Exclusive: Big Bang Theory's Raj, Bones' Sweets Embroiled in Unorthodox Love Triangle

unnamedThe burgeoning romance between Raj and Emily on The Big Bang Theory is set to encounter a “pretty big bump” in the coming weeks, exec producer Steve Molaro shared with TVLine in our just-launched May Sweeps Scoopapalooza. But that may be nothing compared to the obstacle that awaits the couple come fall.

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You see, the actress at the center of Big Bang’s newest love story — Laura Spencer — was just cast on Fox’s Bones as a potentially long-term mate for Sweets (John Francis Daley).

May the best show win?

“We are aware [of her Bones role], and they are aware that we are using her, too,” concedes Molaro, who raves that Spencer is a “fantastic” addition to the cast, and one who will absolutely “be back next season… I’m sure it will be one of those things where we can work it out ,scheduling-wise, [with Bones] and it’ll all be OK.”

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Bones showrunner Stephen Nathan is equally enamored with the Lizzie Bennet Diaries actress, calling her “a great addition to our rotating interns.” And while Molaro insists he’s “not looking to cause any problems” for Bones, Nathan appears to be taking a more (playfully) aggressive stance. Shares the EP: “While we don’t want to fight them for her, they should remember we are very good at murder over here.”

Look for Spencer to make her Bones debut in Season 9’s penultimate episode on May 12. Her fourth Big Bang appearance, meanwhile, airs tonight (8/7c, CBS).

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