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Question: Please tell me there is some hope for Julia and Joel on Parenthood. —Jan
Ausiello: Something goes down between the estranged couple in the April 17 season finale that “will give people, if not hope, at least something to hope for or to talk about it,” previews exec producer Jason Katims, who concedes that “there’s been a lot of change for a lot of our characters [this season], and a lot of those changes come to a head in this last episode. It really does have a feeling of, ‘So much has led to this moment,’ and there are some nice questions about where things are going to lead, as well. [There’s a nice] catharsis at the end.”

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Question: I would really appreciate any news you have about Parenthood. —Nina
Ausiello: As we previously scooped, Sarah Ramos is back as Haddie in the aforementioned finale. And, according to Katims, the storyline surrounding her return “sets up the potential for her to come back next year. … We wanted to wait until we found a story for her so that it didn’t feel like she was coming back to hug everybody. I really love the story and it will be a bit of a surprise.”

Question: I’ve been loving all of the Regina stuff this half of the season on Once Upon a Time, especially her scenes with Robin Hood. Any scoop on what’s ahead for that romance? –Stef
Ausiello: Alas, as you saw this week, now that Regina has spied Robin’s tell-tale tat, she will keep her fated soul mate at forearm’s length. Explaining her reaction to that reveal, Once cocreator Eddy Kitsis says, “Regina has a very hard time being happy. It frightens her. And she has spent so much time suppressing things, that when she faces them she’s not sure how to react. So for us, its about wanting to explore when and how will Regina open her heart, and to whom.”

Question: Do you have any news about Longmire‘s third season? —Maureen
Ausiello: Cady (Cassidy Freeman) will be visited by a former law school classmate, and, yes, sparks will be flying. According to the casting notice, the blue-collar Cameron — who will recur — still has a bit of a crush on Cady, and those feelings are bound to intensify when he agrees to act as her “shadow counsel” on a certain difficult case.

Question: Any fresh intel on what Glee Season 6 is going to look like? —Charlie
Ausiello: It’s said to be big, bold and… not completely fleshed out at the moment. “I can’t say anything because it’s still cooking, but it’s going to be Glee Season 6good,” teases exec producer Ian Brennan. “I think it will be a very satisfying final season for the show.” Similar to this season’s structure, Season 6 will be “broken up into chunks” Brennan confirms, adding, “With Fox, we get a lot of of preemptions with, like, baseball. So we’re now really plotting out the last year around those little chunks. There will be five or six episodes, and then we’ll go on break for a couple of weeks, which is actually how people have gotten used to watching shows anyway.”

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Question: Will the badass Jack-Hannibal fight we were teased with in the premiere actually take place in Hannibal‘s season finale, or will we get to see the whole thing play out before then? —Kellen
Ausiello: Per exec producer Bryan Fuller, “The badass fight is actually in the [May 23] season finale, but there will be plenty of naked wrestling amongst other characters to hold you over until then.”

Question: Where is Jason O’Mara and his character Damian on The Good Wife? Did they get rid of him and I missed it? —Sonya
Ausiello: It makes sense that you’d be wondering about the polarizing character’s fate, considering last week’s harrowing hour found Matthew Goode’s painkiller-addled Finn telling Alicia that one of Will’s final phone calls involved “some guy he needed to fire…Damian — he stole some clients.” But that won’t be the end of the story. Mr. Boyle is set to make one final Season 5 appearance on April 13 (aka the next original episode). There’s always a chance he could return in Season 6, but I wouldn’t count on it (and here’s why).

Question: What are Cougar Town‘s chances of being renewed for a sixth season? —Robyn
Ausiello: They’re still hovering around 50/50.

Question: I’m a diehard Cath-Steve ‘shipper and I was so pissed to find out that Michelle Borth is leaving Hawaii Five-0. I was wondering if you knew why she was leaving, and when her last episode will be? —Soujee
Ausiello: I’m told her exit was storyline-dictated. And she’ll make her final appearance in this season’s penultimate hour on May 2 — an episode exec producer Peter M. Lenkov described to TVLine in a recent interview as a “big, dramatic” one for Cath and Steve, featuring “some flashbacks to [Catherine’s] stint in the military.”

walking dead beth darylQuestion: Did you get any clarification when Beth will be back on The Walking Dead? I saw that Robert Kirkman said she may not even be in Season 5. Is Emily Kinney contracted for next season? —Derek
Ausiello: She’ll be back, don’t you worry.

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Question: Any scoop for Revolution‘s Charloe fans? While Monroe has shown signs of jealousy of Charlie’s relationship with his son, all signs indicate the coffin on this relationship has been sealed shut. They seemingly hate each other. –Karen
Ausiello: “Never give up hope” continues to be the mantra of executive producer Rockne S. O’Bannon. As he tells us, “Sure, Charlie and Connor are a natural hook-up. But there’s no denying that Charlie and Monroe have history. Certainly that’s on Monroe’s mind. Stay tuned.” BONUS SCOOP: In the coming weeks, Revolution will uncork its most mind-blowing episode yet.

Question: Anything on Awkward? —Lynda
Ausiello: Don’t let the Season 4 trailer fool you, Lynda. Jenna may be back in bed with Matty, but that doesn’t mean he’s the man for her. “As the end of high school approaches, Jenna decides she’s looking for a more mature guy,” new showrunners Chris Alberghini and Mike Chessler tell TVLine, and she finds such a guy in college-man Luke (played by Degrassi‘s Evan Williams). As for Bailey, who Matty began dating at the end of Season 3, the showrunners tell us they simply didn’t see a future for her character, though they promise “her exit will be explained.”

Question: Is Hannah really going to relocate to Iowa in Girls‘ fourth season? —Mike
Ausiello: Well, she’s going to give it a shot. The show is currently scouting college campuses to serve as a backdrop for Hannah’s Iowa Writers’ Workshop stint (a request to shoot scenes on location at the University of Iowa was shot down). In the meantime, series creator/star Lena Dunham is casting two new characters who will presumably help ease Hannah into her new life, including a hyper-intellectual fellow student with a challenging past, and a witty, oddly sexual professor with a distinct perspective.

Girl in New OrleansQuestion: In the upcoming episodes of The Originals, will Davina still want revenge on Klaus for killing her boyfriend Tim? –Tom
Ausiello: The short answer is yes, though getting her pound of flesh may take some time. “She’s furious at him for what he did. And she’s never going to forgive him, I don’t think,” actress Danielle Campbell told us. But at least as of episodes filmed through late March, “She hasn’t [seen him], so the opportunity hasn’t arisen.”

Question: How I Met Your Mother is finished. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has a major character that’s a possible traitor who may not be around for a second season. My math says Cobie Smulders will be series regular Maria Hill in Season 2. What do your secret agents tell you? —Martin
Ausiello: As awesome as that would be, I can’t see it happening — at least not the series regular part. That said, a Maria Hill arc in Season 2 seems plausible — assuming there is a Season 2.

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