Did You Fall For MTV's Faking It?

Faking It Series PremiereThere’s a magical high school in Austin, Texas, where being different is a cause for celebration, rather than an excuse for ridicule — so much so that two social nobodies can skyrocket to instant popularity simply by pretending to be lesbians.

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That’s the basic premise behind MTV’s new comedy Faking It, which premiered Tuesday, as best friends Amy (Rita Volk) and Karma (American Idol‘s Katie Stevens) engage in a faux-lesbian relationship after some misinformed encouragement from new pal Shane (United States of Tara‘s Michael Willett).

Karma also uses her newfound popularity to start a flirtationship with misunderstood artist Liam (Pretty Little Liars‘ Gregg Sulkin), though she greatly underestimates how much her secret will get in the way.

Faking It Season 1 SpoilersBecause every party needs a pooper, Amy’s new stepsister Lauren (Bunheads‘ Bailey Buntain) is determined to expose to the school’s new “it” couple, but her plans are crushed when Amy and Karma engage in a full-on makeout session in front of the entire school.

And let’s talk about that kiss — though Karma only does it to squash speculation of her heterosexuality, Amy comes away from it with a lot more than just some extra lip gloss.

Could Amy not be faking it, after all?

Grade Faking It‘s series premiere below, then drop a comment with your full review.


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