Grey's Anatomy Recap: Green-Eyed Monsters

Grey's Anatomy Season 10After Cristina receives her nomination for the Harper Avery Award in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith and Bailey compete for the title of Most Envious. And if you keep reading, I’ll fill you in on who emerges victorious in “I’m Winning.”

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BROKEN HEARTS | At first, it appears that, in spite of her genius, Cristina won’t be able to help Link, the son of the quite literally heartsick McNeill family that we met last week. When his ticker gives out even faster than his doctors anticipated, his only hope is an experimental one that the FDA won’t approve – until, that is, Owen tells them that a future Harper Avery recipient will be performing the surgery. Even then, there’s a big hurdle to be leapt: The flight on which the device is to be transported is fogged in. Enter Jackson and his plutonium card. (Isn’t that what you carry when you’re Bruce Wayne wealthy?) A $25k charter plane ride later, the pump arrives, Cristina operates, Link lives, and April eats leftovers to make herself feel better about the fact that she’s married to Richie Rich. (I get that she’s down to earth, but she’s a doctor, not a pauper. Wouldn’t she send her dirty skivvies to the Laundromat before she’d start wearing swimsuits under her scrubs?) On the flip side, Jackson’s altruistic spending opens Alex’s eyes to the good that megabucks can do, so he decides to join Dr. Butthole’s practice.

THE BREAKTHROUGH’S CONNECTED TO THE… | Since Bailey is at a loss as to how to help bubble boy Braden, Stephanie “swap monkeys” with Shane to get off her service. But later – much later – it becomes clear that she shouldn’t have. As Bailey and Richard perform a kidney transplant from one HIV-positive patient to another, it occurs to her that the virus is a perfect transport system, if only she could deactivate it. And just like that, the light bulb goes on in her head. Newly inspired, she rushes back to her lab to research a new idea to bust Braden out of his bubble. (Actually, following an ill-advised game of tag outside his plastic suite, he’s no longer in his bubble, he’s in an even more constrictive see-through Snow White coffin thingy.)

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BABY LOVE | Testing a new piece of equipment that can read emotions, Derek discovers that Jo is ambivalent about everything from kittens to beaches but really likes breaking bones. And Callie? The machines says she’s bummed. “I’m not depressed,” she insists. “Show me the kitten.” But the only time her data perks up is when Mer walks in with baby Bailey. Even though she and Arizona just decided that they didn’t want to push their luck by having another child… well, Callie wants one. She can’t deny it. When she goes to break this news to her wife, she prefaces the announcement by admitting that Arizona is going to want to kill her. “Did you sleep with someone else?” Arizona asks. Ha. But in the end, it’s all good, because, having seen the McNeill kids snoozing together, Arizona’s come to the same realization. (Or at least the realization that she doesn’t want Sofia to have to bury her mothers all by herself.)

IT’S NOT EASY BEING GREEN | Finally, while Mer handles her envy of Cristina by throwing her BFF a lavish congratulatory champagne toast – who’d suspect someone so magnanimous of petty jealousy? – Bailey avoids the woman of the hour and grouses to anyone who’ll listen that she trained her. Only after Richard calls Bailey on her foolishness does she (wo)man up and give Cristina props in person. (And then, of course, she lectures Cristina on the proper way to accept a backslap.) It’s a good thing Mer and Bailey get it out of their system, too. As we reach the end of the episode, Owen, celebrating privately with Cristina, reveals that he’s looked into the other Harper Avery nominees, and “I think you are going to win.” Her ecstatic response: “Me, too.”

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Are you concerned about Alex going into private practice? Excited about a Calzona baby? Hit the comments!

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