Fox's Enlisted: Are You Ready to Sign Up?

Enlisted Series Premiere RecapThe bumbling soldiers of Florida’s Fort McGee made their debut Friday on Fox’s Enlisted (9:30/8:30c) — after watching the military comedy, are you ready to join the platoon?

Before you vote in the poll below, here’s a quick recap. Sgt. Pete Hill (The Finders Geoff Stults) is a very successful U.S. Army soldier in Afghanistan… until he decks a superior and winds up assigned to a rear detachment (or “rear D”) in Florida.

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Turns out, that’s where his two brothers, the sarcastic slacker Derrick (Veronica MarsChris Lowell) and the sweet dimwit Randy (Suburgatory‘s Parker Young) — who also are soldiers — are stationed. Pete is used to dodging bullets and carrying out life-or-death missions; Derrick and Randy are used to washing tanks and mowing lawns.

The three actors’ chemistry is evident from the moment the Hill brothers are reunited after a year’s absence, though Pete quickly makes it clear that he wants out of Fort McGee ASAP. That feeling intensifies when he meets the lackadaisical, untrained platoon he’s supposed to lead. Some are fat. Some can barely stand. And none has the inclination to complete either of their prescribed duties: finding a base family’s missing dog and competing against a visiting Italian regiment in some war games.

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After the Hill brothers’ in-family fighting devolves into fisticuffs at reveille, base chief Sgt. Major Cody (The Cape‘s Keith David) forces Pete to understand that Fort McGee’s missions may not be dramatic but they are incredibly important to the families of soldiers overseas.

And so a chastened Pete apologizes to his brothers for being emotionally distant during his deployment (he was afraid that his death would hurt them worse if he were in touch more often) and to the members of his platoon for thinking that he was better than them (a confession that motivates them to fulfill both of their missions in one fell swoop).

The comedy is heartwarming without being hokey, and the supporting cast — including Angelique Cabral (Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23) — is quirky without being annoying.In short,we’d gladly re-up.

But now we want to know what you think. Grade the episode via the poll below, then back up your choice in the comments.