Exclusive Community Preview: Switched at Birth Star Clicks With Abed -- Watch Their Meet-Cute!

Community Season 5 SpoilersOn Thursday’s Community (NBC, 8/7c), Switched at Birth star Katie Leclerc signs her way right into Abed’s heart.

But, alas, their romance will be short-lived, previews the actress.

TVLine recently chatted with Leclerc to find out what brings the two characters together — check out the exclusive video of their first meeting below — and what, ultimately, tears them apart.

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TVLINE | Who are you playing?
Abed is avoiding [spoilers from his] favorite book series, which just happens to resemble Game of Thrones. So he decides to walk around Greendale wearing air traffic controller headphones so he can’t hear anything. And since my character is deaf, we [hit] it off right away and get along really well. There’s a bit of a budding romance. In the end, it turns out my character might not be exactly what Abed was hoping for.

TVLINE | It’s rare that we see Abed hit it off with a girl.
It’s true. She just finds him very endearing. I think they genuinely like each other despite what happens in the end of the episode. … It was so sad because I watched last week’s episode where they did the lava game. At the end, they clone Abed’s character and he had his heart broken because Troy left. I didn’t know that going into shooting my episode. When I was watching last week, I was like, “Oh, crap! Abed just had his heart broken because Troy left and now I’m going to stomp all over it. What is happening to poor Abed?!”

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TVLINE | Did you pick up any comedy tips from the cast?
What’s striking is Joel [McHale’s] confidence. Whether he believes what he’s saying or not, he says it in a way that you believe him.

TVLINE | You’ve been on The Big Bang Theory and now Community. Which comedy would you like to guest star on next?
The show I’m really in love with right now is Mom. [The cast is] hilarious. They do really, really top-quality stuff and they have really good timing.

Press PLAY to watch Abed and Leclerc’s character form a connection through American Sign Language.

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