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Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on S.H.I.E.L.D., Castle, Once, Bones, Major Crimes, Dallas and More

Agents of SHIELD Season 2 SpoilersIs S.H.I.E.L.D. necessarily in good hands? Did Castle‘s pop play a role in his wedding day detour? Did Once Upon a Time reignite a rivalry? How explosive is the Bones finale? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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I am dying for any scoop on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Please tell me you have something. –Dee
As a matter of fact, just as the season finale faded to black on Tuesday night, we asked Clark Gregg about Coulson’s plum new job title. “It’s a very important gig,” he acknowledged. “I saw it [Monday] night for the first time myself, and I got choked up watching it. As someone who grew up reading the S.H.I.E.L.D. comics, I kind of couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It is a big deal” — especially given the second post-credits scene, which suggested that all is not right in Coulson’s mind. “I think it’s interesting that Director Fury gave Agent Coulson this job, given that he still has GH-325 pumping through him,” Gregg observed. “We don’t know 100 percent what he is, but we’ll see what happens. It’ll be an exciting Season 2.”

Should we worry about Booth and Brennan’s marriage after the Bones finale (airing Monday)? –Maria
Um, maybe? “There’s a huge thing that happens at the end… that we’re not going to tell you about, but it changes everything — not only between Booth and Brennan, but also with Booth’s job, possibly Brennan’s job – I mean, everything,” Emily Deschanel warns. Adds scene partner David Boreanaz: “There is a lot of destructive forces that could come upon us, and we find out that there’s more to it than what meets the eye…. It puts [Booth and Brennan] in a different place, for sure.”

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Is there now going to be tension again between Once Upon a Time’s Emma and Regina? They developed so well this season! –Tass
While Jennifer Morrison concurs that it was “cool and interestingg” to explore “this idea of these adversaries finding common ground to save Henry,” she also says, “It makes sense that we’re going back to a place where these two women are going to be adversaries.” Surveying Emma’s bit of time travel tampering, she adds, “Emma definitely wants Regina to be with Robin, and she never would have intentionally done anything to hurt that. But she’d also never let someone die in the circumstance that [Marian] was in. So it’s one of those situations where doing the right thing is going to have terrible repercussions. But I think it’s good for the show. We should have conflict between Regina and Emma, because that’s where the show got its feet in the first place,”

Besides Elsa, can we expect other Frozen characters to show up on Once Upon a Time? Maybe a CGI Olaf? –Heather
I like warm hugs and my sons and I love Olaf, so I was sure to ask Adam and Eddy precisely that: Do you wanna build a CGI snowman? They responded with a laugh, followed by a firm, “No comment.”

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In the new season of Major Crimes (premiering June 9), is there a chance for a deeper development of a friendship between Sharon and Andy? If yes, is there a chance for anything romantic? –Ilona
“Theyre getting closer…,” Tony Dennison, who plays Det. Flynn, told me this morning. “I don’t really know the specific details about how it will progress, but it seems like it is progressing. I mean, they’re been going out for dinners and stuff, so….” Hmm, yeah. Tell that to my OKCupid match-ups :-/

Do you have any spoilers on The Vampire Diaries and on The Originals and on Pretty Little Liars? –Nancy
Spaulding, you’ll get nothing but PLL and like it! I’m hearing that the Liars are heading back to Radley Sanitarium — and they’ve got company. A Season 5 episode will introduce viewers to “Big Rhonda,” a 19-year-old patient described as “unkempt, disruptive and unsettling.” Somehow I don’t see her fitting into the girls’ inner circle.

It wasn’t right how Castle Season 6 ended, but I do believe it has something to do with Castle’s dad. Is he going to make an appearance in Season 7? –Nola
When I asked show boss Andrew W. Marlowe if he had in mind a third beat for the Jackson Hunt/Spy Daddy storyline, he said, “There’s always stuff floating in the back of our minds, but it all depends on [James] Brolin’s availability and finding a story that makes sense and honors the characters.” So I myself am speculating no, Castle’s dad was not involved in that finale twist.

Any spoilers for Sons of Anarchy? –William
There’ll be a new sheriff in town as the seventh and final season gets underway. (R.I.P., Eli.) The FX series is casting the recurring role of Alice Johnson, a fit, Caucasian 40something who’s serious about her work but also boasts an edgy humor.

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OK, the Nashville finale promo is driving me mad. Please tell me Rayna doesn’t get engaged to Luke. –S.D.
Will Chase, who will become a series regular in Season 3, played it right down the middle when we felt him out about just that. “Oh, you know TV — it could be yes and it could be no. Or I could be in a car crash and all of a sudden be, like, evil,” he shared with a laugh. “My gut says that Luke and Rayna will end up [together], but you never know.” And yet, we’d think he knows, right?

What did Orphan Black‘s Mrs S. mean when she said she knew “what” Sarah is? –Claire
That is the million-dollar question the latest episode left us with, but Maria Doyle Kennedy won’t disclose any deets. “I do feel that she has a lot more information than anybody realizes,” she says. After parting ways with Carlton all those years ago, “I think she went to investigate as much as she could everything surrounding Carlton and Sarah and their lives together in order to protect herself, so that she would have as much information as she could,” the actress ventures. “That way she was always one move ahead of anybody who might be coming after her.”

Do you have any scoopDallas_Threesome yet on the next half of Dallas Season 3? Will Pamela get back at John Ross? –Taylor
“She’s definitely out for me,” Josh Henderson assures. “It’s been a beautiful roller coaster between her and John Ross so far, and it comes to a head pretty quickly. Once we pick back up, it gets pretty nasty.” (Speaking of “the nasty,” Henderson shared this anecdote about reading the midseason finale’s threesome scene for the first time: “I was actually pretty nervous. I was like, I’ve never done this in real life, so this is going to be ‘interesting.’ But we had fun with it, and the audience went nuts!” IOW, I think I just got an exclusive on the limits of Josh’s romantic history.)

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