Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on HIMYM, Glee, Once, Parks, Supernatural, Arrow, Reign and More

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Question: Can you please confirm or deny the theory that the Mother on How I Met Your Mother is actually dead or dying? —Kodie
Ausiello: Breaking: Future Ted is suffering from Alzheimer’s and he’s telling his kids the story before his memory vanishes. At least that’s Matt Mitovich’s not so far-fetched theory. Thoughts?!

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Question: Any juicy tidbits about HIMYM‘s series finale? —Babar
Ausiello: There’s a curveball or two in store for Lily and Marshall. “There are a lot of answers to questions that you didn’t know you had — or never knew to ask,” previews Alyson Hannigan. “They really, definitely give the fans everything in the series finale.” Which character’s endgame surprised her the most? “Robin’s,” she responds. “Although I guess that’s not really a surprise, because it’s sort of been addressed in the past. You’ll see.” Hmmm….

Question: How about some late-breaking HIMYM finale scoop? —Alex
Ausiello: Josh Radnor’s one-word tease about Ted’s final scene ever? “Circle.” Josh Radnor’s 31-word critique of the finale as a whole? “It delivers everything that people love about the show. It roams all over time the way our show does. I think it’s a really great example of what we do best.” (For the record, Radnor cited Ted and Barney’s endgames as the ones that surprised him most.)

Question: I’ve heard that Ariel will be back on Once Upon a Time. How will she be involved in the plot? —Ilenia
Ausiello: Without divulging the exact storyline, Colin O’Donoghue says that JoAnna Garcia Swisher’s encore as the Little Mermaid means “You’ll get to see Hook and Ariel interact a bit, which I think will be fun. They have a ‘tricky’ sort of relationship, and I think people will like it.”

Question: Now that Cary and Kalinda appear to be an item on The Good Wife, what does that mean for Jordana Spiro’s character, Jenna? —Charlie
Ausiello: It means Kalinda’s dance card is, well, about as full as it usually is. As exec producer Michelle King notes, “Kalinda is not one to worry about monogamy.” (A source confirms that Spiro’s cop character will be back for several more episodes.) Speaking of Cary-Kalinda, fellow EP Robert King points out, “In many ways, we’ve never explored the depths of that [dynamic], and now that they’re on opposite sides in a battle, what does that do to this relationship? What does that do to them? Can they keep it both sexual and fun without it creeping into their [professional lives]?”

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CaptivesQuestion: I’d love some scoop on what’s coming up for Sam on Supernatural. —Frances
Ausiello: Gadreel’s little stint inside Sam? “We’re not done talking about it,” promises exec producer Jeremy Carver. “There are more layers to it that are going to take a little while for even Sam to understand.” BONUS SUPE SCOOP: The stolen grace that Castiel used to become an angel again “is an issue which will not go undealt with,” Carver teases.

Question: Do you have anything else on Bones that isn’t already out there? —Rachel
Ausiello: The title of the Season 9 finale is, “The Recluse in the Recliner.” Coincidentally, that’s also the nickname I gave myself over the weekend.

Question: Is Bones airing all 22 episodes they’ve produced for Season 9, making it a 24-episode season? —Rachel
Ausiello: Affirmative.

Question: So, as we approach the end of Season 9 of Bones, what’s happening in Dr. Sweets’ life? —Rex
Ausiello: Per EP Stephen Nathan, Sweets “is going to kind of dovetail into the story at the FBI. He’s going to have an impact on Booth’s trajectory through the end of the year in terms of the potential promotion at the FBI, and also in realizing that maybe not everything is as nice and secure at the FBI as everyone thinks.”

HankQuestion: Any update on whether Bones plans to address the passing of Ralph Waite on screen? Hank deserves a fitting sendoff. —Kelley
Ausiello: Mr. Nathan agrees with you. But since Waite’s death came about so suddenly, Hank’s tribute episode will likely have to wait until next season. “We didn’t feel that it was right to do something just shooting from the hip,”explains Nathan. “If we do something, we want it to show the respect we have for him and also the love we have for him.”

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Question: I know Louis is Suits‘ love-to-hate character, but is there any chance we’ll learn more about him this season? —Vicki
Ausiello: You shall, though primarily through his ever-scheming actions versus any exposition drop or flashbacks. “Louis is going to be forced to make a lot of tough choices, and [through that] we’re going to learn a tremendous amount about him,” exec producer Aaron Korsh says. “But I don’t know that we’re going to learn a tremendous amount of facts about Louis’ past.”

Question: Can you confirm the rumours about Naya Rivera leaving Glee after next week’s episode? She’s one of my favorites. I really can’t picture Glee without her. —Abz
Ausiello: I ran this rumor up the flagpole and, according to multiple sources in the know, it’s not true.

gleeQuestion: What’s in store for Brittany and Santana when Heather Morris returns for Glee‘s two-part 100th episode? —Ashley
Ausiello: There’s lots of good Brittana stuff in next week’s episode. Let’s just say Santana is instrumental in bringing a certain aspect of Brit’s McKinley experience full circle. Also, Brit attempts to smooth things over between Santana and Rachel — and by the looks of this photo, I’d say she’s pretty successful.

Question: I see Anne Dudek is guest-starring in Cristina’s Sliding Doors-esque episode of Grey’s Anatomy next week. Any idea who she’s playing? —Claire
Ausiello: The wife of a patient who is deciding whether or not to live. (There’s a House or Cut-Throat B#tch joke in there somewhere, right?)

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Question: Season 1 of Mistresses left us with a bunch of cliffhangers: Savi flat-lining in the hospital, shots fired while Karen struggled with Elizabeth Grey and her son Sam. How quickly will we get answers about the characters’ fates? –Hadley
Ausiello: As the old saying goes, “If a gun goes off in a wealthy therapist’s minimalist living room, and the entire neighborhood hears it…” Wait, wrong expression. So, let’s go directly to Yunjin Kim, who spilled some intel on the red carpet at PaleyFest’s Lost event this weekend. Season 2 will pick up eight months after the Season 1 finale, Kim reveals, and while she’s not at liberty to say who lived (or died) in the climactic shootout, answers will come “right away” in the premiere. What’s more, when we reconnect with Karen she’ll be “over the Greys” — and will have moved on to “many, many beautiful men.” (Hey, this is a primetime sudser, after all.) “Karen goes to a very dark place,” Kim adds. “Darker than last season, if you can imagine — considering we’re the sexy summer show for ABC.”

Tammy 2Question: Is there any chance we’ll see the flawless Lucy Lawless return to Parks and Recreation as Ron’s leading lady this season? —Alyssa
Ausiello: There’s a very, very, very good chance you will see Diane again in the one-hour finale on April 24. There’s also a very, very, very good chance you will see Megan Mullally reprise her role as Tammy II in the same episode.

Question: Wondering if you have any Arrow scoop — especially Olicity-related? —Vanessa
Ausiello: The spark between the partners will “keep popping up,” promises EP Marc Guggenheim. “You haven’t seen the last of ‘Olicity’ moments, for sure. But at the same time, we don’t try to cram them in.” As for the Gal Friday herself, the EP teases that we’ll learn more about her parents in future episodes, with additional backstory coming in Season 3. BONUS SCOOP: Before season’s end, the number of people who know about Oliver’s secret “will go up,” Guggenheim reveals.

Question: I’m loving Reign right now, but I need to know if there’s any hope for us “Mash” fans. —Cora
Ausiello: Never give up hope, Cora. Mary may be married to Francis, but Lola’s extramarital bun in the oven isn’t going to make for wedded bliss. “As long as that secret exists, Mary is going to be lying to her husband,” Anna Popplewell tells TVLine. “It’s not just Lola’s future that’s at stake, but also Mary’s future with Francis.” As for Mary’s future with Bash, Popplewell tells us, “There’s something very exciting that happens in the next few episodes that will alter the balance of that situation.”

Question: Any Vampire Diaries scoop? –Chery
Ausiello: I’ve got some good scoop, Chery — especially if you’re a card-carrying member of Team Delena. Damon’s ex-girlfriend may be infected and hungry for vampire blood, but that doesn’t mean she’s lost her libido. Ian Somerhalder tells TVLine there’s going to be some major action between Damon and Elena this Thursday, or in his words: “There’s some sexy time happening. Exes, man. What are you going to do?”

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