What's Next For MTV's Faking It? The Stars Talk Secrets, Sacrifices and a 'Lesbian Sherpa'

Faking It SpoilersLast night’s series premiere of Faking It ended with Hestor High’s new “it” couple solidifying their fake relationship with a public make-out session. But how long will Amy and Karma really be able to keep up this charade?

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TVLine spoke with the MTV comedy’s stars — Katie Stevens, Rita Volk and Gregg Sulkin — to find out what we can expect from the rest of the season, including which character is harboring more secrets than we know.

AMY’S ‘SACRIFICES’ | As you might expect, Amy’s feelings for Karma will propel their fake relationship from ‘complicated’ to ‘out of control,’ and all the lying will take a toll on them. “At the end of the day, Amy just wants her friend to fit in and get all the normal things that high-school girls want,” Volk explains. “But in the process, Amy sacrifices a lot of who she is and what she wants. She’s lying to everyone, including herself.”

LIAM’S ‘SECRETS’ | “You’ll definitely learn that he has a few secrets throughout the season,” Sulkin says of the seemingly perfect Liam. “He’s a likable guy, but his family situation isn’t ideal. Towards the end of the season — and if we, hopefully, get picked up for a second season — you’ll see more of Liam’s background. It’s been fun playing a character that’s not so one-dimensional.”

Faking It SpoilersSHANE’S PLAN | Shane (Michael Willett) isn’t going to leave the girls high-and-dry after outing them. No, sir. “Shane is going to take Amy on a little journey to figure out whether she likes boys or girls,” executive producer Carter Covington tells us. “[He’ll] be what we call her lesbian sherpa to help her figure this all out.”

KARMA’S MELODIES | Karma finally whips out her guitar in Episode 3, but don’t expect much singing beyond that — for now, at least. “It’s important for me to separate [acting from singing],” Stevens explains. “There won’t be more singing in Season 1, but I think they might bring in something like that for Season 2. They added it once I came on board, and I like that they incorporated that into the show.”

LAUREN’S DEAL | “Lauren is the bitch character, but she has heart, and there’s a reason she is the way she is,” Volk says of Bailey Buntain’s on-screen troublemaker. “You’ll see that as we go through Season 1.” Adds Sulkin, “She wants love, and she thinks that by gaining power, she’ll find love. There’s a soft side to her that she doesn’t like to show.”

PARENTAL CONTROL | Future episodes will also introduce Amy and Karma’s parents, some of whom aren’t quite ready to join #TeamKarmy. “Episode 2 is all about Amy worrying about her mother’s disapproval,” Covington teases. “The finale takes place at Amy’s mother’s and Lauren’s father’s wedding. What I really want to show is that it takes a while for parents to accept their kids when they come out of the closet so it won’t be a one-episode-and-we’re-done revolution. That’s going to take a while to figure itself out.”

Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman

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