Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Scenes from a Marriage

Grey's Anatomy Season 10Although this week’s Grey’s Anatomy has been advertised as the “Callie Stands Trial!” episode — and she does indeed have her day in court — it’s really more about how she and Arizona went from happily hitched to barely speaking. Can this marriage be saved? Or, um, could it have been? Scroll down a bit. Not only do both questions get asked in “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word,” but if we read between the lines, they get answered, too.

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LIKE A VIRGIN | The hour begins with Callie going off on a salesclerk while trying to find a pair of pantyhose. “No, no, no shimmer!” she hollers. But, of course, the doc isn’t really that upset about her inability to find a pair of plain stockings, she’s upset that she’s being sued by Olympic snowboarder Travis Reed. Er, make that former Olympic snowboarder Travis Reed. In flashbacks, we learn that the athlete was referred to Callie by Cristina (he was her first valve replacement), that he had her to do a “Peterson hip replacement” on him despite the fact that she’d never performed the procedure before, and that complications during surgery led to an infection that cost him both of his legs. As if that wasn’t bad enough — and, to be clear, it is — Callie’s lawyer goes all Olivia Pope on her, telling her what to wear to court — right down to pantyhose and her wedding ring!

COURTING DISASTER | The trial starts badly, with the bailiff instructing everyone to rise and wheelchair-bound Travis muttering, “I would if I could.” And, as flashbacks reveal Callie’s determination to save her patient’s career — “I am not turning an Olympic athlete into a doorstop!” — the present-tense proceedings only get worse. By the time Arizona finds Callie in the courthouse bathroom, she’s in tears. (On top of it all, her damn stockings have a run in them!) BUT, by the time the estranged spouses are done talking, Callie’s actually laughing — at the rhinestone butterfly pantyhose Arizona points out that she’s changed into!

THE ROAD NOT TAKEN | Off Calzona’s pleasant interaction, we flash back to their decision to have a second baby, one that Arizona volunteers to carry. Then, in an especially cute scene, the couple rule out potential sperm donors because of their taste in music and discuss the downside of pregnancy. (“Oh,” Arizona says, gazing longingly at her glass of pinot grigio, “I will miss you most of all.”) Back in present day, Callie is drinking away her woes when who should come knocking at her door but her father! Reluctantly, she admits that she and Arizona have split up. (“Apparently,” she sighs, “I marry people who cheat on me.”) Later, even more reluctantly, she admits that she’s the one who did the splitting.

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THE VERDICT | In court the following day, Callie testifies that yes, she did apologize to Travis following his double amputation. Of course, she apologized. She cares. And, she adds, “That makes me human, that doesn’t make me negligent.” Meanwhile, in past tense, because Callie is operating on Travis, she misses the obstetrician appointment at which she and Arizona are supposed to see the first picture of their baby-to-be… a baby that, it turns out, never will be. Callie says they can try again, but Arizona doesn’t want to. (“I can’t take another loss,” she cries.) Back in the present, Meredith forbids Callie from confessing in court that she just that second turned up a letter dated three week’s before Travis’ surgery that states that the Peterson hip replacement was causing infections and therefore being discontinued. The next day, Callie is found not guilty. Hurrah!

BITTER SUITE | After Callie’s dad tells her that he once cheated on her mother, she’s incredulous. Why on earth did she forgive him? “Because,” he says, “she believed we were stronger than one mistake.” Message received, Callie makes a beeline for Arizona’s hotel room and, without asking for an answer right then and there, invites her to move back home. Of course, unbeknownst to Callie, hiding behind her wife’s door with a sheet around her lady parts is… Leah. “You should get dressed now,” Arizona says, “and leave.” But something tells me the damage from this dalliance may have already been done…

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Are you relieved that Calzona are finally going to address the problems in their marriage? Or do you think Arizona’s fling with Leah is going to kill any chance they have before it can even be put on life-support? Hit the comments.