Tomorrow People's Robbie Amell Previews Hook-Up Aftermath: 'Things Really Fall Apart'

The Tomorrow People Season 1 SpoilersHoly awkwardness, Tomorrow People!

On last week’s episode, Stephen and Cara sealed the deal while her boyfriend John was conveniently out of town. But the brunette isn’t exactly cuddling up to Stephen the morning after, previews star Robbie Amell.

Plus, Cara’s significant other won’t be MIA in Wednesday’s outing (The CW, 9/8c), which means “payback” is in order when the Tomorrow People leader finds out about the indiscretion.

Below, Amell also weighs in on what Jedikiah knows, the search for Stephen’s father and where Astrid fits in.

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TVLINE | The Stephen/Cara hook-up happened a lot sooner than I was expecting. What was your reaction when you read the script?
It happened sooner than everyone was expecting. [Laughs] I was very surprised, as well. You find out in Episode 7 that it totally works. It really ends up being just a small part of the ongoing love triangle between the three of them.

TVLINE | John and Cara weren’t exactly broken up when it happened.
No. Stephen’s a homewrecker.

TVLINE | Where does that leave Stephen and Cara in the next episode?
It picks up the morning after Episode 6. Stephen and Cara  are waking up in a hotel room. Stephen thinks that everything’s great, they’re going to be together, and she couldn’t shut it down fast enough. She puts an end to it right away. She tries to figure out a way to tell John. Stephen goes to Ultra and has to deal with the loss of another partner. He’s having a really crappy day and says some things to Jedikiah and just needs to step away from Ultra. Things really fall apart at the beginning of Episode 7.

TVLINE | When John gets back, does he sense that something’s happened?
He starts to figure that something happened. The first time that Stephen and John see each other in Episode 7, John doesn’t know. There’s a weird, awkward conversation. And then John does find out. He has a little bit of payback with Stephen at a basketball game. Then they have an old-fashioned fistfight.

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The Tomorrow People Season 1 SpoilersTVLINE | John and Stephen have had a contentious relationship from that start of the series.  Does this only add fuel to the fire?
Absolutely. No matter what way you cut it, I slept with John’s girl. That’s all you need to know. We’re not going to be buddies anytime soon. But by the end of the episode, for the survival of our species, we put our [issues] aside, and we’re going to work together to try to find my dad.

TVLINE | Does Stephen’s placement in the underground Tomorrow People world get shaken up as a result of all of this?
Definitely. Everything is getting shaken up and falling apart because of the situations he’s been and the situations he’s put himself in. Whether it’s at Ultra, having lost partners and being surrounded by death… People are starting to see him like a parasite at Ultra. Nobody wants to be affiliated with him. At the Tomorrow People, only John and Cara know about it, but those are the two leaders of the Tomorrow People. It throws a wrench in everything there. Really, the only person Stephen can be himself with and confide in is Astrid. And he manages to screw that up in Episode 7. He screws things up with everybody who’s close to him in Episode 7 and pushes everybody away.

TVLINE | Now that Stephen has this thing with Cara, is there any possibility of him and Astrid? Or does he not have romantic feelings for her?
You get to see a little heart-to-heart in Episode 7 that really shows how Stephen and Astrid feel about each other.

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TVLINE | Does Stephen telling Astrid about his powers put her in a difficult position going forward? Does he regret doing that?
Regret would be the wrong word. He didn’t want to, but he’d rather have her know and be his friend than not tell her and lose her. The only problem is, now he has the superhero syndrome where you tell somebody closest to you and it’s only just a matter of time before somebody else finds out and they’re used against you.

TVLINE | Stephen was just getting the hang of his powers, and this week, Jedikiah takes them away. How does Stephen deal with that?
It starts with everything falling apart, and then Astrid says, “If I had these powers, I would have fun with them.” So you get to see a different side of Stephen. He steps away from Ultra. He steps away from The Tomorrow People. He’s being an 18-year-old kid with powers, using them to become popular, win basketball games and hook-up with girls.

Jedikiah, obviously, says, “That’s not what your powers are there for. You can’t use your powers in public. Let’s see how you deal without your powers,” and slaps a suppression cuff on him. It really doesn’t change much in regards to Stephen’s mindset. He’s still very bullheaded. He runs into things face first. He ends up going after the breakout of the episode, a Tomorrow Person rapist, without his powers and tries to take him down himself.

TVLINE | How long can Stephen keep working at Ultra without his uncle realizing he’s a double agent? Jedikiah’s no dummy…
No, and I think Jedikiah is blissfully ignorant about certain things. I think he knows something’s going on, but if he doesn’t know what it is, then he can’t be held accountable for it. Ultimately, there’s a hierarchy above Jedikiah that really makes the decisions. And Jedikiah doesn’t want to see Stephen end up the same way his father did. I think he is protective of him, even though he has an odd way of showing it sometimes.

TVLINE | In terms of Stephen’s search for his father, how is he going about finding him?
It moves very quickly. At the end of Episode 7, you meet my dad for the first time that’s not in a flashblack. It really becomes the catalyst for Episode 8 and 9 and for the rest of the season.

TVLINE | One of the upcoming episodes is called “Death’s Door.” Should we be worried for someone’s fate?
Yeah, you should be worried for my fate. Stephen has some very close encounters with dying in Episode 7 and 9.