The Thrill of Victory: Heat Up the Sochi Winter Games With TVLine's Olympic Bingo

Winter Olympics Bingo CardsLooking for a way to jazz up your Winter Olympics viewing? Bingo!

No seriously, bingo – as in, TVLine has put together a fun way to boost the excitement as you settle in to watch NBC’s coverage of the Sochi games.

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Below, you’ll find our handy game card, purposefully left blank. (Click on the card for a full-size, printable version.) Before you sit down to watch the games, print out a grid for everyone who’ll be watching the events with you, then fill in the squares with the type of things you might see during the evening’s coverage. Use our list of ideas — or come up with your own!

• An announcer mentions “sacrifice”
• Athlete’s parent(s) in the crowd
• An athlete says he or she feels like they’re “dreaming”
• Your home country wins a gold medal
• Your home country wins a silver medal
• Your home country wins a bronze medal
• A wipeout/fall
• Tears of joy
• Tears of frustration
• Fist pump
• An athlete, either directly or indirectly, comments on Russia’s anti-gay stance
• The temperature of an outdoor event is colder than the temperature where you are
• Announcers mention the weather in general
• “U-S-A! U-S-A!” chant
• Cowbells!
• NBC shows a shot of something overtly Russian (Red Square, nesting dolls, etc.)
• An athlete is described as “brave”
• Videotape about an athlete’s sob-inducing backstory
• Triple toe loop!
• Triple axel!
• Someone is dressed as a hare, polar bear or leopard (the games’ official mascots)
• An athlete thanks God
• An athlete thanks his or her parents
• An athlete/team that does not medal in an event is described as “putting in a great effort” or something of the sort (“They gave their all,””They left it all out there,” etc.)
• The phrase “blood, sweat and tears” is used
• Celebrity in attendance
• Someone pulls a face on the medal stand (e.g. McKayla Maroney)
• A team from a warm climate (e.g. Jamaican bobsled team) makes the podium
• It actually snows
• You can see patches of bare ground in traditionally snowy events
• Torch shot!
• A slopestyle athlete says “Dude”

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When you notice, for instance, an athlete pumping a victorious fist in the air, cross off the square for “Fist pump!” Don’t have that marked on your card? Don’t worry – we’re sure there’ll soon be a shot of the torch or a “U-S-A!” chant or something else you’ve got penciled on your paper.

Once you’ve crossed off all the boxes in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row, you win! (And if you want to go for the gold and play a more advanced pattern, more power to you.) Have your friends play your country’s national anthem as you stand on your coffee table, waving to the crowd, dabbing at your eyes… and already mentally prepping for PyeongChang 2018.

What are you waiting for — click on the card and play! And if you’ve got photos of you and your pals playing TVLine’s Olympic Bingo, tweet ’em to us @TVLine!


Winter Olympics Bingo Cards

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