Connie Britton: I'm OK With No FNL Movie

Connie Britton Friday Night Lights MovieMrs. Coach has weighed in one last time.

Though she waxed enthusiastic about the possibility of a Friday Night Lights movie earlier this year, Nashville star Connie Britton apparently has made her peace with the recent news that a big-screen adaptation isn’t happening.

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“You know what, I actually feel like it’s good,” the actress, who starred opposite Kyle Chandler in the football-themed drama, tells Vanity Fair. “I think that the decision needed to be made, and there’s been so much going back and forth about it now for so long.”

She continues: “And I feel like the only way that was ever going to work is if it just fell into place beautifully, and if everybody was on board, because we couldn’t do anything to risk what Friday Night Lights has already been.”

Calling the series — and its production process — “very unique” and “groundbreaking,” Britton said, “We really weren’t too worried about doing things the way that everybody else did them — we sort of wanted to do it our own way, and that will always be really special to me.”

FNL fans, now that Tami Taylor has had her say, do you feel better about the movie’s death? Or were you against the project from the beginning? Sound off in the comments!