Tomorrow People's Mark Pellegrino Talks Protecting John, Obeying The Founder and More

The Tomorrow People Season 1 SpoilersTomorrow People bad guy Jedikiah is a complicated man who loves the enemy — and kills his loved ones.

But can he bring himself to take down the one Tomorrow Person who’s like a son to him? How could he have his own brother murdered? And does he truly care for his secret, superpowered girlfriend, Morgan?

Below, portrayer Mark Pellegrino answers those questions and previews facing off with Ultra’s founder in Wednesday’s fall finale (The CW, 9/8c).

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TVLINE | Now that Jedikiah’s captured John, what are his intentions?
It’s an interesting thing that Jedikiah’s captured John. I’m just speaking from an interpretive point of view here. It’s true, canonically speaking, but it feels like it was accidental almost. Like, “I wish it didn’t have to happen, but it happened.” It happened just because he brought me to the surface and they were tracking me and they got to him. But it’s a regretful thing. And now that John is in the clutches of Ultra, Jedikiah’s got to negotiate some very strange territory. It’s not just him at Ultra now; there’s The Founder looking over his shoulder. So even if he wanted to protect John, he can’t. And then there’s the further complication of me loving somebody who’s a Tomorrow Person, who’s a possible chip in the game that Jedikiah’s caught in between the Tomorrow People and Ultra.

TVLINE | Jedikiah and John had a strong bond at one point, and even in last week’s episode, Jedikiah said he wanted him alive. Does Jedikiah have it in him to really hurt or kill John?
Jedikiah’s shown himself to be a person of very strong will. In his life, he’s acted against his emotions over and over and over again to do the thing that he thinks is right. I think he does have the strength to do something like that, as much as it would break his heart. But he could, if it was for the greater good.

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TVLINE | How deep are Jedikiah’s feelings for Carly Pope’s character, Morgan? How far will he go to protect her?
You’re going to see later on. You’re going to see how deep his feelings are for her and how far they’ll go. You may find it a bit… scary. [Laughs] It can change at a moment’s notice. Jedikiah’s willing to do a lot of things for love, for family and for what he thinks is right.

TVLINE | A couple of weeks ago, Robbie Amell and I talked about when Jedikiah will start to catch on to Stephen being a double. Are there any hints soon that he suspects something?
I think he always suspects Stephen. Ultra’s an interesting place. It’s not like any other spy place. It’s got agents who can look into your brain and literally feel your feelings and see your thoughts and past experiences. So as much as Jedikiah truly believes in what he’s doing, there’s got to be a part of him that has to say and do certain things, I imagine, for effect — and one never knows when that is. He never really reveals how much he The Tomorrow People Season 1 Spoilersknows or doesn’t know… I think he knows more about Stephen than Stephen knows, even though Stephen’s turning out to be a rather astute politician and very clever.

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TVLINE | We got a taste of the hierarchy at Ultra last week. How would you describe the relationship between Jedikiah and The Founder?
Very strained. Jedikiah has a bone to pick… Jedikiah might be chaffing a little bit under the authority of The Founder.

TVLINE | Big question: How can Jedikiah order a hit on his own brother?!
[Laughs] Yes, indeed. There’s more to that than meets the eye. That’s why Jedikiah’s so strong – because he had to do something for the greater good. And that greater good is not necessarily what you think.