Castle Recap: Save the (New?) Date

Castle Wedding DressThis week on ABC’s Castle, Beckett’s unanticipated “reentry” into the world of modeling landed her in a bridal gown, contemplating…. Meanwhile, Rick’s pursuit of the ideal wedding venue threatened to get the whole thing called off.

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THE CASE | While a vast improvement over the previous episode’s riff on Miley Cyrus, sometimes I will ask myself: Matt, would this motive be enough reason for you to take a life? The victim here, Ella, was the assistant to Matilda King aka Frances Fisher’s Anna Wintour/Miranda Priestley-like magazine editor, and it is discovered that the young lass’ apartment had been bugged — by Modern Fashion magazine. It’s also gleaned that Ella, freshly fired by Matilda, was on the verge of sharing with a rival mag something that could ruin her ex-employer.

Did Ella’s damning intel have to do with some new “digital” direction Modern Fashion was taking itself in? No, it turns out that Ella was a wannabe designer, and some of her work had been stolen by a designer (Entourage‘s Rex Lee) who went on to earn a coveted “Fab Five” ranking by Modern Fashion. If it were to come out that the mag had touted stolen work, that ostensibly would be the end of all things — and thus was motive for Rob Estes’ ambitious creative director to strangle Ella to death.

But really, more so than any recent Case of the Week, the purpose of this one more pointedly served the personal through line for Rick and Kate — and to a greater degree than anyone would have predicted.

THE CASKETT | At one point, Matilda beseeches her onetime prized mannequin to don a couture wedding dress, as a make-good for bailing on a primo mag spread all those years ago. And when Kate does, her reaction to what she sees (NO DRESS JOKES, PEOPLE) evolves from the unfettered joy of a bride-to-be (loved her silent “Wow…”) to something deeper, as the reality of her coming marriage seems to set in. But what exactly is going through Kate’s head?

Not helping matters, this is precisely when Rick calls to say that they can get the venue of their dreams… if they move up the date from September to spring (May sweeps? Season finale?). The question, coupled with an already emotional moment, leaves Beckett speechless (though I’d like to think she said something before ending the call; the abrupt edit instead begged us — or at least me — to audibly utter at the TV, “Oh, no“).

But… all is well in Caskettland. Ultimately continuing their convo in person back at the loft — and after she has been gifted with the gown she tried on — Kate discloses how, perhaps sparked by Matilda’s comment about not having a daughter, “I started to think about my mom” and how much she would have relished the wedding prep. Standing before the mirror, in the gown, “I halfway expected to see her behind me,” Kate shares, “and she wasn’t there.” And that’s why she, for no real reason, shrugged off the early date. Kate then lands a lump in our collective throat by remarking on how Mom would have loved Rick.

Rick offers Kate more time, if she so desires, but she makes clear she is more ready than ever to be his bride. “I don’t even want us to wait until the fall.” She wants spring. (May sweeps? Season finale?) Besides, she already has the dress. (BE NICE, PEOPLE.)

What did you think of “Dressed to Kill,” provided you haven’t already discussed it ad nauseum with European fans who got it early? And we’re all going to ignore the interrogation room moment where Kate and Javy whispered a little too intimately, a little too whispery, for a little too long, yes?

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