Teen Wolf EP on Kate's 'Agenda,' Danny's Twist, Isaac's Exit and More Season 4 Scoop

teen-wolf-finale-blogStill recovering from last night’s Teen Wolf finale? Of course you are, it was absolutely insane. Fortunately, TVLine got executive producer Jeff Davis on the line to answer our burning questions, including what we can expect from Aunt Kate and who will be hooking up with whom when Season 4 begins June 23.

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TVLINE | Let’s start with Kate’s return. How long did you know she’d be coming back?
That was planned in Season 1, I’m not kidding. They asked me how much I wanted to see of [Kate’s] wound, and I said, “I only want to see the claw marks. It has to be very specific. She needs deep claw marks in her neck.” They wanted the death to be bigger, and I was like, “No! Trust me on this!” It’s really fun to be able to plant something like that so early and have it pay off, like, 40 episodes later. We actually planned to bring her back much sooner, but they kept renewing Wipeout, so that made it difficult to schedule her. And at that time we were doing the resurrection of Peter, and I felt like it’d be too many resurrections at once.

teen-wolf-finale-kateTVLINE | What’s up with her skin? She looks like a scary Avatar.
It’s a blue-ish pattern, yes. The patterns and spots are very specific. I won’t say what she is exactly, but she’s definitely a were creature, so I think people can look it up and probably figure things out themselves.

TVLINE | Will she be a friend or a foe?
Well, she’s going to be a foe to many people, but you’ll be surprised to see who she aligns herself with. She definitely has an agenda, and one of those agendas is to survive at all costs. She still considers herself an argent — and a hunter.

TVLINE | And then there’s Danny. Does he know everything?!
Oh, you’ll find out. That twist was partly a nod to The Lost Boys, and one of my favorite lines in that movie comes at the end: “One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach … all the damn vampires.” There was always a question of whether or not we’d turn Danny into something, or if he’d know about it but choose to stay out of the supernatural goings-on in order to survive. I can imagine his house is just lined with mountain ash.

TVLINE | I’m glad Malia is finally going to stick around next season.
So are we! We signed her up pretty late, so we were iffy on it up until we wrote the last episode. Her scenes, where she returned to school, hadn’t even been planned yet, and I was on the phone with the network being like, “Did we sign her up? Am I writing her into the finale?” But it eventually worked out and we’re really happy about it. We were only able to plant a few seeds this season, but we’ll have plenty of time to explore her character. [Shelley Hennig] is a phenomenal person, she’s up for anything and I hope people are really going to like Malia.

TVLINE | We already know Stiles does. What’s their relationship going to be like?
You’ll have to wait to see where they are in the first episode, but I’ll definitely say that Malia complicates things, both romantically and in the pack. Scott is going to accept her into his pack, and her relationship with Peter is going to become a major complication as well.

TVLINE | What about poor Derek? His women always end up dead or evil or both. Will that change?
It may. Hoechlin is really good at romance on-screen, and we know that he loves it, so we’re going to try for it. We’ve got a lot of ideas and we’re spinning a few threads at the beginning of the fourth season, so we’ll see how it goes.

teen-wolf-finale-twinsTVLINE | Aiden was last night’s big death. Why kill him off, rather than send him out of town with his brother?
It was a creative decision. We debated it quite a bit in the writers’ room, and we decided it was just a powerful story. His goal was to prove, both to Lydia and to himself, that he could be one of the good guys and fight for a cause. So he fought… and he died. We knew that Charlie and Max were going off to do [HBO’s The Leftovers], which we’re really proud of them for. I said to Max before the script went out, “Sorry, man, I have to kill you. It’s just too good.” And they loved doing the scene. It was difficult, emotionally, but it was really good stuff on screen. It was so emotionally charged.

TVLINE | Same question about Crystal Reed. With so much advanced knowledge of her departure, why kill her, rather than send her away?
We’d debated it many different ways, actually. The show is growing up, and it’s just like what they did on The Good Wife; it’s shocking and it changes the show. Death happens and everyone else is left behind. It spins the characters and the story in new directions. To be honest, we struggled to think of a reason why Allison would leave Beacon Hills. This was more true to her character. She’s not the kind of person who would just say, “OK, guys, I’m out of here. Take care.” It was a powerful, painful moment. And to be honest, if we’d known Colton [Haynes] was going to leave after Season 2, I’m not so sure he would have survived. I have the utmost respect for Crystal, who sat me down and told me she was ready to move on and try new things. I’m proud of her and feel very fortunate to have had an actress like that.

TVLINE | Anyone else we might not see back in Season 4?
Daniel Sharman, actually, may not be returning for Season 4. He came to me shortly after Crystal; he was waffling about it. We’d actually convinced him to do Season 3B — I think he was holding out on that as well. He told me he wanted to try other things, maybe do a movie, and I said, “OK, if we can’t convince you to stay, you tell me where it should go.” And he just said, “Please don’t kill me off!” So, there’s a possibility Isaac will return, but we don’t know for sure.

Teen Wolf fans, what do you hope to see in Season 4? Drop a comment with your thoughts on our Q&A with Davis below.

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