Resurrection Finale Recap: Grateful (Un)dead

resurrection-s1-finaleWell, Resurrection fans, Sunday night’s season finale may not have answered as many questions as you hoped. But it did solve a mystery or two, and reassured us of one thing: Sheriff Fred Langston is not one of the good guys.

Let’s recap the latest events in Arcadia (which is continuing to have its most interesting few weeks ever, no?)

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MOMMY ISSUES | Now that Maggie’s been reunited with her mom, it’s time for the two to have a talk. Y’know, just the usual chit-chat: How have you been? What’s new? How could you come back from the dead and not tell me? Barbara confesses that if she went to see Maggie, she’d have to see Sheriff Langston, too, and she just couldn’t bring herself to do that. Why? There’s a side of her dad that Maggie doesn’t know, in the “cruel and dark” sense. But Maggie can’t quite forgive her mom’s infidelity, and it’s not until later in the episode that Maggie — and the rest of us — come around to believing that the sheriff is up to something.

BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO | Later, Sheriff Langston is finally reunited with Maggie’s mother, and immediately apologizes for his mistakes in the past. But it’s too little, too late for Barbara: She tells Fred that their marriage is over — am I the only one who thought, Duh? — and that she’s been staying with Sam ever since she returned. And although Fred says he respects his wife’s decision to part ways, his choice to put that ol’ wedding band back on his finger sends another message.

SEVEN NATION ARMY | As the number of Returned hits more than 250, Agent Bellamy calls his boss for a little help… and she delivers the U.S. Army, who come to Arcadia bearing plenty of food and supplies for the formerly deceased. But this doesn’t exactly fly with Sheriff Langston, who moves the efforts to Arcadia’s high school gym and plans to keep all the Returned locked in there like caged animals — after all, he does believe they’re not human. “We need to protect the living,” the sheriff tells Col. Stone. “Not the dead.” Suspecting something’s up, Bellamy pulls the fire alarm and allows a few dozen of the Returned to escape, which prompts Sheriff Langston to free Gary — remember him? The dude that killed Rachael last week? — from jail, asking him to round up those who got away. Later at the gym, Maggie refuses to comply with the Army’s questioning, and she walks away in zip ties. (My personal, meaningless award for Zinger of the Night goes to Maggie, who responded to her father’s offer to help with, “Haven’t you done enough?” You go, Maggie.)

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THE LOST BOY | At Henry and Lucille’s house, the newly returned Thompsons are recounting the vicious flood that took their lives many years ago. And, as it turns out, they lost something else on that fateful day: their son, Robert, who they hope is still alive. His most distinguishing feature is a crescent-shaped birthmark on the back of his neck. As the situation at the school gym intensifies, Bellamy tells the Langstons that Jacob is not safe. While Jenny and her parents go to stay with Pastor Tom’s ex-wife and her sister, Bellamy takes Jacob and the two speed off, out of Arcadia. Well… sort of. They make it to the edge of town before they’re stopped by an enormous valley of dead bugs, then cornered by helicopters and SUVs. And what’s that we see on Bellamy’s neck before the credits roll? A crescent-shaped birthmark! (Ten points to you if you totally called that in the middle of the episode!)

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the Resurrection finale? What questions would you have liked to see answered? Grade the season ender via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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