Grey’s Anatomy Recap: In Sickness and in Wealth

Grey's Anatomy Season 10As a viral infection tears through Grey Sloan in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Derek collapses, Leah throws up in her mouth, Stephanie gets peed on, and Richard’s stomach grumbles like he’s about to reenact the dress-shopping scene from Bridesmaids. But, on the plus side, Alex may have found a solution to his financial woes. Keep reading…

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HAVE A HEART | Early on in “You Be Illin’,” Cristina is more than annoyed that a ho-hum, run-of-the-mill heart transplant takes her away from her conduit kids on the last day for her report to the NIH, she’s also worried that one of the infants will catch the bug that’s going around. (Sick infant = bad report = no Harper Avery Award for her.) So, before she puts her subjects in Shane’s care, she tells him, “This trial is my baby… Don’t let my baby die.” In no time, however, he’s passed off diaper duty to Stephanie, paving the way for her unfortunate shower. (Since Shane later takes credit for keeping the little ones in good health, does that mean Stephanie got pissed on and s— on in the same episode?) Meanwhile, Cristina’s heart transplant takes a turn for the curious when her young patient’s sister is also admitted to the ER with cardiomyopathy.

BUBBLE GLUM | When April’s not busy being counseled by Bailey on how to handle Jackson’s combo platter of obstinacy and illness — and sometimes even when she is — she’s treating a youngster who is so susceptible to infection that, by hour’s end, he’s been cast in a laugh-free remake of the “Bubble Boy” episode of Seinfeld. (Side note: Doesn’t it seem like he’d be more traumatized by his parents’ terrified-sounding reassurances through the bubble than even the fact that he wakes up from surgery in a bubble? No poker face on those people whatsoever.)

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PINCH HITTER | Since a buncha skeptical scientists from around the world have descended on Grey Sloan to hear Derek’s speech inviting them to kibitz on his brain-mapping project, he’s determined not to let the flu bring him down. Which, of course, means that the flu does indeed bring him down. Literally — he collapses from dehydration in comedic fashion as Mer looks on. But his missus doesn’t just laugh at him, she also saves his bacon, delivering her version of his speech. (And, judging from the little of it that we saw, she could charm the lab coat off of Dr. Jekyll!)

NON-CENTS | After Jo discovers how deeply in debt Alex is, she encourages him — in that in-your-face way that seems to be her trademark — to pay a bill now and then. And, though he pooh-poohs her concern (“Lay off, Scrooge McDuck!” are his exact words), his introduction to Arizona’s pal, Oliver — or, as Alex calls him, Dr. Butthole — opens his eyes to a world of luxurious possibilities. “Your clinic is nicer than my house,” he marvels. So, when Oliver reveals that he’s expanding his practice and thinks Alex would fit right in, it seems like a no-brainer. Heck, he’d even get his name on a pen! At the same time, Jo may have stumbled across her specialty: to Callie’s delight, orthopedics!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Wasn’t it nice to see MerDer pulling together (even if, okay, he was unconscious for it)? Hit the comments!

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