Castle Recap: Misconstrue Confessions

Castle Recap Room 147This week on ABC’s Castle not one but three people came forward to confess to a murder, describing the crime scene in detail — though none of them could have actually done it.

But more importantly, viewers were rewarded for enduring the not-so-long national Pi’ghtmare with a version of the long-overdue Kate/Alexis scene many have asked for.

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First things first: Struggling actor Justin is killed by a gunshot to the chest in Room 147 of the Best Traveler Hotel. First, Anita Miller shows up to confess to the killing — thought she’s “confused” about why she did it. Then, Sam Carson arrives at the 12th to claim that he pulled the trigger, again describing the crime scene to a tee… and blaming it on “hazy” anger issues. (After Sam surfaced, I figured this had to be a case of brainwashing or the like. Getting multiple people to take the rap and thus throw off the scent.) Last but not least to confess is CPA Dwight Carruthers, thus making the case “officially outstanding” for Rick.

Ultimately, a mysterious van spied outside Anita’s and Sam’s places leads to EHI, a self-help “cult” run by Dr. Bauer (who meets with Rick and Kate from “Stockholm” via video). He claims to not know any of the principals, but later (in his “Stockholm” aka secret Manhattan office) admits that he hired Justin for some “visualization” training video thingamabob, to act out a scene that his killer would end up replicating. An employee at the video’s post-production house is one of Justin’s theater pals, Pam, and she saw an opportunity to avenge her brother’s death (at an EHI sweat lodge). As motives go, I’m buying this one. Plus, the lady seems a bit unhinged to begin with. Afford her a primo opportunity, and…. Finit.

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But man, the Alexis stuff. So, the episode opens with Rick and Kate being surprised at the loft one morning by Alexis, who had crashed there after a late night of tutoring and assorted train problems. Rick asks why she doesn’t just move back in, and she reminds that she has the lease and all. But since Rick has offered to take care of the lease snag, he wonders: Is there another reason?

Kate wonders, too, and later in the hour she sneaks off for a meeting with Alexis. Brushing up against the issues that surfaced at the start of the season, Kate tells Alexis, “I want to make sure one of reasons isn’t me….” Alexis, though, insists, “It’s not you — it’s me,” in that she’s been beating herself up over the whole Pi thing, standing her ground against her dad during the whole move-out thing, and all for… well, Pi. Kate urges her fiance’s daughter to not kick herself, saying that “the love haze’ makes smart people do stupid things. “Your penance is paid,” Kate says, coaxing Alexis to reconsider.

And sure enough, during the episode-ending sipping of wine and trading of flirty words, there’s a knock at the loft door, where Rick is met by Alexis: “Dad, can I come home…?” And as they hug, Alexis and Kate trade warm looks. Bravo.

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What did you think of “Room 147” and its unexpectedly satisfying family elements?

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