Castle Recap: Monday Night Fever

Castle Recap 1970s EpisodeThis week’s episode of ABC’s Castle moved not a single ongoing storyline a single inch in any direction, but boy, was it a visual gas.

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Face it, you tuned in for the costumes, the anachronistic slang, the pageantry, the “out of time” element, and maybe for some (like me my older siblings) there was the magnetic draw of groovy nostalgia. And if that was your goal, you probably came away satisfied.

In that particular respect, Esposito and Ryan making like ’70s TV cops “Snookie and Ray” was obviously a highlight, especially as the former came to realize it’s not so easy sliding across the Red Rocket’s hood, while the latter delved deeper and deeper into the lingo and his Matthew Rhys-on-The Americans disguise. Also: Espo catching sight of Lanie-as-Foxy Brown was terrific, leaving the poor boy (understandably) tongue-tied. (“Carcano just warned me and Javy off the case. Right, Javy?” “I’m sorry — what?”)

Seeing Martha “in her element” was fun, charged as she was with giving the 12th its far-out makeover (thus keeping her from wedding meddling, the one crumb of continuity). Alexis even got in on the action, rocking a halter top that had Dad wishing shed donned a peasant blouse instead. And Gates’ reaction to the ornate ruse? Hilarious. (At first, I worried that Ryan’s throwaway line about the captain being away at a seminar was a clumsy accounting for the character’s/actress’ absence; so glad I was wrong.) But what, Tory doesn’t get to play dress-up?? Grr.

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But lest this hour be a purely superficial folly, the Case of the Week took a bittersweet turn, as it is revealed that Harold, the lone witness “stuck in the ’70s,” had been carrying on a secret love affair with the victim, Vince. Had Vince stuck to the script and proposed to Carcano mob daughter Maria, he might have dodged death at her scorned hand. But his love for Harold was too true, and as the episode closed with a bangin’ disco party at Glitterati, we saw Harold twirl on the floor, remembering — and saying a last goodbye — to Vince.

What did you think of “That ’70s Show” and Captain Castle’s handling of the case?

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