Chicago Fire Finale Recap: Casey Pops the Question -- But Did Dawson Accept?

Chicago Fire Season 2 RecapRomance was in the air during Chicago Fire‘s Season 2 finale on Tuesday, as several couples took big steps in their relationships — yet it was all overshadowed by a “Is it fall yet?!” cliffhanger.

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Dawson catches on to Casey’s plans to propose after he asks her to answer his phone (bad move, dude!) and she finds out “the ring is ready.” He still manages to catch her by surprise with what seemed to be an impromptu proposal at Boden and Donna’s firehouse-set wedding. Moved by all the couple at the affair, he gets down on bended knee.

“I’m a lucky man to have you in my life. And I want to make sure we’re together forever,” he says to Dawson. Then a call comes in and everyone is summoned to duty. Casey tells Dawson not to answer. What?! Are you crazy, Casey? It’ll only take a second. At least her smile as relays the news to Shay seems to imply she was going to say yes. If only she actually had.

The call turns into a worst case scenario when no one answers Boden over the radio. Panic starts to rise in his voice. His whole team — truck, rescue, paramedics — is in the burning building as it explodes. Oh crap. So almost every character’s life is up in the air. We’re going to need to a lot of May Sweeps Scorecard slots.

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Elsewhere in the finale:

* Gabby passes her firefighter test and gets assigned to the firehouse full of sexist pigs. Casey manages to get her a spot somewhere else, but she wants to be treated like every other candidate — the jerks are “not going to break me,” she assures her boyfriend — so he rips up the transfer request.

Chicago Fire Season 2 Recap* Severide has an emotional crisis when a barely alive, badly burned boy is discovered in a room that he sweeped earlier. He takes out his feelings on Devon, exploding at her and telling her to get out of Shay’s life. Then he goes to see Lindsay and finally opens up about what’s going on. Severide is showing emotional growth and is in a healthy relationship!

* Best man Hermann manages to pull off a sweet bait-and-switch when his promise to get a church for Boden and Donna’s wedding doesn’t work out. Instead, they have the ceremony and party at the firehouse with all their friends and colleagues. And hey, it creates a meet-cute opportunity for Chicago P.D.‘s Trudy and Mouch!

* Mills asks Newhouse to look into his father’s side of the family.

Chicago Fire fans, what did you think of the explosive season ender? Who’s on your Don’t You Dare Kill Them list? Head to the comments with your thoughts and grade the episode below.

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