Once Upon a Time Recap: 'If I Only Had the Nerve'

Once Upon a Time RecapThis week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, your Easter egg hunt came a few weeks early, with more Wizard of Oz nods than you can shake a broomstick at. Meanwhile in the Enchanted Forest, Charming dealt with a hairy situation.

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IN FAIRYTALE LAND OF THE PAST YEAR…. | Now making camp in the Evil Queen’s castle, Charming dreams of Emma’s old nursery — and then gets a visit from adult Emma in a ball gown. As he helps her practice dancing for her first ball (and perhaps launches somewhere an entirely inappropriate ‘ship), Emma brings him back to reality by noting that this is the life she never got “because you failed me.” As she is sucked away into a portal, Emma tells her dad, “Don’t fail the next one!” — and then, just as David awakes, Snow delivers the news that she is expecting again.

When Charming can’t shake his anxiety over his new chance at fatherhood, Robin Hood suggests he seek out “night root,” to soothe his fears. After finding the root, Charming hears a cry for help from a tall tower. Scaling its wall (even thought there seemed to be a doorway to the side…?), Charming meets Rapunzel, who has been trapped there for years by a witch. When a hooded figure begins scaling the wall itself, Charming vows to save Rapunzel, but he is bested (and tangled) by the mystery person. The figure reveals herself to Rapunzel, and it’s… Rapunzel. (Some mystical hooey about “facing your greatest fear,” in this case the princess’ doubts about being a queen, dead brother guilt, etc.). Rapunzel decides to “let it go” (let it gooooo), chops her tresses and the figure perishes. She then is reunited with her folks.

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IN STORYBROOKE, Once Upon a Time RecapNINE MONTHS LATER…. | Locked up in Zelena’s storm cellar, Rumple is obviously mad — the “straw” man lost his brain, did he? — but can’t gain the upper hand on his captor because she has the Dark One’s Dagger. Which she then shaves him with, a truly magical feat since it has that wavy edge. And while she grooms him, she notes what they have in common, having had their outside appearances betray them in FTL. But here in Storybrooke, being not green and all, Zelena has a new opportunity. Later, she visits Gold’s shop, makes nice with Belle (before zapping her frozen) and then uses a drop of Rumple’s blood to open his safe and fish out some night root.

When a clue sends Emma and Hook to search the woods near the troll bridge, David and Snow meet with Zelena, who crushes the night root into David’s tea. (Anyone catch her saying to them, “Speaking of which…”? Tease!) He then sets out to join Emma and Hook…. Meanwhile, Regina and Henry have their ice cream date, during which he tells her about Walsh/the proposal and how it would have been nice to have an extra place setting at the holidays. “i think one day you’ll have more family than you know what to do with,” Regina tells the lad with a hopeful smile.

Back in the woods, Hook is evasive about his year preceding the journey to find Emma. And then he asks about Walsh and whether she had considered his proposal (pre-monkey business, of course). “Does it matter?” she replies. “Humor me,” he asks. Emma says yes, she did think about it, being in love as she was. But then as usual, the guy wasn’t who he said he was and her heart got broke. “If it can be broken,” Hook says, inching closer, “it means it still works.” They then spy a farmhouse (“You have to appreciate the irony,” Emma quips), take a look around (bicycle!), but stop short of opening the storm cellar, suspecting they’d need Regina’s hocus pocus to deal with any monkeys. David meanwhile has a sword fight with a hooded figure like Rapunzel’s, ‘cept this one is him. Long story short: Regina surmises the Wicked Witch used that ruse to “steal” David’s courage, by way of his broken sword hilt. With Regina now on hand, the group broaches the cellar, and inside all they find is a spinning wheel and samples of its golden product. “Rumplestitslkin!”

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What did you think of “The Tower”? Fun Oz nods aside, a bit filler-y on the FTL side?