Awkward's Ashley Rickards: 'Realistic' Adoption Storyline Will Reveal 'A Deeper Side of Matty'

Awkward Jenna MattyLast Tuesday’s Awkward revealed a mother of a twist for Matty (adopted much?) and star Ashley Rickards tells TVLine that the hunt for Mr. McKibben’s unquestionably flawless parentals will change everything — including his relationship with Jenna.

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“It’s a really, really good storyline and Beau [Mirchoff] kills it,” Rickards says of Matty’s impending quest. “People are going to see a deeper side of Matty. He really gets put through the ringer and it’s very realistic.”

But will Jenna and Matty’s relationship be a casualty of said ringer? All Rickards will say on the subject is that “it’s a very big growth process for both of them.”

Still, you probably shouldn’t bother lighting too many candles for Jatty, because Jenna’s about to get a jump on her college plans. And by “college plans,” I mean a college guy named Luke.

Awkward Season 4 Spoilers“They definitely get along and have some chemistry,” Rickards says of Jenna and Luke (Degrassi‘s Evan Williams), who we’ll meet later this season. “It’ll be interesting to see where that relationship goes. This guy’s a challenge for Jenna because he’s older. Emotionally, it’s a much more ‘mature’ interaction.”

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Rest assured, however, that Luke’s alleged maturity ceases to exist when the cameras stop rolling. As Rickards explains, “I throw cookies at Evan between takes.”

When Rickards isn’t launching confectionary grenades at her co-stars, she’s busy finalizing her book — Get Your Sh!t Together will be “a guide for every girl to be the best that she can be, not who everyone wants her to be” — or reflecting on last week’s directorial debut.

“I always follow the directors on set,” Rickards says. “So finally being able to put what I learned from them into practice was really exciting.”

Awkward fans, are you hoping for a Jenna/Matty reunion before the end of senior year? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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