Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Them's the Breaks

Grey's Anatomy Season 10Not one but two romances flatline in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy. But only one relationship is really, most sincerely dead. Confused? You won’t be after reading this recap!

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FORBIDDEN LOVE | No sooner has Owen announced the board’s decision to prohibit flirtations between superiors and their subordinates than Richard — reluctant to play “panty police” — has revealed to the interns that the policy was only instituted because one of them anonymously lodged a complaint. Immediately turning to Stephanie, Jo hisses, “You realize you just made my relationship illegal!” Thing is, Stephanie didn’t go to HR, a fact that only comes to light after Jo has Alex stage a very public fake break-up (fake-up?) and Richard finds them — AND Jackson and April! — all trying to get busy in a supply closet. So whodunit? Leah! Not that it’s likely to matter much after Shane’s impassioned speech about how they should be focused on saving lives, not shacking up, and Alex’s rant to the board about how he’s “not gonna let a buncha hyprocrites tell me to keep my pants on at work when this place was built on all of you feeling each other up in our on-call room!”

SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES | Meanwhile, since Meredith and Cristina are friends again, they have a wine-soaked sleepover while Derek is out of town interviewing for his presidential appointment. Or at least they start to have a wine-soaked sleepover. It’s cut short after just one bottle when Derek comes home early, his interrogation — and apparently the whole shebang — having been canceled. Afterward, a tipsy Cristina knocks on Owen’s door — more vino in hand — to congratulate him on his decision to buy a house with Emma. Assuming that her successor is the kind of woman who would have draperies and placemats, she asks (as only she could), “Were you sad we never had valences?” Inevitably, this leads to them having sex. And, just as inevitably, it leads to Owen dumping Emma the next day — right after she’s confessed that she hopes to have two kids, maybe three, and be a stay-at home mom. It’s almost irony overload: The heretofore-kid-obsessed Owen tells her, “We want different things.” (Cue my head exploding in 3, 2… )

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VITAL STATS | Remember a paragraph ago when I mentioned that Derek’s interview was called off, leading him — and us — to think, in essence, he’d been dumped by the president? Turns out, he wasn’t. He (and we) learn shortly thereafter that the meeting was nixed because the commander in chief doesn’t want McDreamy to be on the advisory board, he wants him to run the show! Off this turnaround, Mer — conflicted as she may be about her husband’s accidentally broken promise and her own stalled research — decides that she can no longer punish him by playfully withholding sex. In other twists of plot, Callie gives Arizona back her engagement ring now inscribed with the date that they moved into their new place, the interns begin to warm to Ben, and Jackson and April reveal to the board that they tied the knot. (Best reaction: Arizona’s “Congratulations?” with a big, audible question mark at the end of the word.)

Okay, your turn. How do you feel about Owen and Cristina’s sorta reunion knowing that, since Sandra Oh is leaving, it can’t last? Hit the comments!