Community's Troy Farewell: Did You Lava It?

Donald Glover Last Episode CommunityThe Troy and Abed Era is officially over.

Community said sayonara to Troy Barnes on Thursday in an episode that found Abed concocting an elaborate campus-wide activity to distract himself from his buddy’s looming departure.

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As revealed in last week’s fantastic “Cooperative Polygraphy,” the late Pierce bequeathed Donald Glover’s Greendale vet a trip around the world. But before Troy sets sail via the aptly-named “Childish Tycoon” — captained by LeVar Burton! — Abed organizes an epic bon voyage event that starts out as a fun little game called “Hot Lava” and snowballs into a full-on disaster-movie homage.

Paintball-level pandemonium erupts throughout Greendale, and series creator Dan Harmon leaves no B-movie trope unturned (“Shirley Island” was my personal fave). But amid all the chaos, Abed’s very real feelings about Troy’s departure begin to surface. “It’s not a game for me, Troy,” he admits to his BFF. “I’m seeing real lava because you’re leaving; it’s embarrassing. I don’t want to be crazy but I am crazy. So I made a game that made you and everybody else see what I see.”

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Cue Abed’s fake-death, followed by his fake-resurrection/cloning, followed by Troy’s crazy-touching Wizard of Oz-esque goodbye to each member of the study group (during which we learned stuff, like, Jeff has never stepped foot outside of Colorado!).

What did you think of the episode? Did you, like me, lose it when Troy and Abed hugged in the final moments? Do you really think this will be the last we see of him? Rate the episode in the poll below and then justify your grade in the comments!

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