Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 24, Revenge, Grey's, Dixie, Once, NCIS, Arrow, Sleepy and More!

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Question: Any update on whether Elisha Cuthbert will be back as Kim in 24: Live Another Day? —Jennifer
Ausiello: My sources insist the 12-episode revival will be Kim-free, but there’s reason to believe those insiders are spinning tall tales. Keep in mind, executive producer Manny Coto told us back in January that there “might be” a place for Jack’s cougar-bait daughter in this brand new day, but “it would be later in the season, and it would mean giving away a plot point.” In the meantime, I can confirm that Kim does play an off-screen role in the two-hour May 5 opener, which I’ve seen and found immensely entertaining. If you were a fan of 24, you’re going to love 24: LAD. Chloe acolytes, in particular, will be very happy. BONUS SCOOP: A returning character is keeping a big secret (and it’s of the medical variety).

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Question: Hart of Dixie fan not-so-patiently waiting for George and Zoe scoop. —Ma’ayan 
Ausiello: All I’ll say is that at least six entries in our May Sweeps Scorecard are earmarked for Dixie. Interpret as you like.

Question: On Once Upon a Time, who is ruling over Oz while Walsh is absent? –Marko
Ausiello: “That’s a great question,” series cocreator Adam Horowitz responded when we hand-delivered your query — and it’s one that comes with an answer. The May 4 episode, which is titled “Kansas” and revisits the land of Oz, “will address that pretty directly,” the EP shares.

MADELEINE STOWE, GAIL O'GRADYQuestion: Please tell me Gail O’Grady is coming back to Revenge before this season is over. –Lana
Ausiello: No can do, Lana – it looks like Jack’s mom/Conrad’s ex is staying put in California for the time being. But this may make you feel better: Showrunner Sunil Nayar tells TVLine that “I can almost promise you we’ll see her again next year.”

Question: Any intel on whether Nashville‘s Luke is secretly working with Jeff to sabotage Rayna? –Christine
Ausiello: We took that exact query to series creator Callie Khouri, who shut the rumor down quickly. “No,” she said, adding that Rayna’s relationship with the superstar “is entirely personal” and that Luke’s frustration stems from Deacon’s enduring involvement with Ms. Jaymes. “It’s just a really rough place for another guy to be when the person you’re involved with has this very complicated, long history with another man, and that man is still in her life.”

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Question: Any Under the Dome spoilers you might have gathered so far? —Babar
Ausiello: Season 2’s eighth episode will introduce us to Hunter, a tech-savvy teen who, per the casting breakdown, “doesn’t subscribe to any programmer stereotypes or labels.” (Although he’s fine if you want to refer to him as a hacktivist.) He’s a free-thinking foster kid who speaks his mind. He’s also set to recur. The role calls for an actor in his mid-to-late teens. Got casting tips? Hit the comments!

Question: What’s the plan for the Grey’s Anatomy finale? We know three people (Cristina, Leah and Shane) are leaving — are we looking at a Seattle bloodbath or is everyone getting on a ferry and sailing off into the sunset? —Andy
Ausiello: There will be a catastrophe in the finale — a possible terrorist incident in Seattle sends a flood of casualties to Grey Sloan Memorial — but it mostly serves as a backdrop to the episode’s main event: Cristina’s emotional (and non-deadly) exit. Speaking of said attack, scroll down for an exclusive first look at Stephanie tending to one of the victims in the May 15 closer.


Question: Do you have any scoop on Sleepy Hollow? –Jason
Ausiello: How about: A penny saved is a penny earned. Or: Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead. Nothing? OK, Jason, you’re sucking all the fun out of this, so I’ll just come out and tell you: Season 2 of the Fox drama will find the eminently quotable Founding Father Benjamin Franklin hanging out with Ichabod – in flashbacks to 1775, of course.

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OB2_201_202_D2_0238.JPGQuestion: Any Orphan Black tidbits, especially on Alison? She is so wound up and fussy, I love her. –Leia
Ausiello: As you might have already surmised, Alison’s community theater production will turn out to be quite a show, as her anxieties build with no Team Clone pals available to calm her down. I also leave you to ponder the context of this upcoming line: “I don’t believe I’ve ever done ‘the nasty.'”

Question: Following finale scoop, please. –Mike
Ausiello: According to Valorie Curry, whose pixie-ish psycho [Spoiler alert!] bit it Monday’s episode, the Fox drama shot three different versions of the finale’s final moments – and even she doesn’t know which one they’re going to use.

Question: Burning Arrow question: What can you tease about Oliver’s next move now that it’s clear that Slade is building a super-powered army? —Sam
Ausiello: First and foremost, Oliver is focused on one particular recruit to said army — Roy. In tonight’s episode, “We see the devastating toll the Mirakuru injection has taken on Roy,” exec producer Andrew Kreisberg tells us. “He goes through a pretty surprising arc,” as most everyone debates if he’s too wild a card to let live. “That is the question of the hour, and it’s not just our team that’s asking it, but also Thea and Sin,” Kreisberg previews. “And where everybody comes out on that issue, I think, will be surprising.”

Question: I’m desperate for any scoop on The Newsroom. Is there anything you can tell us? –Anna
Ausiello: The HBO drama is casting an affable, thirtysomething law professor named Jack, who gets into an ethics discussion with one of the News Night producers on a train. The role could become recurring – perhaps this is a new guy for poor Maggie? One thing we know is pretty likely: Series creator Aaron Sorkin is already sorry for how Jack’s whole arc turns out.

Question: Any word on Awkward‘s best awkward couple, Sadie and Austin? Or just any Awkward scoop, in general? That season promo had me worried. —Bear
Ausiello: Don’t worry about Sadie and Austin’s future, Bear. Awkward’s new showrunners tell TVLine they “love” that relationship and promise “we’ll see more of that play out” this season. But you might also want to keep an eye out for Owen, a hot-yet-awkward new guy we’ll meet later this season. Described as being “content to live on his own island,” could he be yet another one of Jenna’s replacements for Matty?

rosie-spence-devious-maidsQuestion: Anything on Devious Maids? —Claire 
Ausiello: I’ve got good news for you, Claire, especially if you’re worried about Rosie’s future with Spence. Executive producer Sabrina Wind assures TVLine that Peri’s plan to keep them apart “will not come full-term,” so to speak. The truth about her fake pregnancy will be revealed –and sooner than you might think.

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Question: Are Lisa and Malik really getting married on Suburgatory? –Midge
Ausiello: Just as surely as Sheila Shay’s realtor jacket is Pepto-Bismol pink, her teenage daughter will be headed down the aisle before Season 3 is over, confirms co-executive producer Andrew Guest. That means another appearance by Malik’s parents (Paula Newsome and Tim Meadows) — and also a “really satisfying” wedding moment between the Shay women. “We have a lot of fun with Lisa’s role in the family, where she stands in the pecking order, and how her parents react to her,” Guest says. “But we’ll finally get a chance to see some of the real love underneath there on Sheila’s side with regard to her daughter. Sheila stands up for Lisa in a really terrific way.”

Question: Is NCIS ending the season with a major cliffhanger? —Donna
Ausiello: As Matt Mitovich shared on Twitter the other day, there will be “no whiff of a cliff” — in part because the season will end with a solemn goodbye to Ralph Waite’s Jackson Gibbs, and not the Tony-centric episode which got moved to May 6. As show boss Gary Glasberg explains, “Because the season was as complicated as it was, we just didn’t feel like we needed to do a traditional cliffhanger. We wanted to ground everything and get things back to ‘normal.'”

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