Grey's Anatomy Finale Recap: The Goodbye Girl

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Finale Sandra OhAlthough the 10th season finale of Grey’s Anatomy will always be remembered – sniffle – as Cristina’s swan song, “Fear (of the Unknown)” also sets up some intriguing conflicts for the series’ return in the fall. Shall we run through them? Let’s!

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PARTING IS SUCH SWEET SORROW | As the hour begins, Cristina is leaving Owen’s following a passionate pre-goodbye to pick up a European cell phone charger at the mall… which, shortly thereafter, is the site of a huge explosion! So, for the next (what seems like an) eternity, he – and we – are left to worry that maybe she’s been hurt or worse. But – whew! – she’s fine. Not only does she show up at Grey Sloan to pitch in with the influx of patients, she orders the newly available heart for Link’s transplant delivered in the middle of the chaos. “I just need something to feel finished,” she explains. Finally, she asks Mer to help her. She can’t leave on her own, she needs a push, which her person provides. After hugging Derek and exchanging a heartbreaking look with Owen as he’s wrist-deep in intestines, Cristina bids adieu to Richard and Bailey. Just then, Shane comes running up, threatening to badger his teacher until she allows him to come to Zurich with her. Okay, then. Outside, Cristina is surprised to discover that Mer has already called her a cab. Except Mer didn’t call it – it’s Link’s heart arriving! Naturally, Cristina wants to stay and perform the operation. But Mer won’t let her. Russell’s replacement, Maggie, can do Link’s transplant. Even after Mer gets Cristina into the cab, she hesitates. “Whad’ya need, an ‘I love you’?” she asks. “I love you.” And with that, off Cristina goes. Briefly. Before you know it, she’s back again. “We have to dance it out,” she tells Mer. “That’s how we finish.” So the BFFs boogie, Cristina gives Mer a list of instructions (including how often to mock Alex) and reminds her that she doesn’t have to move to D.C. just because Derek wants to. “He’s very dreamy,” Cristina acknowledges. “But he’s not the sun. You are.” Then and only then does Cristina leave. And happily, at the episode’s close, we get one last look at her in her fancy new office as she heads into her first staff meeting at her new hospital. She isn’t gonna be just fine, she’s gonna be amazeballs.

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SPLIT DECISION | Off her last conversation with Cristina, Mer tells Derek that she can’t sign the papers that will secure their townhouse in Washington. Actually, it’s not that she can’t, she doesn’t want to. (Big distinction.) Refusing to be her father, “a trailing spouse,” she draws a line in the sand and says she’s staying put. Derek, of course, is furious. There’s nothing that she can do in Seattle, he suggests, that she can’t do in D.C. But, she counters, her life is in Seattle, and she isn’t going to leave it. Period. No, exclamation point. Your move, McDreamy.

KID STUFF | After Arizona delivers a surrogate mother’s baby, she and Callie share a light-bulb moment that suggests that they may still have another child. Catherine, of all people, reassures April when the threat of terrorism makes her wonder how she’ll ever raise a kid in this crazy world. And, out of nowhere, Maggie mentions to Richard that she’s adopted and that her late biological mother’s name is all over the hospital. Who was she? he asks. Ellis Freakin’ Grey!

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BUSINESS AS UNUSUAL | Although Bailey’s day starts off in the crapper – Jackson reveals that budget cuts are shutting down her genome lab – it gets markedly better: Richard informs her that he’s recommending her for Cristina’s vacated seat on the board! Unfortunately for Bailey, Alex discovers that Cristina has left him a helluva parting gift: her seat on the board and her shares in Grey Sloan!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the Cristina’s goodbye? Will Derek move to D.C. without Meredith? Hit the comments!

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