Nashville Boss Callie Khouri: Does Scarlett's 'Really Bad Episode' Spell Disaster for Rayna?

CLARE BOWEN, CONNIE BRITTONReason to “Yeehaw!” Number 1: Patient Nashville fans, your month-long wait for a fresh episode is nearly over.

Reason to “Yeehaw!” Number 2: TVLine has the skinny on Wednesday’s all-new installment (ABC, 10/9c), courtesy of creator/executive producer Callie Khouri.

Read on to find out if Scarlett’s flown the cuckoo’s nest, if her crisis will be Rayna’s downfall and if Layla and Will will be Newlyweds: The Next Generation.

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TVLINE | Scarlett seems to be in a very bad place when we pick up with her again, and it’s not like we left her in a very good place to begin with.
She just — through a combination of pressure and whatever it was that Liam was giving her – had a really bad episode in front of a lot of people. It’s something you could probably look up on YouTube and find it with other artists. She, all along, has felt that there’s been this push/pull, wanting to perform and not wanting to perform at the same time. The crowds and the pressure make it more difficult for her.

TVLINE | Photos from the episode make it seem like she’s hospitalized. Does that happen?
They want her checked out so she does a very brief stay while they do all the tests and make sure that nothing is super wrong. The bigger problem that she has is her mother… We’ve heard a little bit about it from Deacon but more is revealed about the family that her mom and Deacon grew up in and how that affected her.CHARLES ESTEN

TVLINE | She had been drinking and taking some pills before her big breakdown on stage. Does she have a revelation that maybe she needs to stay away from that stuff, given her family history?
What she realizes — if she had any tendencies we would’ve seen them before now — so what she’s realizing is that what she did, the way she dealt with the pressure… was very much like her uncle. I don’t think she comes out of it thinking “Oh my god, I’m a drug addict” or anything like that, but she does really look at how she deals with stress and pressure, and works through some issues with her family.

TVLINE | There’s a lot of blame to be thrown around in the aftermath of Scarlett’s breakdown. Rayna is a very nurturing person, and yet Scarlett is one of her new label’s biggest investments. Can you tell me a little bit abut where Rayna’s head is at as this is all happening? 
[Rayna]  has put in a lot of time and money already with Scarlett, and to have something like this happen, especially at the point where she’s needing everything to go really well… Anything taking away from the focus of [Rayna’s new] record and the quality of it would be really detrimental, so she’s obviously acutely tuned into what’s going on with her, because it does affect her. But more than that, she’s known Scarlett since she was a little kid. She doesn’t want anything to happen to her, either.

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TVLINE | What kind of challenges are Avery and Juliette going to face as a couple as we head toward the end of the season?
Scarlett is going to lean heavily on the people she can trust, and Avery is still one of those people. It’s really stressful for Juliette to watch him in the same way that it’s stressful for Luke to see the connection [between Deacon and Rayna].

TVLINE | Also in Wednesday’s episode, Layla wants Will to agree to have a reality-show film crew follow them around. I’m assuming he doesn’t think that’s the best idea.
Right. However, like a lot of decisions he makes, he doesn’t often make the right one. I don’t want to give anything away, but he allows himself to entertain that notion very seriously.


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