How Should SOA Kill Off Gemma? Scandal Prez on Grey's? Ichabod's Son Lives? And More Qs!

Carrie DiariesWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Sleepy Hollow, NCIS, Arrow and Chicago Fire!

1 | Did The Carrie Diaries‘ Larissa/Samantha hook-up — with its handcuffs, whip, videocamera and promise of Harlan’s imminent third-party arrival — raise some eyebrows considering we’re talking about an 8 pm CW show?

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2 | How can Saturday Night Live‘s winter finale — which is still a week away — possibly improve on special guests Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, David Koechner, Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen? Also, isn’t “Weekend Update” critic Jebediah Atkinson, when removed of almost all old-timey context, basically just David Spade’s “Hollywood Minute” in a powdered wig? And which was more fun: trying to guess where the Anchorman cast would pop up next or spotting the cue-card guy in not one but two sketches? Lastly, in the Santa sketch, didn’t Paul Rudd look like the ghost of David Duchovny’s future?

3 | Did Once Upon a Time‘s Blue Fairy get her name from being generally icy to people? And has Wendy basically “lost” her kid brothers, since they grew up without her?

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4 | How did Homeland‘s Brody know that the instant he told Akbari he had been sent to snuff him, the IRG boss wouldn’t simply yell for his guards? And given that very real possibility, why relay the intel on Javardi at all, before going for the kill?

5 | Can Masters of Sex please work in more opportunities for Lizzy Caplan to sing in future episodes?

Sleepy Hollow6 | Who else thinks Sleepy Hollow‘s Jeremy (aka Ichabod Jr.) isn’t really and truly dead? Also, as a reader pointed out, how was it so sunny past 7 pm in New York, in December?

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7 | Had you even considered what Almost Human‘s androids had going on “down there” before Kennex’s comments this week? And now, can you focus on anything else?

8 | Fun and refreshing as The Sing-Off is, wouldn’t it be easier to handle its multiple-times-per-week schedule after the current incarnations of The Voice and The X Factor have ended? Maybe next year a just-before-Christmas, ending-in-early-January run would be better, no?

9 | Were you rooting for Trophy Wife‘s Diane to keep as a pet that affectionate coyote who spent Christmas Eve at Kate and Pete’s?

10 | True or false: This week’s NCIS, with Gibbs, Fornell, their shared ex and soooo much inappropriate banter/texts, was funnier than many sitcoms.

11 | What is your fantasy death scenario for Sons of Anarchy‘s Gemma next season (’cause you know she ain’t long for this world)? And does Unser deserve a similar fate for figuratively handing her a loaded gun with Tara’s name on it and then disappearing — leaving the keys to his truck behind?! — to fetch her some Tylenol?

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Chicago Fire12 | Does anyone really think Chicago Fire will kill off Casey? And how great was it to see Dawson and Shay being friends again?

13 | Did anyone else notice that both the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Arrow this week had their comic book heroes battling genetically modified super-strong baddies?

14 | Which Arrow moment made you geek out hardest: Oliver trying on his new mask… the reveal that (an angry) Slade Wilson is behind Brother Blood’s super-serum scheme… or witnessing the incident that will turn Barry Allen into The Flash?

15 | On The Tomorrow People, why would Ultra have saline on hand in their interrogation room? And who can blame Astrid for making eyes at John?

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16 | Did any Nashville fans notice that there was no one behind the parking lot bandstand that Deacon & Co. were playing on? No techies, no engineers, no groupies, no fans trying to get a closer look at the country music star playing in the local parking lot. (Or maybe Nashville residents are numbed to such things?) And did you feel a little robbed that the show only gave us the glum Will-Brent bedroom aftermath, without (if we’re not being too subtle) any of the before or middle?

17 | Which coven of witches was more badass this week: the ladies of American Horror Story, or the fang-tastic bunch on Sleepy Hollow? And speaking of Coven, how exactly did Myrtle restore Cordelia’s eyesight without repeating the grisly mess she made with the council members?

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18 | Wait, was that President Fitzgerald Grant calling Grey’s Anatomy‘s Derek…?! Shonda-verse crossover! And how relieved were you when Leah — aka the Grey’s Anatomy character likeliest to go all Fatal Attraction on us — decided against going to April’s wedding to declare that she was obsessively in love with Arizona? After all, isn’t one bats#*! crazy newbie (Shane) more than enough?

Reign19 | Would it kill Reign‘s Nostradamus to crack a smile every once in a while? And wasn’t this week’s “big” death kind of a wash? (Did you even know her name before the episode?)

20 | Was anyone else a little nervous that Parenthood‘s Kristina and Adam would get caught during their public display of anger toward Bob Little? And why did Julia think the proper way to remove Ed from her life was to go visit him?

21 | Flash poll: Are we loving or loathing the ubiquitous Sprint ads where James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell reenact teenage girls’ ridiculous phone conversations and Facebook friend requests?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!