Awkward Season 4: Showrunners Tease Jenna's New Love Triangle and Senior Year 'Tension'

Awkward Season 4 SpoilersWith Collin-gate far behind them, the kids of Palos Hills High are starting fresh in tonight’s Season 4 premiere of Awkward (MTV, 10/9c) — but don’t worry, they’re all still total train wrecks.

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TVLine spoke with new showrunners Mike Chessler and Chris Alberghini, who promise a season “fraught with tension and drama,” in addition to the show’s brand of offbeat humor. As Chessler explains, “It’s senior year, so every decision feels like it’s going to impact the rest of their lives.”

In that spirit of that “tension and drama,” let’s break this preview down couple-by-couple, shall we?

JENNA & MATTY | Last season ended with Jenna choosing to be alone, but that’ll prove to be easier said than done in Season 4. “It’s very easy to make a grand declaration about who you want to be, but it’s very hard to actually implement that,” Chessler explains. “Jenna and Matty’s emotional tie is incredibly strong, and that will continue to be the center of the show.” As for Matty’s ex Bailey, Alberghini admits, “We just didn’t know what else to do with that relationship, quite frankly. And a lot of things could have happened over the summer. Maybe Bailey wasn’t the right girl for him.”

Awkward Season 4 SpoilersJENNA & LUKE | Despite Jenna’s “emotional tie” to Matty, she will be turning her attention to college-boy Luke (Degrassi‘s Evan Williams) for a few very specific reasons. “Luke represents Jenna thinking ahead about what she’s going to be like in college,” Chessler says. “In Jenna’s eyes, he’s an adult,” Alberghini adds. “Senior year of high school, you’re pretty damn close to being an adult. There’s a lot of exploration of that subject matter.”

JAKE & TAMARA | Jillian Rose Reed already gave us her take on Jake and Tamara’s split, but here’s what Alberghini has to say about the decision to rip them apart: “When you’ve been with someone for a long time, at least in high school years, you start to evaluate what aspects of that relationship works and which aspects drive you crazy.” (And, hey, what are Jake and Tamara if not crazy?)

SADIE & AUSTIN (AND ALLY) | And then there’s Sadie. “She’ll be on a very interesting journey,” Chessler teases. “We might find out that some of the things she was representing in Season 3 are not actually true. We also love her relationship with Austin, and we’ll see more of that play out.” And fear not, Team Ally! The new showrunners say Barrett Swatek (aka Sadie’s new guardian) will also be around “as much as we can have her.”

Awkward Season 4 SpoilersFRESH MEAT | And as always, there’s room for a few new faces at Palos Hills High. “We’ve got a new female character named Eva who comes in with a huge amount of life experience, unnaturally so for a high school senior,” Alberghini teases. “She gets a lot of attention from the guys, who all want to do her, and the girls, who all want to be like her. We also have two gay characters, Theo and Cole, who are going to stir up some s**t.”

Thoughts on the new season? What are you hoping to see, and what are you afraid of? Drop a comment and let us know.

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