Grey's Anatomy Recap: Couples, Retreat!

Grey's Anatomy Season 10On Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, Callie and Arizona, Miranda and Ben, and Jackson and Stephanie all hit snags in their relationships. In fact, things become so heated between one of the couples that furniture is knocked over. Which pair appears to be beyond re-pairing? Read on and find out.

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MAKING UP IS HARD TO DO | Though Arizona admits to her wife that she was with someone during their separation – more than 10 times, even – Callie lets it slide since she gets an answer of yes to the one question that may really matter: “Is it over?” But, when Leah drills through not only a patient’s leg (which she was supposed to) but also the operating table (which she wasn’t) during a surgery in which they’re all participating, Callie hits the roof. “Ten-plus times… that was her?!” she yells/asks (rhetorically). Nonetheless, by the end of the episode, Arizona has gotten Callie to agree to let her stop sleeping on the couch and start sleeping in their bed. (Damn, she’s good!)

MARRIED… WITH PROBLEMS | After Miranda balks at Ben’s suggestion that she speak to a psychiatrist – “I’m not having behaviors,” she insists, “I’m having a life!” – he confides in Derek. Which would be all well and good except that Derek is now a board member and, as such, is required to take action. So, before you can say “Scrub out!” Miranda is benched and so ticked at her husband for gossiping that she tips over a chair in their living room. And then, because of her OCD, is forced to put it back exactly the way it was.

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“OVER” RATED | As April begins dithering about wedding invitations, she tells Jackson that he isn’t on the guest list, because, his name being Avery, he would’ve been at the top of the alphabetical list, and that wouldn’t have sat well with Matthew. But “I can’t go through with this,” she says, “if I don’t have your blessing.” You’ve got it, he assures her as he disinvites himself. All of which raises a red flag with Stephanie. In her estimation, people who are over each other don’t act so damn weird around one another.

STAND-UP GUY | When Cristina complains that her work suffers when she isn’t getting laid – therefore, she adds, “It’s bad for humanity” – Alex suggests she get a plaything. Shane volunteers, but “it’d be like having sex with a baby seal,” in his mentor’s estimation. That is, in her initial estimation. After he defends her to Meredith in another printer showdown, she thanks him with a kiss.

IN OTHER NEWS | Emma goes from agreeing to cook Thanksgiving dinner at MerDer’s for them and Owen to preparing a feast for 16 (and counting). Richard fails his stress test so spectacularly that he falls off the treadmill. And Derek keeps himself from moving into the doghouse next to Ben’s by keeping his lips zipped when the subject of his wife’s feud with Cristina arises.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Could you believe Arizona managed to a) get Callie to write off her fling as a bygone and b) get herself moved back into the bedroom to boot? Was Ben wrong to discuss Miranda’s condition with Derek? Are April and Jackson still into each other, or is she just still into him? Do you think Cristina and Shane will hit the sheets? Do you want them to? Hit the comments!

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