Castle Recap: Board Games

STANA KATIC, NATHAN FILLION(And I may have spelled a word wrong in that headline.)

So… remember how there was a Castle episode earlier this season — the ninja one — that we all assumed would be a clinker, and yet it wasn’t? In fact, it was quite good?

This was not such a situation. IOW, get here fast, “Veritas” and “For Better or Worse.”

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I’m still not entirely sure what the Case of the Week was about, or why the murder was committed. I do know that I pegged Trust Fund Kid from the get-go, just because.

We then look at this episode from the POV of character work. And on that front, you had Ryan and Esposito lobbying to be chosen as Castle’s best man, and that B-story had its mild amusements — though I wondered the whole time if, in fact, Alexis would be the ultimate pick.

And then there was the Scrabble subplot.

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Now, I often see TVLine commenters here craving some “Caskett” development that isn’t always about this wedding detail or that one. But I can’t imagine this is what anyone had in mind. Because while I “get” bestselling author Rick’s pride as a wordsmith, just as with the videogame folly of spring 2013 (which was almost exactly a year ago), this episode posited him as a guy who’d choose a Scrabble rematch over… well, the alternative. And hear me clear, I am a Scrabble nut. I once myself may have even hit the triple-word score with “QUIXOTIC.” (I call that, by the way, a “7-Letter Slam.”) The strip poker stinger, for (ahem) assorted reasons, salvaged it some, but… yeah. Hmm.

God, was there even something about an Albanian crime boss…? And Beckett’s tie…? But hey, there was some Tory.

A notable quotable:

“I used to think catching killers was pretty extreme. And now I’m marrying you….”
“Ah, yes. I admit I am extreme. Extremely handsome.”
“Yep — with a high degree of difficulty.”

What did you possibly think about “Law & Boarder”?

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