Awkward Season 4 Trailer: Jenna and Matty Hit the Sheets -- But Are They Back Together?

Awkward Season 4 TrailerAwkward‘s Jenna and Matty are apparently subscribing to True Detective‘s “flat circle” philosophy: Everything they’ve ever done, or will ever do, they’re gonna do over and over and over again — including each other.

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In the official trailer for Awkward‘s upcoming fourth season, first posted to E! Online, the former lovebirds are back together — physically, anyway. With Collin finally out of the way, the exes are once again free to frolic, but being “friends with benefits” simply isn’t enough for newly empowered Jenna, who finds herself drawn to a handsome new gentleman.

Don’t expect Matty to fly solo for too long, though. There’s a new girl at Palos Hills High School this year, and she’s totally Matty’s type (pretty, single and breathing).

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Jake and Tamara’s relationship also appears to be on the rocks in Season 4, but like most Awkward breakups, these two aren’t separating in silence. Jake channels his inner Taylor Swift in the trailer, performing a song about Tamara’s inability to… well, you’ll see.

Awkward returns April 15 at 10/9c on MTV.

Watch the Awkward trailer below, then get to commenting: Are you hoping for an eventual Matty-Jenna reunion? Are you crushed by the Jake/Tamara split?

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