Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Altar Egos

SANDRA OH, ELLEN POMPEO, JESSICA CAPSHAW, SARAH DREW, NICOLE CUMMINS, JUSTIN BRUENINGIn Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith and Cristina finally start to do more than just snipe at one another. (Mind you, there’s still quite a lotta sniping.) But, before the once-and-possibly-future BFFs can make too much headway, April tells them to put a sock in it, because, in case they hadn’t heard, she’s getting married, so even more so than usual, it’s all about her, her, her. Well, her and also Matthew Jackson. But more on that later…

EVERY WHICH WAY BUT TRUCE | The hour starts with the estranged gal pals doing their best Bickersons impression. First, Mer “congratulates” Cristina on her arrogance and opportunism, hissing, “You’ve become the thing you worship.” To which Cristina fires back, “And you’ve become the thing we laughed at.” However, at April’s nuptials, Mer admits that she’s envious of Cristina, and Cristina, in turn, confesses that she’s having as hard a time going it alone as she imagines Mer is having balancing work and family. Naturally, it’s at about that point that April yells, “Oh, shut up!” and reminds them that it’s all about her. So, without further ado…

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LIVE AND LET LEAVE | Before we get to April’s “I dos,” it bears mentioning that Alex at last — perhaps as much as he ever will? — makes peace with his father. Initially, they have a big fight, with Jimmy insisting that he did his best and Alex hollering that his “best is worthless” and that he had to be the man of the house. Later, though, acknowledging that he turned out all right, he kinda-sorta thanks Jimmy for leaving them. And Jo should for sure thank Jimmy — off this semi-closure, Alex starts talking about them being the only family they need, together forever and so forth. Somehow, this scene is played without April sensing their distraction from her special day or screeching at them about it.

SHARK ATTACK | One more thing before we get to April… Shane cracks up. Like, totally. Though Cristina warns him that he’s going to burn out, AND we learn that he’s been doctoring his hours so that he can work 24/7, AND he’s getting ever nervier and more aggressive, he doesn’t let up. He won’t even wait for an attending to perform emergency surgery on Jimmy, he does it himself and botches it. (“Call for help,” Leah instructs a nurse. “Who?” the nurse asks. “Anybody!” It’s THAT bad.) When Richard comes in and takes over, Sharky is in total meltdown mode, flashing back to Heather and snapping, “I’ve got her.” Somewhere, I’m fairly certain, April is thinking, “Do you have her, Shane? Do you really? Then bring her to my dang wedding already!”

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VITAL STATS | Speaking of April’s wedding… it’s there that Mer thanks Derek for turning down so many opportunities so that she can focus on her research. And it’s there that Derek gets a phone call from the president — yes, THE president — asking him to consult on his brain-mapping initiative. And it’s there that Arizona cries, because she fears she’ll never again be enough for Callie. And it’s there that Stephanie HAS to regret getting as far as the “L” of “I love you” with Jackson, because it’s also there that Jackson takes Mark’s advice. (If you love someone, “say it loud and go from there.”) “I love you,” he interrupts the ceremony to inform the bride, “and I think you love me. Do you?” And that’s all she wrote for the fall finale.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised by Jackson’s “shocking” confession? (Even Matthew looked like he expected it.) Were you relieved to see Mer and Cristina having something resembling a civil conversation again? Now that Shane’s hit rock bottom, where does he go from here? Where should he? Hit the comments, but be nice! (Try, anyway — Santa’s watching!)