Hart of Dixie's Scott Porter Previews George and Lemon's Future, 'Huge' Season Finale Cliffhanger

Hart Of Dixie Season FinaleSomething big is going down in Bluebell tonight — several somethings, actually. Hart of Dixie‘s season finale (The CW, 8/7c) promises major pay offs for the town’s many hopeless romantics, Scott Porter tells TVLine, adding that the episode’s “last five minutes” will set DVRs ablaze.

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Below, Porter previews the season finale “shenanigans,” including the new “spark” in George’s relationship with Lemon, as well as the “huge cliffhanger” that will leave Dixie fans anxious for the show’s fourth — and potentially final — season.

TVLINE | It seems all possibility for a George/Zoe romance has been squashed. Were you surprised by that decision, considering how much history they have?
I think if we had a feeling we were going to be around for seven seasons, you’d see more of the Zoe/George relationship, but they would probably reach the same conclusion. We just went ahead and figured it out a little earlier so we could refocus the show going into the fourth season, what may be our final season. We wanted to make sure the writers and actors were on the same page, and it makes complete sense, character-wise.

Hart Of Dixie Season FinaleEver since Season 1, there have been these forbidden fruit-type feelings between Zoe and George. They were never single at the same time and never available to each other. And that’s enticing to someone. Over the course of time, things never worked out for them, and it seemed like fate was trying to tell them something. So even when they were both single, they were tired of playing the game. They realized they need each other, but not in an intimate way as much as a friendship way. They’re a support system for each other, and I think it’s the right move. I also think we delivered it in a way for fans, even ones who were hoping Zoe and George would get together, could enjoy. I look forward to seeing more of them as friends.

TVLINE | That leaves the door wide open for Wade to make his move. Do you think George will, or would, be supportive of that?
You have to remember that George and Wade have been the best of friends since they were kids. George has always wanted to push Wade, and you see frustration from George sometimes. He was there the night Wade decided to cheat on Zoe, and he was not happy about it. He wants Wade to be happy, but he also wants Wade to realize his value and his worth. I think he realizes that Wade is reaching his full potential when he’s with Zoe. Ever since he met her, he’s become a business man and taken on more responsibility. He’s become the man George always knew he could be. I don’t think George will have an issue with those two moving forward. George has his own problems. [Laughs]

Hart Of Dixie Season FinaleTVLINE | That’s putting it mildly. What can we expect in the finale between George and Lemon now that he’s redeveloping feelings for her?
I don’t know if it’s quite “redeveloping.” These feelings have been dormant for a long time. When their relationship was fractured in Season 1 — between the affair and the wedding — that was just the two of them not being ready as individuals to be married at that point. They’d been together for 15 years and had never grown into mature adults who knew what they wanted out of life. They were both muted in different ways; Lemon didn’t have a job, while George was very successful, but was just an idiot when it came to relationships. Now that they’ve both grown and become complete people, these feelings they’ve had are starting to spark again. Anyone yearns for that type of closure; could this work now? We weren’t the greatest couple then, but can something be salvaged from those times we had together?

TVLINE | And you know we love a good cliffhanger. Will things be left open-ended for George this season?
You can expect a huge cliffhanger for George. The same with Zoe and Wade and Lavon. We’ve been hurtling towards a number of things in the last third of the season, which will definitely pay off. We’re thrilled to be heading into Season 4, because everything we’ve put in motion will really pay off next season. It’s going to be a season finale to remember. And that’s just in the last five minutes. Getting there is a whole adventure of shenanigans in a typical Blue Bell, Alabama, fashion.

Dixie fans, what are you hoping to see on tonight’s season finale? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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