Dracula's Finale: Satisfying or a Suck Fest?

Dracula Season 1 FinaleNow that Dracula has ripped his last victim to sinewy threads — for now, if not forever — we want to know whether or not you had a bloody good time watching the season finale.

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A brief recap, to get your juices flowing:

• Lady Jayne brings in a seer to direct her band of hunstmen to all the vampire nests in the city. They quickly get to work, always keeping Dracula as their ultimate goal.

• Van Helsing, having completely split with Grayson, torches all of his work, stabs Renfield in the gut, kidnaps Browning and then leaves him to be eaten by his own children, whom Van Helsing has seen fit to turn into vampires.

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• Grayson gives another public demonstration of his energy resonator, and Mina smiles at him from the crowd as it’s fired up. But Harker finds her and pulls her away, warning her that the device is set to blow shortly after it starts. Mina alerts Grayson, who angrily orders Harker to get her to safety. While the pair run away, Grayson tries to reverse the damage but can’t stop the plant from going up in a giant conflagration.

• Having been directed there by her seer, Lady Jayne arrives at the explosion site, looking for Grayson. She finds him. “I know who you are,” she whispers. “You’ve always known. Admit it,” he replies. They trade blows, and she stabs him in the leg, but it’s not enough: He tosses her in the air and impales her on some wreckage. “Don’t turn me,” she commands with her last breaths. “You owe me that.” He complies, sucking her dry instead.

• Thanks to Grayson’s attack in the previous episode, Lucy is now a full-fledged vampire whose first meal is her mother.

• Mina finds her way back to Alexander and they embrace. “I was so afraid I’d lost you,” she cries. They wind up in bed.

• Van Helsing summons Harker to his lab, promising to tell him everything he needs to destroy Grayson, including “His name is Dracula.”

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