The Following Brings Back [Spoiler] - Did You Have a Feeling This Was Coming?

The Following Season 2 Recap Quoth the raven: WTF?

Monday night’s episode of The Following did what many fans hoped for but few thought was possible: It brought back Claire, Joe’s presumed-dead former wife played by Natalie Zea.

Those who watched the show’s first season will remember that Claire escaped a deadly standoff with her murderous ex-husband only to be gutted by one of his minions in Ryan Hardy’s Brooklyn apartment. In this season’s premiere, Ryan tearfully asked Mike if Claire — his true love — survived the attack… and Mike sadly shook his head no.

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The Fox drama saved the big reveal for the final few minutes of the episode, when Mike casually took his leave of the Hardys and was driven by FBI agents to a remote hotel. Once there, he encountered the much-missed Prof. Matthews, who’s now sporting shorter, darker hair.following-recaplet-claire

“Hello, Mike,” she said, and the screen cut to black.

It’s likely Claire’s reappearance is tied to the on-TV reveal that Joe Carroll is, in fact, “very much alive” and bent on social domination. From the events of the episode, it appears he’s going to start with Micah’s cult members, who begin to follow “Prophet Joe” after he kills their insane leader and his wife, Julia.

Elsewhere in the hour: Emma and two cult members named Robert and Lance attacked author Carrie Cooke at one of her booksignings, former FBI analyst/current follower Jana killed herself after stabbing Mendez and realizing that she’d been made, Max accidentally got an eyeful of the full Weston and Ryan and Carrie kissed.

Did you have a feeling that Claire wasn’t really dead? Or did Zea’s appearance surprise the heck outta you? Vote in the poll below, then hit the comments to discuss.