needed space after his sister scared her off with a spiel about Sam shutting down.

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So where does “McSwarek” go from here? How is Nick moving on? And why in the world isn’t Chloe divorced yet? TVLine chatted with executive producer Tassie Cameron to get the answer to those burning questions and more.

TVLINE | You left things on a little bit of an ambiguous note with Sam and Andy. What is the state of their relationship after the premiere?
Sam and Andy are trying to find their way back together, but there’s been a lot of water under the bridge. There are lots of things to work out, and they want to take it slowly and do it right. So we’re trying to depict a realistic, slow burn to make sure that they can make it work this time.

TVLINE | Sam said, “I don’t want to waste any more time.” So is this hesitation and slow burn more on Andy’s side than it is on Sam’s?
Andy was in a pretty meaningful new relationship with Nick. And anything that we know about that character [is that] she’s cautious. She’s a perfectionist. She’s a pleaser. She doesn’t want to hurt people’s feelings. She wants to get it right this time. She’s trying to measure the pros and cons and make sure that this is the right choice.

TVLINE | What’s Andy’s takeaway from what Sam’s sister said to her about him shutting down when — pardon my words — sh-t hits the fan?
Sam’s sister has probably identified Andy’s biggest fear about Sam. When somebody that close to someone, someone’s sibling, says something like that about him, she has to be careful because that’s her biggest fear about him, as well, especially after what happened in Season 3. But Andy’s come a long way. She’s grown up a lot in the past five seasons, and she’s going to make her own decision.

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Rookie Blue Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | Meanwhile, you have poor Nick, brokenhearted. Where does this leave him? By my count, there’s no single females left in the ensemble to pair him up with.
[Laughs] I know, I know. Poor, old Nick. [He] carries a bit of a procedural ball most of the season, but wait for the second half of the season and you’ll see what we have in mind. Actually, you’ll get a sense of that in the last couple of episodes of these 11. … It wouldn’t have been realistic to have him leap into anything new right away. We think the world of him as a character and as an actor, so we were not ready to get rid of him.

TVLINE | I was hoping you could clear something up for me. I’m a little bit unclear as to why Chloe didn’t get divorced from Wes.
[Laughs] Even after seeing the second episode?

TVLINE | Is it just fear of how Wes might retaliate? Because he is so possessive and jealous?
She wanted it over with. She wanted a fresh start, and I think you have to wait a year to get divorced. You have to be separated for a year anyway, at least you do in Canada. So it was more a question of, “I’m moving on. I’m going to get a fresh start, and I’m sure I’ll get around to that divorce at some point, but it’s not that meaningful to me.” But then once you let it be a secret, it starts to take on a bit more importance as a secret. We thought it was actually fairly true to the character of Chloe that she might have just not gotten around to it and it became this secret that blew up in her face.

TVLINE | Is Traci actually going to welcome Steve’s help in her custody battle? He’s getting involved all on his own behind her back. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
It’s a little bit of both. It comes from the right place in Steve. He’s very protective of her and wants to be helpful. But we were interested in exploring the moral grey area. If you’re a police officer and you can find out stuff about people that will help the right thing happen on a personal issue, do you? We were trying to explore that grey area and whether he should or shouldn’t be using that information. So she welcomes it until she doesn’t.

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Rookie Blue Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | With Gail, was the haircut written into the script? Did the actress [Charlotte Sullivan] come to you and say, “I cut my hair. Can we write it in?”
The actress came to us in the summer and said, “My hair has been overprocessed and blond for so long that it’s in disastrous shape. I need to cut it.” And so we said, “Of course,” and then we didn’t know how we were going to deal with it. Usually, it would be easy to manage something like that because we come in a couple of months after a season finale. But in the case of this, it was a couple hours later. So we thought, why don’t we see if there’s something interesting and fun we can do with this on screen. So we wrote it in after she’d cut her hair.

TVLINE | That scene where Holly helps Gail cut her hair really reinforced their relationship. But this is a very different kind of romance for Gail, so what kind of challenges are they going to experience?
I think that you’ll see that they’re very in character for her. It’s not about whether she’s with a man or a woman. It’s about whether Gail Peck can ever really handle being intimate and close with somebody without letting her defenses go up and get the better of her. And that’s pretty authentic to who she is, and she’ll grapple with that with Holly, as well.

TVLINE | Andy and her rookie Duncan have gotten off on the wrong foot, right away. Is that going to continue?
Yes. [Laughs] Duncan is a real professional antagonist for Andy McNally this first half of the season. … He’s a well connected young man. His stepfather is the commissioner, which is pretty high up in the police force. So it’s going to really prove challenging for Andy.

TVLINE | With the commissioner there, it seems like you’re putting more professional scrutiny on the division than in past seasons. Are things a little bit tighter and more worrisome for the cops this year?
Yeah, we’re finally allowing ourselves to take a look at some of the politics within the force — old guard versus new guard. Obviously, our main characters are the new guard of policing. We’re interested in the friction between the very, very old school institution and the young, fresh faces with idealism and a new way of doing things and how those two types of policing can come in conflict with each other.

Rookie Blue fans, what did you think of the season opener? Did Sam’s sister scare you with her warning? Do you feel bad for Nick? And stay tuned to TVLine for even more Season 5 scoop!

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  1. HSM says:

    Ugh, Duncan is the worst.

  2. Amy says:

    Sam and Andy!! This is their new beginning!! THANK YOU

  3. Yule says:

    Andy x Nick were the best. Too bad the show keeps going back to the same old garbage… yawn.

    • Sarah says:

      Totally agree. I’m usually a sucker for the big romantic relationships but in this case I was all in on Andy/ Nick. It was freshm exciting and fun. She actually smiled. I knew it wasn’t going to last and I absolutely hate that I’m right. Think I’m done with the show.

      • M3rc_Nate says:

        agree 100%, Im so tired of the forced “bad boy, chemistry” relationships being forced, especially when they show how happy and fantastic and great the one is with someone new. Andy cant be a awesome chick AND pick Sam over Nick…no well adjusted really cool woman with her head on straight breaks up with Nick for Sam. So Nick, if she cant stop herself from wanting Sam and ending up Dead or broken up with again or heart broken etc …shes not right for you.

        • Fran says:

          Well said. It would be refreshing to see the nice guy get chosen once in a while. I think Nick brought out the best in Andy. I don’t get why the writers are so obsessed with Sam. And I also dislike how they dispensed with his relationship with Marlo.

        • Salina says:

          Ending up dead? Wow.

      • Gerry Haines says:

        Not in a million years,Nick is no challenge for Andy, she would have been bored in another months, she needs Sam t make her com alive.

      • Gerry Haines says:

        Nick was boring, and will cotinue to be.

    • Gerald says:

      Agreed. Sam and Andi were horrible together and it kills me to see her mooning over him. She is so much better than that. She dumped Nick so he shouldn’t take her back. Time to cast a new love interest for Andi. Paging Chuck Bartowski.

    • Gerry Haines says:

      There is onely one, and that is Sam, Nick knew better but he kept pushing.

  4. Evelyn says:

    I thought the season opener was pitch perfect. The writers have followed suit of what they said the purpose of all the Sam and Andy pain was last season and showed what happens when two people are finally true to themselves. I loved that Andy was honest with nick and honestly I felt as though had he been honest with himself he would have never gone after her in the first place. She was clear that she wasnt ready. More importantly, the writers Are steering the season in the right direction. Missy peregrym was out of this world in the premiere. For as much as I would have loved for Andy to show her growth by evaluating sam’s evident change, that she herself acknowledged to Sarah, instead of having Sarah influence e her but I get it. The hospital scene between Sam and Andy was priceless!!!!!! The best of them. Great to see their comfort level back.

  5. AdamsFoster says:

    I think if they were never going to have Andy and Nick really have a chance that they should not have let Andy ruin her friendship with Gail for nothing. I use to like Sam and Andy but seeing her with Nick I love that relationship, now it seems like a gimmick them being together. Will they fix Andy and Gail?

  6. chris says:

    Great interview! My favourite line about sam/andy ” slow burn to make sure that they can make it work this time.” Mcswarek are going to work this time!!!!! And i’m looking forward for the other storylines too!

  7. Diane says:

    Pulling for Sam and Andy.

  8. Sarah says:

    I’m glad I waited a year to see you end my favorite relationship in 10 seconds. Thanks. And can I just be technical…if Chloe had her neck operated on, should she really have been moving all over the place??? I mean, there was a “serious” blood clot there. Don’t give me details if you aren’t going to respect the continuum and reality of them!!!

    • ANON R says:

      It was pretty ridiculous how fast Chloe and Sam recovered from being shot.

    • Deb says:

      That is what my friends and I were saying. The writers spent a lot of time making Nick a viable option, only to totally trivialize their relationship by the quick dump. It was quicker than being dumped by a text message. It was so OOC. Andy has always been compassionate. That break up was brutal. It was a slap in the face McCollins fans who waited forever.

      • Erin says:

        Waited forever? Lol relax they had sex for3 weeks it was never supposed to be some epic romance.

      • Evelyn says:

        Nick and Andy were never meant to be anything more than a growing opportunity for Andy. For her to see what she wants. Same as Marlo was for Sam. Neither Marlo nor Nick were ever created to really be a true option for the Sam and Andy characters. The writers were clear about it from the onset. They said that Sam and Andy are the umbrella relationship of the series and that in s4 the goal was to have both characters grow and change enough to be in a place to win each other back later. That relationship was over before it started and was clearly over when Andy told Sam she loved him at the end of s4. Also I will never understand why Nick fans would want him with a women was would never be capable of loving him.

    • ANNA says:

      “I’m glad I waited a year to see you end my favorite relationship in 10 seconds.” PREACH! I could not agree more. And then on top of that Nick is invisible in the next episode! I need more closure. The VEST, the vest people, I haven’t forgotten. I’d like some answers.

      • Kira says:

        Tassie Cameron was asked on Twitter what Nick wrote and she answered “Whatever happens, it was worth it.”

        • ANNA says:

          Hey that’s cool to know I guess, I still wish they’s give McCollins fans their due though a legit medium. But thanks for filling me in!

          • Kira says:

            Glad I could help :) I may not be a McCollins shipper but I know what its like when your fave couple tanks

  9. Emily says:

    Haven’t been so annoyed with a character since Jimmy from Smash and that was terrible. Let’s hope he’s not around long. They have more and definitely better characters to focus on, like Chris and the new crazy girl. That will be interesting to watch play out.

  10. ANON R says:

    Officer Lunchbox all the way.

  11. Diz says:

    Great couple of episodes. Duncan can leave now thanks.

  12. Jerri says:

    Yeah, I think I’m done with Rookie Blue.

  13. Tammy says:

    I have watched rookie blue from the beginning. I actually just purchased and rewatched all four seasons online in the last 8 days. I must say….tonight’s season premiere was a huge disappointment. The chemistry is gone. The close bonds the characters had the first four seasons is gone. It wasnt the small details that some are complaining about, it was just the entire show. I didn’t read anything online before watching it. And I feel like I waited a year for this amazing premiere, that fell flat. I like where the plot seems to be going, minus poor Nick being alone, and I dont know if you changed writers, but the spark is gone. I’ll continue to watch, but I sure hope someone out there reads the viewer comments. Maybe you can turn this ship around before it hits an iceberg. After all, you wouldnt have a show without loyal viewers.

    • Keri says:

      I completely agree with you! This season has been a let down for me so far. Hopefully it will pick up soon.

  14. rebecca says:

    Well, that explains what happened to Gail’s hair.

  15. Kira says:

    So happy Sam and Andy are slowly working there way back to each other!!! I think Sam finally realized if he wants to be with the woman he loves he has to make changes. Doesn’t mean it will happen overnight but I think he’ll do whatever it takes to be with Andy.
    I’ve never been a huge fan of Nick and the new webisode reinforced why. Nick doesn’t think he did anything wrong when it came to Gail. Of course Nick isn’t solely to blame. Gail messed up plenty on her own. Apparently its ok to fall for one of your girlfriends friends and even flirt with her in front of your girlfriend. He just expected to continue dating Gail while he sorted out his feelings for Andy. In his mind Gail cheating null and voids his emotional cheating. Just blows my mind how everybody screams how great of a guy he is and can’t even muster up an I’m sorry to someone who he has hurt not once but twice. He doesn’t even seem to feel bad about what he did. And considering how long he’s known and cared for Gail you would expect him to feel just a little bad.

    • Dmav says:

      Exactly, people keep suggesting that Nick is the good guy and Sam is the typical bad boy BUT Nick can be and had been a complete ass when he wants something. Gail wasn’t an angel but he was downright awful to her. I don’t get how people can just overlook that. What I don’t want is Andy and Gail to make nice now, Andy screwed up their friendship over a guy that never was “the one” for her, she knew it and went ahead with it anyway. Most women would not forgive that easily.

      • ANNA says:

        Gail is the one who cheated on him.

        • Kira says:

          And there’s no excuse for her cheating. Gail was completely wrong to do that but her cheating doesn’t negate what he did. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t feel bad about hurting her….again.

        • Dmav says:

          Yes she did and she paid for it. The point myself and others are trying to make is Nick cheated emmitionly on Gail with her friend and rubbed it in her face and doesn’t see that he did anything wrong. He isn’t exactly Mr, Nice guy as many see him.

          • ANNA says:

            I see your point but from what I remember of their break up scene he did apologize for liking Andy and told Gail he hoped he could love Gail through his feelings for Andy- something they showed all season. So he really was “too nice” of a guy to admit what was happening and break up with Gail- he was trying to do the “right thing” by working through it, probably because he felt so bad about hurting her the first time. That’s how it came across to me. But Nick is certainly paying for his decisions now. He’s basically the new Luke.

          • Deb says:

            You do realize that Sam was emotionally cheating on Marlo.

          • darlene gurd says:

            I’ve never cared for Gail. I am in love with Swarek and, really glad he and Andy might make it work. Nick slipped “in the back door” and, if he gets his heart broke it’s on him.

    • bristow3269 says:

      Thank You my sentiments exactly.

  16. DougW says:

    Loved Duncan. Reminded how Gail is probably the least likable character on television. Did feel Andy backed away from Sam too quickly at the end. If his almost dying isn’t enough to make her go for it, what is? You can only play these on/off relationships for so long before the audience gives up. “Castle” is a good example of how to get your leads together without really changing the show.

  17. Sparky says:

    Shame that ABC won’t do another couple of double episodes to catch up with Global so that it doesn’t ruin what’s happening!!! Good episodes though…..we all know McSwarek is end game.

  18. ANNA says:

    Andy is a damn fool for not picking Nick. He is fine. Can Peter Mooney be on all the shows I watch please? I can’t believe they would ever say anything like “we’re not ready to get rid of him yet” wth? they’re basically going to have nick doing nothing all season because he’s not with Andy. lame. so lame.

  19. mari says:

    I love sam and andy and i can’t wait to see what happen next with them! And i’m happy that they’ll keep around steve and holly

  20. CHH says:

    I have been a fan of this show since the beginning but Duncan is the worst character they have ever cast. He needs to go like yesterday. Nick is the man, Andy was so happy with him. The breakup seemed so rushed. Not a fan of these two episode.

  21. ANNA says:

    Also, what about Marlow? I know she was no one’s favorite character but aren’t she and Sam still a couple? Was there ever a break up?

  22. Shaun says:

    Why not just let Charlotte change hair color?I assume she bleached it or whatever.

    • Eliza says:

      If she’s been bleaching it then her hair is already damaged so changing it to her natural color wouldn’t get rid of the existing damage just stop more from occurring, so she needed to cut it. Hopefully she found a better way to keep it the right color so she doesn’t keep damaging it, but keeping it short means you are cutting hair off before it gets too horribly damaged.

      I think it was good that they wrote it in instead of giving her a wig the whole first episode and then in the second, which happens a few weeks later (I’m assuming based on how much Sam and Chloe healed and also because those episodes were clearly not made to be one long premiere (see Canadian airings) and they just aired two to catch up a little), have it short without any explanation.

  23. Fran says:

    This season is a bit of a disappointment after last year’s awesome season. I wish they would stop wasting time resuscitating the Sam and Andy relationship. It’s like flogging a dead horse. Also I really don’t give a crap about Chloe and would much rather see the other characters on my TV screen. I hope they can come up with a decent story for Nick. It was a mistake of the writers to regress to the Sam and Andy drama, but if they gave some of their other terrific characters like Dov, Traci, Gail, Oliver or Nick more screen time and interesting stories, then at least that would redeem the show. It’s also too bad that we lost Luke. Right now, I’m most interested in the Duncan story and traci and steve. I also love the interactions between Oliver and Gail.

    • Salina says:

      Regress? It’s been about them from the very beginning. Tassie has always said they are end game. Last season was about growth for both Sam and Andy, so they can both be better for each other.

  24. Gerry Haines says:

    Andy was too easy on Duncan, he needed Sam or Oliver for a shift or two, to set him straight.

  25. Alex says:

    A lesbian sex scene? How desperate is the producer of Rookie Blue,my last episode,there is a gay channel where this show should be.
    Or watch porno for lesbian sceens

    Pity to ruin a goog show.

  26. marga says:

    Gracias por deshacerse del McCollins. Era tan irreal. RB es McSwarek, pasado, presente y futuro.

  27. Ralonda says:

    No I dnt feel bad for Nick because he let himself fall for Andy knowing where Andy’s heart was. Sarah is melding where she shouldn’t and Sam will address that issue soon. Andy and Sam will survive her attacks on his character.

  28. Meredith says:

    So disappointed they put Sam and Andy back together. He treated her horribly last season; using her to lie and cover up for his current girlfriend and getting upset when she challenged that. They have had such an unhealthy relationship I was really hoping it was over. It makes me lose some respect for Andy since she is generally pretty smart and self-aware. I’ll continue watching for the other relationships and dynamics, but this one is going to have to work really hard to win me over.

  29. PaulC says:

    Loved the show, esp Traci/Steve and Gail/Holly.

  30. Salina says:

    I, for one, am very happy with the season premier! I think the writers and producers of this show do a tremendous job! They picked an amazing cast as well!

    I love how Sam is realizing he doesn’t want to waste any more time, he wants to be with Andy and he knows he has to make necessary changes for that to happen. Both of them do.
    And I can’t feel sorry for Nick when he’s had to have known where Andy’s heart is. She chops never define what her and Nick had.

    I do wish ABC would play more double episodes to catch up to Global. They are about to air the epic 5×6 episode!

  31. fatalsin says:

    Since Canada has been watching this since May its been up online for weeks…. hard to remember back to the premiere… why cant everyone have it at the same time… makes it hard to contain spoilers!!! lol

  32. Jo Ann Herndon-Wright says:

    I watch this because of Andy and Sam ! If they break up it’s over for me !also talked with a lot of people that feel the same way !

  33. mel says:

    love the show…its entertainment folks!

  34. gina says:

    I loved the episodes. I want to see Sam and Andy work this time around. Sure Nick is nice enough but Andy doesn’t care for him like she does Sam. She LOVES Sam.She didn’t want to hurt Nick but staying with someone b/c she didn’t want to hurt him is not fair to anyone. Sam/Andy maybe more work but that’s because they are worth it. All the best couples are more work! I can’t wait to see them work at it this season. Sam and Andy was the only direction that made sense!

  35. Jo Ann Herndon-Wright says:

    Yes she scared me ! I watch it because I want to see Andy and Sam together ! If they break up I won’t watch it any more ! This is my favorite program ! Want Andy and Sam to stay together ! Now craze about the two gay women ! Little bit much , but love Andy and Sam ! When SAMs she left and made her statement I felt sick !

  36. Shiela kerr says:

    Did not enjoy the double episode at all. Will not be watching the show any longer

  37. Sunflower says:

    I really feel bad for Nick he honestly didn’t deserve it – but I think he always knew Andy still had feels for Sam. But I think Sam needs a lot of therapy to actually become the person Andy will need.

  38. May says:

    Indeed, after I have watched the episode 1 & 2. I’m intended to stop watching Rookie Blue season 5 as I really like Nick to go with Andy instead of Sam. But after I have read what the writer said. So I will wait for the second half of this season with my full expectation to see Nick & Andy are get happy ending together.

  39. Kiren says:

    I’m the type that would ususally stick with Sam/Andy til the end but there’s a spark with Nick and Andy that I was really enjoying, Sam lost that when he chose Marlo and disregarded Andy too many times. I wish i felt the same as I did in seasons 1-3 but I don’t root for Sam/Andy anymore.


  41. Pookie 12 says:

    So upset to see Gail, Charlotte Sullivan, playing the role as a lesbian… me and my family will not be watching those love scenes, makes me want to puck!!! I know that ABC is very liberal, but they just keep pushing the button further and further. Why can’t this just be a good cop show, like Blue Bloods, without the taboo sexuality!!!

  42. Pookie 12 says:

    Liked Rookie Blues until Gail changed sides [sexually]- why couldn’t the show just be a good ole cop show, as the name suggests?! Watched last week and when it got to the part where Gail was going to make out with her GIRLFRIEND, I couldn’t watch, made me SICK! YUK! YUK! YUK!!! I know ABC is a very liberal TV station, but if none of us speak up against these things where will they stop????

    • Laurel says:

      Ditto, I even like the new guy Duncan he brings a good deal of humor. But do not like the lesbian crap, I feel like society forces that on way too much, please not rookie blue too! I had to fast forward that lesbian scene, my husband did not like it either!

  43. Phantom says:

    I love this show……also feel that the relationship with Sam and Andy is a “soul-mate” type….they were meant to be….will only take time to repair what has been done. I love all the characters and their roles. They are all great actors and good in their respective roles. Interested in seeing what happens to Gail now that she heard what Holly told her friends. Don’t like Wes……you can tell that he will be major trouble this season. What a good show!

  44. Laurel says:

    yes I feel very bad for Nick, I am hoping Andy will regret her decision to break things off with Nick, maybe even give him a second chance, I did not like them at first now am missing Andy and Nick. I hope I am not the only one!

  45. kimmii says:

    I just started rookie blue season 1 last week and just caught up to season 5 now, and waiting for episodes to air from the states and get on google play australia, I have to say I wasnt sure if I would like rookie blue but I was surprised how much I liked it….. hooked on the show, I absolutely love sam n andy, the chemistry theses actors and characters have towards each other shows on screenand im desperately hoping they get together, not a fan of Duncan as im only up to 5×2 and so far his character is driving me crazy. Ha! But im excited to see what happens for andy and sam.

  46. gemma says:

    I think it has been a fantastic start to the season! And I’m so glad Sam and Andy are sorting it out as I was starting to lose hope….. Fantastic series xx Gem, Bristol, UK

    • Rking says:

      Why is everyone so high on Nick. Did not just leave Gail then come back 4yrs. later and thought he could just walk back in (really) ?

      • Gerry Haines says:

        I so agree, Nick is over, so is Marlo, why is that so hard to except. It always has been Andy and Sam, with some spaces, but Nick is not this hero, he destroyed Gail, and was not fair to Andy, left her tell Gail, no gut to tell Gail himself.

  47. lisa says:

    Sam an andy?? Bak to boring wont b watchin nomor

  48. Barb Thomson says:

    season 5 is awesome from E1 to E9 in Canada of course.I’ve been a fan since season 1 and am definitely a McSwarek fan all the way. Both Andy and Sam have grown and so has their love for 1 another. E6 – 2 truths and a lie 2 scenes in the truck with Sam being fearful to disclose his dark secret to Andy as she may leave him once again. Andy challenges him so she can get to know more about him was so well done.Emotions ++ when they both declared their love for each other in the same episode!
    Do NOT like the 2 new characters-Duncan is a coward and deceitful ! Jarvis is a controller and very rude.
    Loving the increased screen time for Oliver as the new acting SS in a white shirt. He’s doing a great job.
    Nick has now met the new mystery woman at a corner store -Erin K. may become his new love interest?
    Compliments to the music crew members of their choice of background songs for all the episodes of S5-excellent and moving!
    Writers, discontinue the 3some “couples” somewhat as it is your reputation to continually have conflict/challenges that not all RB fans want. Leave McSwarek ‘s couple alone as both are very happy together and that I believe the majority of viewers want.

  49. Trina says:

    Don’t wreck with Sam & Andy? Let them be the strong couple. Keep Margo with the bad guys.
    I also hate having to wait until next summer to finish watching Season 5.

    • Gerry Haines says:

      Thoroughly disgusted with the Sam and Andy treatment, seems like they push them beyond normal, we have suffered through 4, 5, so far has been decent, then you bring Marlo and the rest of her motives back to destroy them again. Enough is enough, could have taken some jealousy, but to destroy them the way you did is horrible.

      • Barb Thomson says:

        I totally agree with your comments Gerry. I can’t believe that the 3 writers continue to create the triangle affect and bring Marlo back in to a loving couples lives once again. Sam and Andy’s love for each other is reflected on screen so strongly it’s powerful! I suspect that Marlo plotted to get back the man she loves at whatever cost. She’s irresponsible, a devious and a selfish person by not using birth control.I don’t even like hearing her voice!

  50. Patti says:


    • Gerry Haines says:

      Barb, and Patti, so see the ruining of Sam and Andy, one more time, to the point that it is beyond, can we not just see a happy couple. If they didn’t make it so real, no one would be bothered, but they have a fan base that would almost go through fire for this romance, and they continue to destroy it time after time.

      • jbthomson2014 says:

        Gerry, I believe that Sam and Andy have the strength and love to overcome another HUGE obstacle that is pending in the upcoming 11 episodes next summer. I’m truly disappointed with the writers leaving us hanging once again with the 3–triangle affect! Maybe it’s because there are 3 main creative writers, Tassie C, Ellen V., And Morwyn B.and can’t think of the #2 instead– a happy couple = Andy and Sam.
        I have read in the past that Tassie C. stated that the end game is that Sam and Andy will
        have a happy ending and Andy will have her dream wedding with Sam. Here’s hoping eh?