Olympics Watch: What Was Your Favorite Moment From Sochi 2014, Day 12?

ted-ligety-325With two excellent runs down the giant slalom course Wednesday at the Winter Olympics, American Olympic skiier Ted Ligety split from his competition and secured his place as the event’s gold medal finisher.

Ligety is the first American man to win two alpine golds, a position he claimed by sailing down the mountain as though he were out for a Sunday morning glide in his home state of Utah.

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As the edges of his skis bit into the soft snow, Ligety seemed completely at ease and utterly in control. His first trip from the summit awarded him a 1.5-second lead on his closest competitor (and silver medalist), France’s Steve Missilier; that cushion ultimately helped the American nail a second run despite a momentary misstep from which he quickly recovered.

As his family rejoiced in the stands, Ligety skidded into the finish area and collapsed in a happy heap, celebrating his comeback after a disappointing showing at the 2010 Vancouver games.

Missilier’s compatriot Alexis Pinturault ended the day in third place, .64 seconds past Ligety’s combined time, and was awarded the bronze medal.

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Meanwhile, American skiier Bode Miller’s day started rough and ended worse: He placed 20th in the competition and, citing re-aggravated knee problems, withdrew from a slalom event on Saturday.

What Wednesday event got you cheering? Were you tuned in to the women’s bobsled finals? Shocked by the tumbles during the women’s figure skating short program? Completely obsessed with hockey? Sound off in the comments!

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