Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Big Bang, Castle, Once, Arrow, Good Wife, NCIS, Reign, Glee and More

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Question: Got any Glee scoop — preferably Klaine-related? —Erin
Ausiello: Their transition to same-coastal living will continue to prove rocky. Loosely translated by Chris Colfer: “We pretty much fight up until the end of this season.” And Colfer wouldn’t have it any other way. “I love it whenwe fight,” confesses the actor, whose Glee script-writing debut airs next week. “It’s funny, the fans get upset with me when I say things like this, but we’re actors. That’s why we go to work, for the drama. I’m very happy when there’s some drama with them.”

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Question: Anything on The Big Bang Theory finale? I’ll take anything! – Elli
Ausiello: Even though Laura Spencer’s Emily doesn’t appear in the May 15 season-ender, “there will be quite a bit of discussion about Raj and Emily,” teases exec producer Steve Molaro, who adds that the penultimate episode on May 8 features “a really, really beautiful scene” between Spencer and Kunal Nayyar that was completed “in one take… They were both so great in it and were so natural. And there was so much chemistry. [The scene] was done, and we moved on.”

TBBTQuestion: Greetings from Germany! Do you have any scoops for The Big Bang Theory? —Felix
Ausiello: Not sure if this is out there, but the aforementioned May 15 finale marks the return of Christine Baranski as Leonard’s mother, Beverly. Rumor has it she once again pays her son a visit via Skype.

Question: Any scoop on The Good Wife? —Renee
Ausiello: The May 18 finale ends on a cliffhanger-ish note. “It’s not a cliffhanger in that, ‘Oh, which way is Alicia going to choose?’ explains EP Robert King of the professional dilemma awaiting the show’s leading lady. “It’s more a cliffhanger in that, ‘Oh, NOW what does that mean? That’s an interesting decision.’ It’s a cliffhanger of a new chapter opening in Alicia’s life.”

Question: Did the election-rigging storyline on The Good Wife die with Will? —George
Ausiello: It’s not dead, it’s just resting comfortably. Shares King: “Never say never, but at least for this season, Will’s [death] got Peter off the hook, which is playing into some of Alicia’s angst about Peter. But that doesn’t mean [it won’t] come back, because things tend to — especially for the Governor of Illinois.”

Question: Is this the last we’ve seen of Enchanted Forest flashbacks during that missing year on Once Upon a Time? Are we supposed to believe that Regina spent an entire year living under the same roof as Robin Hood and never saw that tattoo? —Nina
Ausiello: Whether in flashback — or not — it sounds like there are definite blanks to be filled in on the Outlaw Queen front. As Once co-creator Adam Horowitz teases, “The Regina/Hood relationship will be further explored and tested through the rest of the season.”

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Question: Ausiello! Please tell me you have some scoop on Chicago P.D.! —Sarah
Ausiello: Sarah! I do! A blast from Lindsay’s past (played by The Lost Boys’ Billy Wirth) shows up in the May 7 episode to uncover a bit of the detective’s troubled history. “Everybody wants answers as to where she comes from. How dark was her past? What did she go through? What did she see?” previews her portrayer Sophia Bush. “The person who shows up will give the audience a little information about where she comes from. It throws her in a way that we’ve never seen her thrown before.” The aftereffects will reverberate through the May 21 season finale, in which Lindsay has to “confront her past, not just sweep it under the rug, but do the right thing. Past Lindsay and Present Lindsay really have to learn how to coexist in the finale. She gets tested.”

Question: Any scoop on NCIS‘ Tony-centric episode? — Mary Kate
Ausiello: The season’s penultimate hour is no less than Michael Weatherly’s “favorite episode in a long time, one where I got to do some other things,” the actor told Matt Mitovich during a extended Q&A that will post next week. As DiNozzo escorts an admiral’s daughter (played by Boardwalk Empire alum Meg Chambers Steedle) from Marseilles, France, to the States, Weatherly promises, “Charade-style fun — sort of like Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn on the run.”

Question: Castle, please! Anything you have from Castle will be good! –Sophia
Ausiello: How about putting a face to the man who just might (might!) officiate at the long-awaited wedding? Randy Oglesby — who judging by his IMDb resume has played many a clergyman — will guest-star in the finale as the minister at a small-town church in Upstate New York.

ArrowQuestion: Huge Arrow fan over here (i mean, who isn’t?) and it keeps getting better and better! What can you tell us about Sara aka Canary? — Catarina
Ausiello: Rest assured that, despite the way she high-tailed it out of town after breaking up with Oliver,  she will be back in time for the May 14 finale — and she won’t come back alone. (See photo, right.) “It’s good — really good,” Caity Lotz told us of the season ender. “It was a lot of fun to shoot, so I think it will be a lot of fun to watch.”

Question: Nashville‘s concert special piqued my interest in Chaley Rose. Got anything on whether Zoey will have a bigger part in the show next season? –Beena
Ausiello: First, I’m sure the producers of the ABC drama appreciate your optimism. (The series hasn’t been renewed yet.) And second, creator Callie Khouri tells TVLine that Zoey will get some chances for career advancement before the end of this season. But will she take them? “The opportunities that she gets are the best of times and the worst of times, in terms of keeping a relationship,” Khouri teases.

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Question: Anything on Orphan Black? —Kerry
Ausiello: The religious-y cult angle soon will get pretty freaky-deaky, Allison will impress you with her handling of an unexpected run-in and Cosima will delight you with her brief impression of Dr. Leekie.

Question: I’m shocked to say, as a former Frary fan, I’m loving Bash with Kenna on Reign! What’s next for them? —Tina
Ausiello: Speaking of being “shocked,” Tina, it sounds like French Court’s new “it” couple has a few surprises in store for us. Specifically, Kenna might soon be changing her selfish ways. “Love changes you,” executive producer Laurie McCarthy tells us. “That’s when you learn to sacrifice, so it’ll be interesting to see where that takes her.” (And yes, McCarthy did just drop the L-bomb.)

Question: Will we find out next season on Parks and Rec why Andy’s arm was in a sling in the finale? —Kim
Ausiello: Maybe. “It’s just a fun, little detail we threw in there,” explains EP Mike Schur. “I’m not a hundred percent sure whether you’re going to [learn] what happened to him or not.”

Question: Hi. UK-based Hart of Dixie fan here. Any scoop on Season 4? I know you have it as a sure thing to be cancelled, but is there any hope? —Caz Monk
Ausiello: Someone needs to take another look at the Renewal Scorecard. New intel suggests Dixie isn’t the lost cause many (yours truly included) thought it was.

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