How I Met Your Mother Spins a 'Different' Kind of 200th Episode - Starring The Mother

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 SpoilersGet ready to see a lot more of The Mother.

How I Met Your Mother‘s titular mama has been in short supply so far this season, but that will change when the hit CBS comedy airs its 200th episode in January.

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The milestone outing, while light on the original cast, will offer up a plentiful helping of the future Mrs. Ted Mosby.

“You’re going to be so sick of her by the end [of the series],” jokes executive producer Craig Thomas, adding that newbie series regular Cristin Milioti is “the star” of the momentous half-hour, titled “How Your Mother Met Me,” which is told from her character’s perspective.

“Our 100th episode was very much a celebration of the cast – not the cast doesn’t deserve celebrating even more after 200 episodes – but this is a different kind of story,” adds EP Carter Bays. “It’s about the tale. It felt like a different kind of 200th episode, but it felt like the right one to do in terms of the greater story of the show.”

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Having a lot more screentime also gives Milioti a greater chance at taking home awards-season gold, when the time comes. “If she doesn’t get nominated for a guest Emmy for this episode, I don’t know what one has to do to get that,” raves Thomas. “She’s fantastic in it. Anyone who wants more of her will love this episode.”

As The Mother’s story unfolds, that fateful meeting — between Ted and his future wife at the train station — nears. But will it be a joyful moment? After all, the bachelor, sporting a mysteriously bandaged hand, looks pretty forlorn in the flash-forwards after struggling with his feelings for Robin during the wedding festivities.

“It’s a bruising weekend for everybody,” replies Bays. “A lot goes down. But he’s going to meet [The Mother] at exactly the right time in his life.”

Assures Thomas: “Ted will be very happy at the end of the series.”