Revenge Recap: The Tantrum of the Opera

Revenge Season 3 RecapMargaux’s much-discussed father arrives in the Hamptons in this week’s Revenge, and Pascal LeMarchal does not disappoint: By the end of the hour, he’s duped his daughter, repeatedly hit on Victoria and booked a Red Sharpie facial with a highly intrigued Emily, bien sûr.

Elsewhere in the episode, a night at the opera seems to be Emily’s undoing, Daniel and Victoria think they’ve won and Nolan acquires a houseguest who may as well have BAD NEWS stamped across his felonious, if cute, face.

Let’s go over what took place in “Disgrace.”

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MORE OF STEVIE’S STORY | Emily thinks Stevie might have been involved in David Clarke’s undoing, but Jack pleads with her to back off. “Please, just let me have this one thing,” he asks. I’m stunned when she complies. Still, Jack’s recently revealed mom doesn’t want to give up on doing right by David Clarke, even posthumously. “I was one of the people who thought he got a raw deal,” she maintains, adding that her work as a divorce lawyer is directly linked to her drive to help the underdog. (Side note: Um, sure? Aren’t there better outlets for good-doobie lawyers than negotiating who gets the shih tzu and the Aspen timeshare?) Anyway, “For me, it’s all about justice,” she avers.

Stevie tells Jack that right around the time she met with David Clarke in 1997, she received a suspicious piece of evidence linked to his case. But not long after, she was picked up for a DUI and disbarred, and her firm confiscated the evidence. The kicker? She’s pretty sure Conrad was behind shutting her down.

NOLAN SAID KNOCK YOU OUT | So next thing we know, Jack and Nolan are suited up and on their way to Stevie’s old firm. The plan: Jack’s going to break into the archives – with the tech whiz’s help – while Nolan distracts (I guess?) by taking a meeting with the firm’s patent lawyers. Nolan awesomely drops an LL Cool J reference while refuting one counselor’s description of his reentrance into the tech world: “Don’t call it a comeback,” he says. “I’ve been here for years.” (Ha!) Meanwhile, Jack’s sweating through his suitcoat in the archives, because the servers he’s looking for aren’t marked by date and he has no idea what to grab.

Some quick thinking on Nolan’s part connects Jack via phone with Javier, the recently released hacker Noles mentored in the clink who happens to be crashing at Chez Ross. Javier translates the encoded server labels for the freaked-out barkeep, who sneaks out with Stevie’s missing evidence in his satchel.

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ET VOILA! | And where does Jack immediately bring the pilfered info? Straight to Emily, who says she won’t help him out of respect for his earlier request to let it all go. Still, you know our girl can’t keep her manicured paws off of some ill-gotten intel, so she’s all over it when Nolan later stops by.

Stevie’s missing evidence is a scan of a handwritten note to Conrad. It mentions how the author “handled TWM” and references Conrad’s “DC plan.” The later is most likely related to Em’s dad; she’s not sure what “TWM” is all about. But she’s pretty certain she knows who wrote it: Pascal LeMarchal. And even when Emily reluctantly informs Jack that his girlfriend’s dad might be dirty, he wants in on the action.

BIENVENUE | Speaking of the French magnate, we learn he’s in town because Margaux asked him for help ousting Conrad from Voulez. But Papá LeMarchal has other things on his mind: namely, trying to get in Victoria’s pants (he only succeeds getting her in a slinky, black Dolce & Gabbana number) and rebuffing Conrad’s attempts to merge their companies.

And when Conrad doesn’t get what he wants, he makes sure Margaux finds out that her father is using Voulez as a quarterly write-off – and deceiving her that the fashion mag is making money. I have a few things to say about this. 1) Margaux, have you been sniffing too many perfume inserts? How on God’s green Earth did you think a magazine based in the Hamptons would turn a profit in its first year? Or ever? 2) Is this really supposed to make me hate Pascal? Because, meh. And even if I did agree with Margaux that her pop is “an evil man,” it doesn’t matter much: As he declares during a big night out at the opera, he’s bent on sticking around for a while.

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THE JIG IS UP | The opera event proves pivotal for Emily, as well, but let’s back up for a minute. Earlier in the episode, she is summoned to the Grayson study, where Daniel and Victoria take great glee in showing her the P.I.’s pictures of her and Aiden kissing. Victoria offers Em a huge settlement to skedaddle, then threatens to take her to court, but Emily tearfully recounts how much she’s done for Daniel… then drops the act and informs them that was just a preview of the performance she’ll give on the stand. (Heh. Bitchy Emily is still my favorite.) After she leaves, Daniel tries to channel his dad as he growls, “I want her out,” but the effect is kinda like when the cub version of Simba tries to be Mufasa in The Lion King: Cute by way of pathetic, and entirely unthreatening.

Later, Victoria and Brooks, Daniel’s P.I., have the inadvertently porniest scene I’ve ever witnessed on broadcast television. Actual dialogue from the interaction:

VICTORIA: You’re good.
BROOKS: Thank you, Mrs. Grayson, but your son said I’d satisfied his need for my services.
VICTORIA: Well, I have a new angle I’m working on, and I think you’re just the person to help me out.

When there’s someone at the door, I half expect it to be a guy delivering pizza topped with bow-chicka-wow-wow or a plumber asking if anyone requested a good snaking, but alas, it’s newly rehired Grayson domestic Marta with Victoria’s dress for the opera.

BRAVO! | We later find out that Victoria used Brooks to determine that Aiden is in Bermuda – so why is Emily sticking around New York? And why didn’t she take the handsome payout offered? Victoria and Daniel surmise that Em is targeting the Grayson family, not its bank account, and Victoria seizes a moment at the opera to wreak havoc for her daughter-in-law.

As a performance of Pagliacci progresses onstage, Voulez gossip columnist Charlotte (Side note: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA… no seriously [gasping for air]… Revenge, you’re killing me here) gets a tip that Emily’s fake pregnancy has been revealed online via leaked medical records.

Victoria runs with it, publicly denouncing Em as a husband-trapping golddigger before all of the opera-watching Hamptonites, and the phalanx of photographers in the theater’s lobby make sure to get a good shot of Em’s hasty exit from the building. She later moves out of Grayson Manor while Daniel reminds his soon-to-be-ex-wife that the settlement is no longer on the table and that her threat to tell everyone he shot her won’t hold much water – after all, she held a press conference announcing that Lydia wielded the gun that night.

But as Jack deduces when he and Ems are alone later, the wily Ms. Clarke leaked the records herself in order to stage a big break with the Graysons. “I needed them to feel like they won,” she says.

Now it’s your turn. Do you think Victoria ultimately will give in to Pascal’s unrelenting pursuit? Can any good come out of Javier as Nolan’s open-ended houseguest? And is anyone with me that Stevie is not the crusader she claims to be? Sound off in the comments!

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