How I Met Your Mother Fall Finale Recap: The Bass Player vs. The Lead Singer

Bass Player WantedOn Monday’s fall finale of CBS’ How I Met Your Mother, Marshall became the third member of the gang to cross paths with Ted’s future wife, who blissfully finally gets him to the Farhampton Inn.

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As Marshall is walking alongside the road with baby Marvin – doesn’t that seem a tad dangerous? – The Mother pulls up in a van and offers a ride. Despite the vehicle of choice and the fact that she seems to know everything about his life (down to the fact that his wife got a job in Rome), she’s neither a creepster nor a magical creature. As it turns out, she’s been spending some time with Lily at the Inn.

The Mother offers to drop Marshall off, but after that, she’s headed back to the city. What once was a fun band she put together with her business school classmates — their adorkable name: Super Freakonomics — has been taken over by Darren (guest star Andrew Rannells), the leader singer and/or the devil. He plans to have her kicked out of her own group, so she’s going to quit instead. Marshall, sensing a fellow too-nice soul, encourages her to stand up for herself. She got a good start when she took Lily’s “Aldrin Justice” approach and stole Darren’s van, but it’s going to take a lot more strength to battle the devil.

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Meanwhile, Darren’s doing his worst back at the Inn, slowly tearing apart friendships with his three-step approach. According to The Mother, he starts by making you feels hilarious and adorable. Then he finds a flimsy connection depending on where you’re from. Finally, he tells you a tragic, personal secret before letting the truth bombs fly. He spills that Robin is on Marshall’s side and that she feels like Lily is overshadowing her big day with her drama. Then he reveals to Barney that Ted is planning to move to Chicago. That one hurts, especially, since it’s coming so soon after the wedding.

But Darren’s damage is undone when Ted steals a bottle of scotch to make amends. As for Robin, she just doesn’t want to lose her best friend and offers to hold up the Marshpillow as Lily punches it. (The fighting goes on pause as the Erikson clan is tearfully reunited, at last.) And for the kicker, Ted punches Darren – ah, so that’s where the bandage comes from – which gets him to finally quit the band. The Mother is so delighted at the news that she buys Ted a drink before taking off.

HIMYM fans, what did you think of the episode? Is The Mother winning you over? And how excited are you about that episode tag, cuing up the next slap?