New Girl Vs. Mindy Project's Winter Finale: Which Romantic Twist Was More Awww-some?

Mindy Project Danny KissRomance was in good supply during the second hour of Fox’s Tuesday comedy line-up — but which “surprising” moment left the biggest smile on your face?

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On New Girl, much of the half-hour revolved around Nick’s ability to celebrate Jess’ birthday all day long, from morning (starting at 7am, when she was born!) until… whenever.

Yet just as things were looking a bit bleak — a “surprise” bounty of baked treats discovered at Griffith Park actually belonged to an 9-year-old birthday girl — Nick & Co. turned Jess’ lonesome trip to the movies into a celebration of Day’s birth, including aisles full of familiar faces and a video presentation populated by many others, including Jamie Lee “Mom” Curtis and Rob “Dad” Reiner. Almost made you forget Coach and Winston’s half-baked bake-off subplot.

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Then on The Mindy Project, Mindy and Danny’s return from Los Angeles was detoured by an unannounced, begrudging visit to the latter’s father (and sister, also named Danny). Mindy proved supportive during Danny’s obviously tenuous reunion, even as she (with “help” from Peter and Morgan) worked to make Cliff realize the error of his ways. Yet just as Cliff did, a bit of turbulence on the flight back prompted Danny to get up from his seat find Mindy, who was angling to pinch him some proper tonic water (versus seltzer), and pull her into an impromptu liplock — which, after registering proper surprise, she warmly welcomed. To be continued… on April 1!

All of which brings us to our polls….

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