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NCIS 250th Episode TonyWho’s the new woman in DiNozzo’s NCIS life? What’s the latest on Once Upon a Times beautiful new baddie? Will Klaus have company when he returns to Vampire Diaries? Who’s been replaced in Community‘s study group? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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Anything interesting coming up for DiNozzo on NCIS? –Mel
Fielding your query, show boss Gary Glasberg says, “Tony has had a year of real change and growth so far. Ziva said goodbye. Bishop said hello. Tony’s friendship with McGee got stronger and his bond with Gibbs wasn’t weakened by change, it was reinforced. And now, for a special 250th episode, Anthony DiNozzo Sr. (returning guest star Robert Wagner) will be back. And along with a riveting crime to solve, Tony will discover there’s a new mystery woman in his father’s life.”

NCIS‘ Michael Weatherly tweeted a while back that he was directing an episode this month. Do you have any spoilers/scoops about it? –Marla
As it would turn out, the operative words here are “a while back.” Says Gary Glasberg, “We were planning on that, but we decided to postpone it,” so that Weatherly and his wife could instead spend some quality time with their brand-new son Liam, born on Oct. 29. Weatherly’s next turn behind the camera is thus being rescheduled.

Great suggestions for NCIS: New Orleans actors. Tom Welling would be perfect as Agent LaSalle, and he needs to be back on TV. Is this a possibility? –Patricia
All I can confirm is that spin-off creator Gary Glasberg indeed saw my list of casting suggestions and, I quote, “enjoyed” it. So… I await my 10 percent?

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Do you know who ‪@bexmader is playing on ‪#OnceUponATime? I know you can’t reveal, but curious as to how hush-hush this is. — @e_vanquill
I know that series creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis are happy to have brought her on, seeing as the last time they wrote for Rebecca Mader on Lost, they killed off poor Charlotte. “We’ve had her in mind for this for a while,” says Horowitz, “and the time finally seemed right.” Also: I am told that Bex will keep her British accent – whether that’s a clue is for you to decide.

Anything on Klaus’ upcoming trip to The Vampire Diaries? Please tell me he’ll have a scene with Caroline! –Mary Kate
Perhaps the juicier question is: Who’s going with him? Teasing the why of the cross-back-over, Originals EP Michael Narducci says, “There are things happening on Vampire Diaries which are pretty huge. Word travels to New Orleans and Klaus – and perhaps even one other of our characters – will be curious about the events that are taking place in Mystic Falls.”

I’m so happy NBC already picked up The Blacklist for a second season. Any scoop about the next episode in January. Is Ressler already back on the job? –Daisy
“Agent Ressler isn’t going anywhere,” EP Jon Bokenkamp wants to assure you. “That said, the injuries he’s sustained and the revelations made about his character in the fall cliffhanger will certainly impact the show going forward.”

Longtime fan, first-ever question! Did I miss an update on Under the Dome? Is it coming back and if so, when? –Barb
Yes, Under the Dome – which was always a candidate for renewal despite its “limited summer event series spectacular” or whatever label – was picked up for a 13-episode sophomore run, to air in summer 2014.

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With Pierce gone (thank god) and Troy leaving (miss you, Donald Glover), will Community‘s Greendale Seven become the Greendale Five? Or will they try to fill out the group with new characters? –ShaLinda
I can’t yet vouch for any Troy “replacement” plan, but by the end of Season 5’s second episode, someone else is sitting in Pierce’s seat at the study group table, and it’s a very awesome choice.

What’s our favorite overachiever Annie Edison up to this season on Community? –Jennifer
For one, she’s keeping a watchful eye on Mr. Winger as he enters this new stage of his Greendale existence. Alison Brie also will get to play with guest star Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad) when Annie and Professor Hickey get wrapped up in planning an event for the college.

Have you seen the Hawaii Five-0 Pearl Harbor episode airing [tonight]? Any scoop on what we can expect? –clarlee
In short, it’s quite well done. The cold open is impressive, revisiting the start of the assault on Pearl Harbor with chilling visual effects. Guest star James Saito, as a man out to avenge the WWII era murder of his father and thus the narrator of numerous flashbacks, does reall nice work and holds your attention. And the final moments should have you grabbing for a Kleenex, as Five-0 resolves this very cold case. On the lighter front, there are fun exchanges where Danno accuses McG of being a “softie,” and when Steve offers to hold his partner’s hand during a “scary” moment.

Please, can you give a scoop for Person of Interest? –Harkanwar
I chatted up Kevin Chapman the other night at CBS’ holiday party here in NYC, and after thanking TVLine for the recent Performer of the Week recognition, he previewed Fusco’s new BMOC status at the NYPD. “Because of the taking down of HR, we have a lot of old detectives going out and new detectives coming in, and they’re all kind of looking to Fusco for guidance,” he said. “He’s now become the ‘mentor’ of the office.” To set the best example, the once-sketchy lawman will take a cue from the late Joss Carter, whose admirable legacy he recounted to Simmons before taking the HR goon in. “He’s kind of following that model going forward.”

Any word from NBC if they’re going to burn off their canceled shows Welcome to the Family and Ironside? At least on Hulu? –Olivia
There’s no official word, but as of right now, sources tell me it’s looking “doubtful.” UPDATE: I now have some readers saying WTTFs are popping up on The Hulu. So…

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