Has Arrow Hit the Bulls-Eye? Shouldn't Hannibal Feed More? Is Closure > Length? And More TV Qs

HannibalWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Pretty Little Liars, Person of Interest, Chicago Fire and Arrow!

1 | Is Hannibal the best show on TV that nobody’s watching? Or to put it another way: What is wrong with this country? And how come Dr. Lecter could cozy right up to the bars of Will’s cell when, just last week, Dr. Du Maurier was scolded and physically removed for doing same?

2 | Anyone care to offer a theory on Grimm‘s Adalind’s-baby-is-really-twins idea? (Honestly, we’re stumped.)

3 | Faced with exactly the same lose/lose situation in which The Walking Dead put Carol, what would you have done? Could you have killed Lizzie? Or would it have been just a heartbreaking no-brainer after she murdered her sister in cold blood?

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4 | Was it jarring to see The Good Wife‘s Will and Alicia on such warm/friendly terms in the latest flashbacks? Did it make you miss the good ‘ol days? And is there any way Julianna Margulies again gets snubbed by Emmy, after nailing the heartbreaking flashbacks, moral ambiguity and inebriated power-brokering in “A Few Words”? Also, any last guesses on what the imminent Good Wife shocker is?

5 | Is there any sadder sight than Revenge‘s Patrick and Aiden leaving town in the same episode? And did the fact that Stevie’s sobriety story didn’t jibe with David Clarke’s 1997 diary entry mean she’s lying… or that the show isn’t so good with math?

How I Met Your Mother6 | Anyone else praying that How I Met Your Mother‘s Season 9 DVD set includes a bonus feature that shows us how producers were able to pull off this week’s epic, single-shot, alumni-packed sequence? Which HIMYM vet were you most excited/surprised to see?

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7 | Show of hands, Mom viewers: Does your attention start to drift any time there’s a scene with Christy’s kids?

8 | Once you accept The Following for what it has become — a mindless and often laughable guilty pleasure — isn’t it more fun to watch? And how in the world did Mendez survive the brutal gutting that her unhinged ex Jana gave her?

9 | Didn’t you think The Blacklist‘s Jolene would last way more than three episodes?!

The Tomorrow People10 | Wasn’t The Tomorrow People‘s sexy opening scene with John and Cara way more scandalous than Reign‘s uncensored episode?

11 | On The Fosters, was anyone else kind of impressed with the level of student body coordination in setting up Callie? And how is it possible that Wyatt’s hair is even more out of control? Speaking of long locks…

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12 | What’s it going to take to get Glee‘s Sam to cut his hair? A Change.org petition?

13 | Quick poll: Cougar Town revealing Chick’s worsening Alzheimer’s at the end of Tuesday’s otherwise totally ridiculous episode was A) jarring, B) heartbreaking or C) a little bit of both?

14 | Just because Pretty Little Liars‘ Ezra took a (literal) bullet for Aria, are we supposed to instantly forget everything he’s put her through? He’s been stalking her for years!

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15 | Does The Originals now feel weird without Rebekah? Did your mind keep wandering, thinking about what she’s up to?

Person of Interest16 | Any Person of Interest fans getting an Emperor Palpatine vibe from Greer? But more importantly: Almost three full seasons into the show, shouldn’t we spy the occasional victim of a past kneecap shooting limping in the background of a NYC scene?

17 | On Justified, prior to that most unfortunate mishap with the knife, where was Danny Crowe ranking amongst TV’s Most Annoying Characters?

18 | Do you agree with Chicago Fire‘s Shay that Chicago P.D. Detective Lindsay would make a good match for Severide?

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Arrow19 | Is there any argument against deeming Arrow the best comic-book series ever put on television? But one question: While we appreciate its haunting effect, where did Slade Wilson get those videos of a frolicking Shado?

20 | Sweet as it was for her to bring back former American Idol standouts Allison Iraheta, Pia Toscano and Jessica Sanchez as her backup singers, we must ask: Is it possible that Jennifer Lopez wasn’t even the slightest bit embarrassed to perform a song as abysmal as “I Luh Ya Papi” on Thursday’s results show? And next season, can we scrap the “Judges as Tastemakers” series of performances and bring back under-the-radar alumni who are making great music?

21 | Wouldn’t you totally start playing D&D again if Community‘s Abed was your dungeon master? And was Hickey’s interrogation of the two trolls one of this TV season’s great comedy moments?

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22 | Scandal debate: Was it sweet of Jake to lay with his dying victim, or cruel? And speaking of the B613 boss, TVLine reader Cheyenne asks:Did anyone catch that Jake actually threatened Olivia?”

White Collar Cancelled23 | White Collar‘s “renewal” raises the age-old question: Which fans are surlier, those whose show is abruptly cancelled with zero closure, or those who get an officially final — yet shortened — season?

24 | On Parenthood, how badly did you want to reach through the screen and drag Sydney to her bedroom after she blew up at Victor? And which scene broke your heart more: Max’s backseat confession about being a freak, or Drew and Amber’s sweet duet?

25 | While we can admit that Jimmy Fallon does a spot-on impression of Vladimir Putin, perhaps he can go one night without using it in his Tonight Show monologue?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!